Troy Dooly Publicaly Appologizes To Top MLM Leaders Randy & Tara Schroeder And Their Whole MonaVie Team

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I have written several posts over the last few months on MonaVie and especially Randy Schroeder.

You can read what I have written and the updated and edited posts by checking out the MonaVie category on the sidebar.

The reason I am writing this post is to publicly apologize to Randy & Tara and especially to the team members who look to their for leadership at MonaVie.

You can watch my video to get the details as to why I believe I have wronged Randy and his team with some of the past comments I have written.

Randy, thank you for taking time earlier to write your comment, and for sharing the facts of your situation.

It is leaders like you and Tara that make me proud to be a part of this great profession.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader

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25 thoughts on “Troy Dooly Publicaly Appologizes To Top MLM Leaders Randy & Tara Schroeder And Their Whole MonaVie Team”

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  3. Hi Tony

    The point you make about lawsuits is incorrect. There are many companies that file frivolous lawsuits against leaders who are honest, true and ethical.

    When people choose to become distributors for a company, I am confident that they were not agreeing to become part of a tyranny, but with some companies that is exactly what you get! Even to the point where you will be told what you can talk about with family and friends in your own home, who you can talk to and where you can travel. (Like you I have details)

    As far as your comments about Randy & Tara Schroeder, if you have been offended by their behavior or actions then I suggest that the correct way to air your grievance is to go to them and discuss it. This is how all offense should be handled, not in a public forum like this.

    Regards, Peter

  4. Hi Troy,
    You have a point, actually many good points.

    On your point 1: You’re right, it is important why a person leaves a company, but do they always tell the truth? Nobody will ever know.

    On your point 2: If one cannot be ethical for oneself ‘first’ then many will be hurt in the processes that follow. Period.

    I am certainly not going to open up a can of worms by describing the intricate details of incidences I saw and heard, what Tara said, who was in the car, the number plate of the vehicle, the name of the hotel, who was in the meeting with Randy and in what room number. This isn’t slinging crap Troy. Once credibility (integrity) is lost, it’s lost.

    On your point 3: All that said . . . , you do not want to offend anyone. That is what you stand for.

    On your point 4: Will check it out, thanks.

    On your point 5: Start another law suit? I don’t think so. That’s the reason for my reply in the first place. Honesty and integrity ‘prevents’ law suits.

    In closing, I’m glad we can be candid in this dialogue and thanks for the opportunity to further help people understand the importance of integrity. Not only in business but in everything.

    Regards, Tony.

  5. Tony,

    I really hope you are not just some internet wannabe who just spams sites and never comes back to read what others write.

    Now, let’s take a look at your comment in a little more detail.

    1. It is very important “WHY” a person leaves a company, just like it is important “WHY” people join a company. If a leader leaves a company for ethical reasons, lack of product quality, or because they can’t move forward in a new direction the company is going, then anyone who is interested show know.

    Your belief is one of the reasons our economy is in the shape it is in. People “didn’t” think it was important to know the facts.

    2. I do agree that when a person leaves a company they should conduct themselves in a very ethical manner, so they do not hurt the dreams of their former downline organization. In the old days we would leave a company, and go grow a new organization. Today with the internet people just follow along.

    Now, you make allegations, but you do not provide facts. If you are going to sling crap, then be authentic and transparent and share the facts of what you observed. Otherwise you sound like a political hack using talking points to get your agenda across.

    3. As for my “Righteous Wagon” you might ant to do your own research on what I stand for. My posts were not to praise Randy as a faultless hero. But he is a solid Servant Leader, by what his team has to say.

    I am not in any of Randy’s organizations and never have been. Although I never close a door, when I see a good leader. Although in this case I would need to go direct to Dalin, because I have way to many friends in the MonaVie business and I do not want to ofend anyone.

    4. If you truly love this profession, then join the DRA ( and help us make a difference for everyone.

    5. Again, eel free to share their Randy & Tara’s lies. I invested hours reviewing court papers, interviewing folks on both sides of the argument and would gladly love to learn more.

    But, from what I have seen… I’ll stand by what I have written.

    Never Give Up,


  6. Troy, if one moves from one company to another the reason is not important to any one else except that person. What IS important is how one conducts themselves in that transition. I personally observed both Randy and Tara Schroeder doing the wrong thing on a number of occasions including their unethical antics at a well known hotel foyer in Salt Lake City, Utah in September 2008 while I was there. So please get off your righteous wagon and learn the truth.
    I love this industry and yes, bad publicity is not a good thing however it gets harder to ignore unethical people like Randy and Tara Schroeder that clearly tell lies and then try to cover it up. Any wonder they are involved in law suits.
    Stay ethical and law suits don;t have to exist.

  7. Troy,

    Just want to say that its great to see anyone in journalism of anykind show such integrity. You’re a good man and wish you and your family health, success and happiness. Randy is a man who works very hard at acheiving what he aims for, and I am very happy to be working with him as he always has a kind way about him.

    All the best,


  8. WOW,

    It is moving to see industry leaders setting a example of how we can work together for the common goal. Standing Ovation!

    Phillip and Falesha LeBlanc
    “6 Figure Entrepre-Networkers”

  9. … continued … %-) sorry

    Integrity and honesty are two of the most awarded values a networker should/must have.

    More so that in any other business: if you loose credibility you loose twice ( you and the company which brings you the opportunity ) so you loose A LOT by not having those 2 values…

    I see it more and more – fellow networkers from different companies actually working together f.ex. the MLM CRUISES ! it should be like that for the whole industry !

    Will there be negativity, sure there will but positivity WINS ALWAYS ! It’s shown now and here with your video.

    The MLM industry future ROCKS big time !

    Thanks for reminding me !


  10. Hi Troy,

    It not only takes a huge amount of sincerity to post a video like this but also a very good example (you are setting here) to truly know oneself like you do (pardon my english as it’s not my main language.

    I fully support actions like this as it not only proves the integrity REAL networkmarketers are NEVER known for but also the impact videos like yours can have on peoples lives !

    I am in Xango and not in any of the companies you point out here. I truly feel that MLM as a businessconcept is the most far developed “freedom” oportunity one can start !
    I myself have now put more “personal motivation” into myself after seeing your video. After all inspiration precedes motivation and you have inspired me so much 🙂

    Integrity and honesty are two of the most awarded values a networker c

  11. Troy,
    I did not know who you were prior to this but you have earned my respect. In my short time involved with network marketing I have witnessed more arrogance than humility. I am part of Randy’s MV group because of his leadership done with humility, even when at the top of a company and I watched closely for 2 yrs.
    Blessed are those that are humble. May God bless you and yours this CHRISTmas season.

  12. Fransisco,

    Thank you for taking time to comment.

    When I first decided to post the apology I did not have a clue how it would be taken.

    The overwhelming positive comments is just one more conformation that it was the right move to take.

    Never Give Up


  13. Anat,

    Thank you for your kind words. The last few days have been very eye opening to me as I have gotten to know Randy and his team.

    It is through the eyes of a leader’s team, you see their true leadership.

    Never Give Up,


  14. Art,

    Since we first met close to ten years ago, you have continued to provide we solid words of wisdom.

    Orrin, and I invested some quality time together today ourselves talking and listening.

    Orrin, talking and me, learning.

    Thanks again Art for taking time to comment.

    Never Give Up,


    p.s. Looking forward to the upcoming show with you and Orrin on the “Art Jonak Show.”

  15. Troy,
    Thank you for your comment, it takes a strong, ethical person to recognize in public that he was wrong.
    …May others follow your lead.

    My hat’s off to you sir.
    -Francisco Ubieto

  16. Troy,

    you have gained my respect.

    i wish there were more people like you in this amazing industry.

    Randy once said: “the truth is good enough”

    For me – its good enough!

    Thank you for what you have done,


  17. Troy,

    I had the pleasure of spending two days with Mr. Orrin Woodward this week. A truly amazing and inspiring leader.

    Orrin shared with me: “As we grow in leadership, we have more responsibility and less privilege.” We had a full hour-long discussion just on this topic.

    With rising levels of leadership, people will take shots at you. It’s part of the process.

    I do my best to follow Carnegie’s three “C’s” : Never Criticize, Condemn or Complain (from How To Win Friends and Influence People). I’ve seen the 3 C’s serve many of my mentors and their professions very well. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter always reminded me of the 3 C’s early on in my career.

    We should directly put ourselves into somebody else’s shoes, with their perspectives, history, relationships, current circumstances, etc. before we even begin to consider Criticizing, Condemning or Complaining about them or about what they do / did.

    For the most part, I’ve found top Network Marketing leaders to be good people who lead based in ways they believe to be best. And once you meet them in person, you start to truly see their perspective.

    Mark Yarnell once said:

    “We are the only profession who circle our wagons and shoot ‘inward’ when attacked.” (I paraphrase as I don’t remember the exact quote.)

    As Network Marketing Professionals, let’s be part of the solution, not the problem. Let’s celebrate the successes (Dallin — I celebrate your success with Monavie! Your success is great for everyone in Network Marketing and direct sales) and let’s do our best to fix the imperfections (there will always be ways to do better).

    Troy, I applaud you for reflecting back, looking at things from a bird’s eye-view, for looking at the long-term picture.

    “The rising tide lifts all ships.”

    I believe we have an obligation to raise the Network Marketing Profession up at every possibility, to bring Network Marketing mainstream. We are all still the “pioneer generation” of Network Marketing. Let’s do our best to give Network Marketing a stellar reputation, so as the next generation of leaders who join, they are joining a profession where the masses say, “Network Marketing? It’s FANTASTIC!”

    Troy, thank you for always growing, for always working on you, for doing what you believe is best.

    I appreciate you,

    -Art Jonak

    PS: If you have not read Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s book “Launching a Leadership Revolution” may I suggest anyone reading this post to pick up a copy ASAP. . . and read it. I’ve read it twice, I use it as a leadership manual and have even have my 15-year young daughter reading it.

  18. Dallin,

    I want to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post a few words.

    I did not expect this apology to get the rush of comments, or make it to the top levels of MonaVie corporate.

    The one thing I can concluded from those who have called, emailed and left comments on this post is WE ALL LOVE THIS PROFESSION!

    I did not use the word industry, because from the passion in the voices of each person who contacted me you can tell this is a calling.

    Again, Dallin, thank you for leaving your thoughts. I look forward to connecting with you personally in the future.

    Never Give Up,


  19. Hi Troy,

    My name is Dallin Larsen, founder of MonaVie. I don’t know that I’ve had the opportunity of meeting you but Randy sent your blog over to me and I just wanted to say hello and thank you for your message. I agree with what you said. There are many great companies in the Direct Selling Industry. Many people in the world are hurting and there’s no industry like our industry to bring hope to people. We all need more hope today. Thanks to you for the hope you’re giving others and all the best to you and your family during this holiday season.

    Dallin Larsen

  20. Hi Troy,
    I enjoyed watching your video and getting a little closer to you as a friend.
    See ya on the wild wild web..


  21. Troy,
    As a member of Randy Schroeder’s Genesis WorldWide Team at MonaVie, I applaud you for having the courage to find the truth for yourself rather than depend on the words of others. I was formerly with Agel and decided to follow Randy. I knew him only superficially but already respected his leadership and mentoring. I joined him, no questions asked. He continues to lead with grace and diginity and the respect of his team members.

    Thank you again for continuing to search for the truth. That is a gift! May you and your family have a blessed holiday season.

    Cindy Nitch

  22. Kathleen,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I truly love this profession, and the folks from the bottom to the top who make it such a great extended family, and I would never want to cause anyone to stop and wonder if Randy or any other Servant Leader, were anything than what they seem.

    Again, thank you for posting your comments. This was a very humbling experience, and caused me to remember once again why the Lord put me on this earth.

    Never Give Up…
    …And Live Life As An Epic Adventure


  23. Hi Troy. It took a lot of integrity to post your apology so publically and I personally applaud you! A great leader and an honest person will sometimes acknowledge when they have been in error, but it takes an extremely ethical person to make amends in such a public way.
    Thank you and may God bless you and your family.
    Kathleen Cassello

  24. Thanks Troy. You are a credit to the industry. I hope to meet you some day.

    Best Wishes,

    Randy Schroeder

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