Troy Dooly Joins As VP Of Business Development

It has taken Enrique close to three years to get me to come back out of lead generation retirement, but this is the year.

With the propaganda rolling through the internet on how and why mlm lead generation sucks, I decided to take him up on the offer and share the truth about these lies.

For those of you who do not know my background here is a little snapshot from my old ProSTEP bio, and you can also read my full bio by cliking the link above.

“Troy Dooly is the Executive V. P.of ProSTEP, Inc., and is responsible for the development and leadership of strategic business partnerships, as well as the integration of new client solutions across all of ProSTEP’s various marketing and communication platforms.

Mr. Dooly joined ProSTEP, Inc in 2001 as Director of Marketing & Sales; six months later he was promoted to V.P. of Corporate Strategies and in January of 2002 was promoted to Exec. V.P. of ProSTEP.

He has led the company’s growth through his strategic vision and implementation of several new lines of services, including customized T.V., Radio and online lead co-ops, predictive dialing, upgrades to the ProSEND Autoresponder system, and the launch of the ProSTEP real-time lead capture page system.

He has also implemented advanced training in marketing strategies, copywriting, leadership development and personal team building, which ultimately resulted in ProSTEP growing from 5 million in annual revenue to 75 million in revenue supporting 55,000 distributors in over 150 different direct marketing companies.

Prior to joining ProSTEP, Inc, Mr. Dooly was in the top 10% of independent representative with World Marketing Alliance, a leading national marketing firm based in Atlanta Georgia. His areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, marketing and brand development, customer relations and leadership development.”

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