Troy Dooly Joins Jim Gillhouse As A Co-Host Of ACES Radio Live

Today, Jim Gillhouse, the voice of MLM in the South ask Troy Dooly to join him as a co-host of ACES Radio Live, the most popular and longest running radio program dedicated to Network Marketing in the Southern USA.

Jim launched ACES Radio Live with the encouragement of his good friend Tom Chenault who since 2002 has been hosting “The Home Based Business Radio Show.”

Jim, Tom and myself share a common vision of enhancing the world wide image of the network marketing industry by fighting the ignorance, negative press and unscrupulous people that attempt to discredit this great industry.

We do that by interviewing the brightest people inside-and-outside of the network marketing industry and allowing you, our listening audience the opportunity to do your own “Due-Diligence” and decide for yourself whether or not this industry is right for you.

I also, do a regular segment on “The Home Based Business Radio Show” most Saturday mornings on behalf of the Distributor’s Rights Association.

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