Troy Dooly Comes Clean On His Position With Unique Bid Auction Companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi

This is a really short editorial because I take 18 minutes to share my heart. After taking to heart what both the Anti-Scam community leaders have to say, and what some of the leaders inside the network marketing community have to say, I went for a drive with my wife Paige and talked with her. Now I am willing to share a few words to clear up some of the questions folks have about why it seems I am advocating Unique Bid Auction companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi Network.

I want to personally thank the folks on both sides of this issue, for their insights and thoughts. It is through this continued collaboration that we will continue to bring a fair and balanced review on any and all companies so to save financial harm to millions.

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly

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80 thoughts on “Troy Dooly Comes Clean On His Position With Unique Bid Auction Companies Zeek Rewards, BidiFy and DubLi”

  1. Jerry,

    Let me see if I can answer some of your questions.

    1. Zeek reps did have a slow down in pay when Zeek was moving to new banks, and had issues with the eWallets. As of last week from what the affiliates are telling us, payments are up to date.

    2. Zeek is licensed in the state of N.C. and in their home state of Nevada. There are several other states where they also have to file paperwork and to my understanding all paperwork is up to date.

    3. I have heard that in specific cases some products have not reached the end user. Since Zeek uses or used 3rd party shippers, I am not sure what the outcomes have been in all cases.

    4. They hired the best legal and compliance team I have seen working together in a long time. A great move for any company who wants to make sure they are doing what is right for their longevity and for the affiliates.

    5. I personally from meeting and investing quality time with them, that they are not people with criminal intent. I do think they found out that in several situations they were in over their head and hired folks who could get them compliant.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  2. Jerry

    Troy I appreciate that I see a man of faith. I am glad that you don't hide it. I just recently started checking your website and following you. You might have done a video

    on some of the things that I am concern about. So my questions might already have been answered by you. I read alot of the post and forums and don't know if this is true or not but I read where alot of people were not getting answers by their own company, people were not being paid, Zeek Rewards were not license in all the states and when you won something because you were the highest bidder people were not receiving their product. If any of this is true and plus they were being watch by alot of people including yourself, then all of a sudden they hire the best MLM attorneys and others. That could be a sign that they are trying to do things right or that they were on the verge of being found out. Now the bible says when you repent of your sin that we are to forgive them as thou as they never commited the sin. Just hireing good people does not mean they repented so if some of these things are true and if they are not true then I understand your position. But if they are would it not be best to not say anything until the future when you can see that they made all the changes because right now people will sign up with them just because people follow you not because your endorsing them in any way but because you see that their OK. If they made that many mistakes from the beginning I would sure be worried about them no matter who they hired.

    God Bless

  3. @Bruce,

    I fully understand your frustration. Zeek has hired a new communications director, and I believe in the next week or so we will see more communication coming from Zeek directly to the field.

  4. Troy, I have been reading all of the posts for several days now and took to heart your last video concerning Zeek and your intentions.

    May I please say I appreciate ur honesty but have one request of you.

    I understand you may "have the ear" of some high level people in Zeek and would ask you to PLEASE ask them to communicate with us more often. Even if they don't have "any news". Being on this side of things is not comfortable when we are left to guess what is going on. I don't care how busy they are. It doesn't take that long to write a post. Ive been scammed before for the tune of 50k dollars and all we got were excuses. I don't want that to happen again and yes I take my chances. I love Zeek. But we need information. that is my request and thank you again.


  5. Thank YOU very much! Sry for my laziness of not doing my research in past editorials!

    Thank You VERY much Troy, God Bless!

  6. @Bayou,

    We have covered this in several areas and editorials over the last year. You can review some of the editorials back in Feb and Mar. The basic answer is that 1099s must be issued on income earned in the year it was earned. It doesn't matter if the commissions have been received, or left in a holding tank somewhere.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  7. My concern is a recent issue I came across. A friend of mine is in ZR. He purchased 10,000 bids in the middle of last yr. ZR sent him a 1099 for 2011 for roughly $19K but he actually was only paid $1,200ish. Now I'm sure a lot has to due with the 90 days he left it accumulate. My concern is receiving a 1099 for an amount never paid. I am a risk taker and have no issues with the risk of ZR not being here tomorrow. My concern is the tax issues.

  8. @Jack,

    I fully agree we must all follow our heart. But your statement "last in, pay the first" does show your lack of understanding of the unique bid auctions. You might want to read the two articles I did on the niche. Then you might realize how many mainstream companies use the same theory to build their business.

    Heck, I am doing it now with the new Economic Freedom Contest we are running at HBRN

  9. @Jack,

    Well let me see if I can clear up a couple of things you do not seem to know about.

    1. They have US Banks. You do not seem to have read all my info on this subject. Their original bank would not hire additional personal at the local branch for one client. I can fully understand their position, since just a few months before this same client was doing a few million a year instead of a a few million a month. I would not want to over hire in a small NC town either, with the possibility of laying them off in a few months, if the client went back to just doing a few million a year.

    2. I have followed the money to Lexington, and then by Currier to the bank for scanning and deposit. Well except for the dummy who tried to pass the counterfeit checks that was arrested.

    3. Well I have watched the websites and they sure seem to be holding steady on growth. If you are referring to how pretty the websites are, I can fully agree with you on that. But, when it comes to leadership, you either focus on the important issues, or you focus on the urgent issues. In this case the Lexington team focused on the important issues… getting affiliates pay worked out, and steady. My hat is off to them for that. Websites can always be fixed later.

    Well Jack maybe you should meet me in NC this month, so we can follow the money together.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  10. stop the sideshow…YOU KNOW whats going on here…follow the money…they can't find a bank in the U.S. that could handle the "growth" of the company…really the web site has'nt changed …what growth? the shopping daisy? really? that must be it you have made a fool of yourself for cash…plain and simple, no problem with that really but you will cost the last ones it and you know it…shame on you

  11. lGiave me a break ..ask your heart …is it real? last in pay the first ,if you cant see it GOD help you..

  12. @Billy,

    You are 100% correct, they are trying and it is this effort I 100% support. Any compan who is willing to trive to move forward and stay compliant, take care o the affiliates get our support.

    I, lik you wish the Customer Service was better, especially since it should really be called Affiliate Relations or Affiliate Experiences and when you look at those two phrases you quickly realize this is the backbone of any network marketing copany, and when you can't get this part under control it can break a company.

    ViSalus Sciences is experiencing the same issues right now, and in comparing the two copanies I hve realized it is just down right tough to get a grip o this part o the business during exposive growth I just pray both companies can weather the storms.

  13. Regardless if Zeek is operating 100% according to the alphabet agencies or not, at least they are trying, their customer satisfaction leaves a lot to be desired. And the service personnel are clueless.

  14. @KELLY,

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt novel! It was so refreshing to see someone put in writing what I've wanted to put down for so long now! I have never been to the Red Carpet Events but, having been on the Leadership calls and reading the site, I would have explained it EXACTLY like you! The critics are getting old and obnoxious. I don't think a majority of affiliates even pay attention to the critics! This company changed my life. My husband worked away from home for 2 YEARS in another state!!!! We have 5 kids, I stayed home with 4 of them as a single/married Mom ;D! My husband is now home full time, ONLY, because of the opportunity Zeek gave us. I wish the critics would think of others rather than themselves! At some point you stop being a critic for good and become a prideful critic, harmful critic. They are no longer advocates for people like me! I want Zeek to succeed, I pray for them everyday! They have given us a life as a complete family! <3 Thank you, ZEEK!

    BTW!! My husband has retail customers! He posts thousands of ads all over the U.S. and other countries! He uses the You get paid to advertise video series. It keeps track of how many people watch your videos. Also, it sends automated emails for follow up with people who leave their name PHONE number and email. One Zeekler retail customer is from Canada. Also, we had a friend in our HOUSE at one of our meetings. He purchased a few hundred dollars to play, he's not an affiliate. Anyway, maybe more Zeekers will speak out! I'm proud to be a Zeek affiliate!

    Last but not least, why are the bids only being considered profit? People still have to pay for the items they win! AND I KNOW we paid for some of our winnings above cost, but below retail. Just sayin'! ;D

  15. Tissa, actually most of those 'customers' are zeek affiliates who've won cash auctions and not been paid. Would exactly call that 'evidence'.

    I do agree however with your statement below

    "I think we can all agree that the most important question here is how much of Zeek’s revenues come from non-affiliates at the auctions (pure retail customers) versus internal consumption. "

    That is exactly what I am wondering and not so sure about.

  16. @K. Chang,

    Interesting comment… I did admit that other folks feel I was advocating for the company. However, I was very clear that is not the case, that it has been and always will be for the people. Although, I can't determine what others might think, I also made it very clear I listen and take to heart what they say.

    But, to take the words I said and state "I admitted to have put up an APPEARANCE" would not be accurate. And I am pretty sure a Linguistics and legal expert would agree with me. Especially since I did NOT ever state your comment period.

  17. @Patricia,

    Thank you for your kind words! And welcome to our community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  18. I am new to this Network Marketing Business. I was recently at a business meeting when I first saw a video clip that Troy had posted. After listening to how so many others in our group lost thousands of dollars as a result of scams in this business I found Troy's comments refreshing. For me it is wonderful to have someone looking out on my behalf that has no vested interest and can provide me with facts. I am constantly asking and investigating for assurance that I will not be among the group discussing my financial losses in this business. I only hope that Troy remains firm and continues to be our advocate Thanks Troy for your devotion.

  19. Troy Dooly admits to have put up an APPEARANCE of siding with the company and execs, instead of of his usual position of siding with the affiliates.

  20. @Tissa R

    Regardless of industry precedent regarding disclosure, there should be at least some evidence that there are purchases outside internal consumption. I cannot see any.

  21. Hello Troy,

    I have been following your reports on ZeekRewards from your very first one to your most recent and I just want to thank you for reporting your researched views and not just some “off the cuff” this is what I think approach. I have remained silent as I read comment after comment on your posts but now with more critics or those whose agenda is to attack, I felt prompted to share my thoughts which have stemmed from my own personal experiences.

    I have been involved in network marketing on and off for the past 30 years to some degree or another. I have had my failures but have also been blessed enough to have had some very successful programs I have been part of. Needless to say, I consider network marketing something that gets in your blood because of its, “people helping people” nature which I consider to be a very honorable way to make a living and it is this very nature that I believe drives you to do what you do. So, to have others attack you for your views on a company that you have actually taken the time to get to know shows ignorance on their part as to what you stand for and what drives you.

    I became a ZeekRewards (ZR) affiliate just over 90 days ago after doing my own “due diligence” which included reading every report you provided. However, I did so with some reluctance because I fully understand the risk associated with a new business and in ZR case their unique “reward based” business model they have created was being attacked. Even you continue to reiterate the risk, you don’t “sugar coat” anything.

    However, after attending the June Red Carpet Event and having the pleasure of sitting directly across from Paul Burk at a lunch for our small group the day following the event, my reluctance about ZR has diminished. Yes, the risk is still there but I came away from this experience with a level of assurance and confidence that ZR is doing their part in building a long term business and for the right reason, “people helping people.”

    I doubt you will find a more sincere, down to earth and kind hearted person than Paul Burk. The very reason ZR exists is because he wanted to see more people succeed in network marketing as opposed to the small percentage who have been fortunate enough to have developed marketing and leadership skills. He was very gracious in answering all of my questions and those of others who were part of our small lunch party.

    He is a good man with a good heart and just so happened created a program, along with his team, that is making a HUGE difference in a greater percentage of those who are actually doing something to help ZR grow.

    I read the critics screaming “this is a ponzi scheme“ or even “this is an investment” and as a former owner of a financial services company I have to ask myself, are they kidding? Why view ZR any different than all of the other product driven direct sales companies out there?

    ZR’s product is simply Penny Auction bids. Profits are generated through the sale of those bids not unlike a pill, lotion or juice. Profit or revenue sharing pools have been around for quite some time now, except that ZR was brave enough to offer up to 50% of their daily net revenue, not up to 3 or 5% like other companies. ZR also makes it possible anyone can participate by meeting some very achievable requirements unlike other companies where just the top echelon of marketers can meet the requirements… hmmm, what a refreshing idea.

    Like other companies, ZR allows you as a distributor (affiliate) to purchase samples to give away to others so they can try your product. However, the other companies don’t have a limit on how many samples you can buy, ZR does. In fact, I still have an office full of samples of one such company and I really don’t know how many of the samples I gave away to others even got used. I also know that these other companies count all samples I bought and the samples other distributors buy into their profit. I also know these other companies don’t publish anything stating how much of their profits came from “samples” or “retail customers” nor seem to care if any of the purchases are actually used.

    So why then do the critics decided to attack ZR for doing what many, if not all other network marketing companies do. Except that ZR thought “out of the box” and created something unique by sharing a greater portion of what the ZR marketers are generating anyways, PROFITS. Is it any wonder why ZR is growing so rapidly? Their business model works. And to make certain they comply with the regulatory bodies so they can continue business for many years to come, they have put in place a strong legal and compliance team, yet they get criticized for doing that too.

    As I see it, if the critics win, we all lose. A great program, operated by some great people, who care about people, just like you and I, will be crushed for creating something that truly is making a difference in people’s lives. Just ask the near thousand people at the last Red Carpet Event who raised their hand when asked if they were succeeding in their ZR business and I’m sure the thousands of others who were not in attendance.

    So for what it is worth, my vote is, we should be doing everything in our power to help companies like ZR stick around for many, many years to come. If not, great companies run by great people will become even harder to find in the future.



    PS Sorry for my novel post, I could not remain silent any longer.

  22. @Mark Waynick,

    I am on a plane most of the day doing to Salt Lake City on business. I will try and locate the call to listen in. However, I think the calls are only put up in the affiliate back office and I do NOT have any access to that area. If you or anyone else can send me a link or mp3 download I will listen.

    The last info I did have on nxPay was issue regarding the holding of affiliates funds and not paying out. And on that issue not sure why.

    But if something doesn't sound right, then let's get to the bottom of it.

  23. @ Glimdropper and BoWidowicz

    I don't understand your comments. What "admit a mistake" or "doing the right thing" are you referring to? Troy did not admit a mistake, or rectify a situation in the above 18 minute video. He simply graciously articulated his position on Zeek Rewards and the penny auction and MLM industry.????Did I miss something?

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  25. Some evidence that Zeekler generates sales to customers can be found in the new ZeekRewards support forum, under the "TO BE PAID FOR OUTSTANDING AUCTION WINNINGS, POST HERE" topic. There you will find 62 posts at last count, many on behalf of customers who won auctions and are awaiting their winnings. It stands to reason that there must be many more customers who have paid to bid on auctions, than those reflected in a new support forum intended for affiliates.

    I think we can all agree that the most important question here is how much of Zeek's revenues come from non-affiliates at the auctions (pure retail customers) versus internal consumption. Everyone has a right to ask that question, except the reality is that no MLMs – NONE – are willing to answer it, for fear of running afoul of the FTC's guidelines (the 70% rule etc.). This includes the likes of ViSalus and Avon, not to mention Herbalife as we witnessed most recently. Except when Zeek doesn't answer that question, the critics conclude that it must be a Ponzi scheme.

    Could it be that Zeek doesn't want to answer that question for the same reason all MLMs don't want to? The 70% rule applies whether the product is bids or shakes or lipstick. (For the uninitiated: Zeek's product is bids, which distributors can give away as samples to attract paying retail customers. No different than purchasing coffee packs from Organo Gold, that distributors can give away as samples to attract paying retail customers.) The reason Zeek has attracted so much attention is because of its explosive growth combined with irresponsible affiliates who have touted it as an investment.

    The fact is, many large and well-known MLMs pay out massive commissions based on internal consumption, but they aren't receiving nearly the same scrutiny as Zeek. Until a regulatory body forces those MLMs to disclose their non-affiliate sales, we shouldn't assume they are Ponzi schemes – any more than we should assume Zeek is a Ponzi scheme. Troy, I'm hoping that the new sales-based qualifications coming soon will make this abundantly clear to everyone.

  26. Troy,

    Here's tonight's leadership call with Dawn. In it, she talks about problems with NxPay and what Zeek needs the affiliates to do to make it so Zeek can pay us through NxPay. Her explanation doesn't sound right to me. She addresses in it the first 5 to 10 minutes.

    Can you find out for us what the real issue is with NxPay and when we can expect that it will be back online?



  27. @GlimDropper,

    I agree it would be seen as a legally binding contract.

    From my point of view, "my word given" is as much a formal contract as my signature. And based on the fact I have said that publicly it should hold up in a court of law.

    Ethics are ethics, plain and simple from my point of view. I live by a pretty simplistic set of standards. I do my best to always treat folks the way I would want to be treated. And when I fall short, I fix it as fast as I can.

    My NDA really doesn't involve any issues backwards or forward with the company. It covers proprietary information such as software, vender relationships, etc. and includes clauses on using or selling this information for my personal gain.

    It doesn't cover not talking about compliance strategies at all. If you are referring revealing the upcoming qualifiers, that is a verbal request that I said I would abide by.

    I can also state for the record that if I were aware of any irregularities in the program or any issues which might negatively impact the Zeek rewards affiliates that I am in now way contractual inhibited in reporting on them.

    I would never enter into any form of a contract that would STOP me from advocating for distributors and sharing with the public any issue which should be disclosed so current affiliates or prospective affiliates can do their complete due diligence.

    There is no need to apologize, I am pretty sure I would have responded just as you did, if I were in your shoes.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  28. I would simply add here that, while the auction site is an embarrassment (and analogous to trying to pass off sawdust as engine oil), I hear that Zeekler does have as its goal to make Quibids, e.g., look silly by comparison. We'll see.

  29. Hello again, Troy. Deepest thanks for the video. Let's all just keep asking the tough questions and hope to get more and more answers so that we can all reach some valid, reasonable, and balanced conclusions on Zeekler.

  30. ".,… Not sure how we moved from Non Disclosure Agreement to a contract…,."

    A NDA, at least a formal one is a legal contract.

    I've agreed not to divulge certain things at least within a certain time frame many times. Sometimes people reach out to me with information on a topic I'm interested in but, for example if I revealed it carelessly or prematurely it might in some way jeopardize the person sharing the info with me. But that isn't a formal legal contract, i honor each of those agreements because I value the trust people have invested in me.

    Would it be accurate to say your NDA with Paul only affects forward going issues? You don't reveal what you may have been told about ZR's upcoming compliance strategy until they do for example?

    Can you state for the record that if you were aware of any irregularities in the program or of any issues which might negatively impact the Zeek Rewards affiliates you are in no way being inhibited from reporting on them?

    If the above is true then allow me to apologize for the tone of my previous post. But I'm not sorry for asking about it.

  31. @GlimDropper,

    🙂 This is not new information. I have been very clear since my first Red Carpet Day that I was provided confidential information, and some information that I promised I would not share until Zeek published it. As you and I know this is a common business practice, not just something exclusive to Zeek.

    However, my willingness to maintain confidentially doesn't mean I not reveal any information that, if kept private would hard the distributors. As a matter of fact, it I did such a thing, I could be held criminally or civilly liable. Heck, even if I had only given my word, and never signed anything I could be held liable.

    I guess you could view some things as secrets. But, why not call them secrets before I shared the fact I have an NDA? thinks like the qualifiers, which I have written about right here, and made it clear I could not reveal the details, until Zeek publishes them.

    Not sure how we moved from Non Disclosure Agreement to a contract. But, I can gladly answer your question as it concerns the non Disclosure Statement.

    1. Offer from Paul Burks – To answer any and all questions I ask of him or his team if I would agree to sign a Non Disclosure Statement.

    2. Acceptance – I gladly agreed to sign an NDA based on Paul Burks offer.

    3. Consideration – Trust, Respect and Open Communication.

    Well, and I do get some pretty good lunches at the Village Grill when I visit the home office.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  32. Hello again Troy,

    You have a NDA with Paul? I am surprised to say the least. I understand now that Paul has told you or exposed you to information which you are contractually obligated not to reveal to Zeek Rewards affiliates or anyone else for that matter.

    I would not insult you with asking what sorts of secrets you're hiding for him but as I understand it a legal contract has three elements. They can loosely be described as an offer, acceptance of that offer and consideration (exchange of value). What of value did Paul exchange for your agreement to this contract?

  33. You make me proud to be in Network Marketing. I an SO thinkful to have you watching over us. You don't need closed minded individuals offering worthless opinions, but rather an award for the most respected, unbiased voice and watchdog og the entire Direct Selling industry. I salute you as a leader, and a follower, with the highest character standards. I will listewn to you for as long as you have something to say.

  34. Thanks, Troy, for all of your videos on Zeek. I have watched all of them and just recently joined Zeek. I was starting to "Dream" again when the critics took the wind from my sails this weekend. I appreciated your honest remarks in this last video, and am continuing on my journey with Zeek. I will be cautiously alert as one needs to be with ANY company today in this economic clilmate. I'm "dreaming my dreams" and not afraid to work. Thanks again for being there for all of us who love MLM.

  35. Keep the good work Troy. We believe and trust you!

    I lost money myself and was on uncomfortable positions because I stand by word like you.

    Great video.


  36. Troy,

    I have little concern with the penny auction industry in and of itself, and I have never questioned your integrity or position with Zeek Rewards. Forums keep going in tiring circles in analysis and opinion when only one issue matters to me and many skeptics:

    Are there enough retail customers actually buying bids vs internal consumption?

    There is almost no evidence being presented that anyone is buying anything, much less trying to compare to MLM precedent. My entire downline and upline: ZERO real customers. I personally bought 200 leads for $400 from ZCustomers: ZERO customers. Blog after blog: ZERO customers.

    At some point this question will have to be addressed whether it is by a regulator or by an attorney or representative. If there is something being bought, there should at least be SOME evidence? I have read the Herbalife example, and the Burn Lounge case. I realize your points on the issue of transparency regarding product to internal consumption ratios. Regardless, I can't find any evidence Zeekler is selling anything. Only a fool would not dissect this blindingly glaring issue. How can anyone fairly and honestly network market without disclosing this lack of evidence needed to support sustainability of the model.

    I simply am unable to recruit and network an opportunity due to this one glaring red flag. All the other numerous issues I simply have less concern as long as there are real customers in some reasonable amount. At this point "sustainable" seems so far fetched, I would like to see real retail customers in ANY amount. Just one. Does anyone out there in the Zeek world ever had a real customer actually buy a bid for 65 cents or a bid pack.

    Furthermore, I believe like many others that the Zeekler website is currently both inefficient in products with a hokey graphical and user interface. It is so poor I can't imagine how anyone would or could effectively use their auction website. In reference to the horse manure crisis of 1894, it seems to me the roads are already stacked in manure to the point that the roads need to be shoveled before a car can get in, and the bid "burgers" being served are moldy and made of soybean patties. I'm not desiring to be another negative voice, but the emperor has no clothes on! I cannot sell an opportunity based on the simple premise that the company model has not been deemed illegal. That's not good enough for me. I have to believe in the product and opportunity.

    I want this company and individuals to succeed, I really do. However I cannot execute properly on a wing and a prayer. I am a truth seeker.

    I thank you for your commitment and analysis. I believe you are a good man, Sir. There is evidence therefore I believe.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

  37. Seriously….where are you getting your affiliate numbers? You whine about people making up numbers then do it yourself. Troy believes in showing both sides of the argument because he doesnt believe in opinion suppression like some governments do. Oz allows just about any post you can imagine on his site without moderation.

  38. @K. Chang,

    I doubt that we are to far different on what an "outside sale" should be. Sadly, we just do not have any defective laws on the books to clarify it the definition.

    As for Zeek specifically, they have been open to hear my concerns as well as the concerns of their consultants. The new sales qualification will provide for active outside sales, which will not make some of the passive income folks happy, but will help to protect the longevity of the company as a viable network marketing income opportunity.

    And, I hope will also show you and your community, they leadership is listening and moving in the right direction.

    As for the "grace period", and I not saying a company should, I am saying ALL companies do! Name one company what launches using a network marketing aka direct sales distribution model, that doesn't launch with close to 100% internal consumption?

    The only time in the history of direct sales where I have found companies do not launch this way, is where a company has been in retail business for years, and then develops their direct sales channel.

  39. @Matt,

    I have been to each one, as a speaker, and have found them to be very informative as the leadership of Zeek does take time to publicly address questions, and then meets in smaller setting to answer even additional questions.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  40. To restate the above…

    The comp plan is skewed toward spending money on buying bids, not in acquiring actual customers. There is no incentive to actually acquire customers, just to buy bids. There's no verification that it had been given away and used.

    Furthermore, the alleged "work" being done by affiliates, posting of ads, does not determine how much each affiliate is paid. Each affiliate is paid based on how much money s/he had put in (to buy giveaway bids) and how long they're keeping it in (daily retail profit pool growth and repurchase of bids).

    This bears a LOT of resemblance to Ad Surf Daily, something Gerry Nehra is INTIMATELY familiar with. Just substitute bids with "ad units" and you'd have almost described ASD instead of ZeekRewards.

    And now they are intentionally avoiding the words "investment", "interest", "dividend", "compounding", even "profit". Just like Andy Bowdoin did, as stated in the indictment for ASD.

    People should study ASD, something Mr. Dooly had denounced, then compare how it operates with how ZeekRewards operates. The similarities are ALARMING, to say the least.

    Many of the top and most vocal ASD advocates ended up as top Zeek affiliates.

  41. Thanks Troy!

    Unfortunately NC is about 12 hours away, so it wouldn't be cost-productive for me to attend one (yet).

    Have you ever been to one of them? If so, what did you think?


  42. I think our difference is how to interpret "outside sales".

    The company seem to insist that as long as the bids are "given away" (no matter if they're used or not) they are considered sales (i.e. they're paid for… by the affiliate)

    They are considered sales by the COMPANY, as it was paid for (by the affiliate), but is it really considered "sales" by the affiliates? It certainly isn't sales to the outside consumer… they didn't spend a penny.

    But here's the real dilemma… at what point do we say "enough is enough", if you are saying that a company should have some sort of a "grace period" during startup where they have more affiliates than customers?

    And with the existing comp plan and the way new customers are acquired, do you actually think they'll get real paying customers faster than affiliates?

  43. @Sybille,

    Thank you for your kind words and coming to visit our community.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  44. @John,

    Thank you for sharing. Like you I do agree "we The People" still have ultimate control. However, in reviewing the way the system works. We elect the folks who make the laws at a Federal and State level. They write and pass the laws, and then… If "we The People" do not like those laws, we do have the power to do a few things. Sadly, that does not happen often these day!

    Again, thank you for your insight.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  45. Thank you Troy for seeking to create a balance on the airwaves.

    Great quotes form Solomon and others here.

    There is so much that can be said on this topic, but I'll attempt brevity.

    I must disagree with one thing you said about legislation and the creation of laws: "…we have no control over that". Perhaps I'm just clinging to American idealism, but I choose to believe (for my own sanity) that there is some remaining power in our Constitution and our republic.

    Concerning internal critics: I have found many, many people who identify themselves as network marketing proponents (by their participation) who are quick to disparage other companies and even fellow distributors in their own company, out of deep-seated competitive, win/lose thinking. I see it as a classic case of "circling the wagons, and firing inward". I think your broadcasts are correcting some of that, at least with people who can recognize that their responsibility does not end with themselves.

    Suing the ANMP?!: Please quit the business and get a government job today.

    Concerning external critics: Whatever. Right now Google loves them and they have anonymously gained the ear of the sheeple. If the critics ultimately get their way, legislation would catch up to them, everything would be regulated by some "authority", including privacy, and they would no longer be able to hide behind their pseudonyms. I bet that would turn the volume down on their hate-mongering. That's not what I want though; I'd rather have people just think for themselves. But, again, I may just be clinging to idealism.

    I have found that network marketing is often like attempting to sell the virtues of capitalism to people who have been slowly but deeply indoctrinated in Marxist philosophy. Success in network marketing, or any worthy endeavor, demands personal integrity. People must have enough self-belief to be able to choose the "red pill". But as Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

    Thanks again for all you do Troy.

    Long live free enterprise,


  46. @Matt,

    Welcome to the community here at MLM Help Desk.

    Red Carpet Days are exclusive to Zeek. I believe you can find more info at or in your back office at Zeek.

    They are held once a month up close to the Lexington home office at a hotel. The founders and staff get together with the affiliates to answer questions and do some training.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  47. Great video Troy – Thanks for your statement about the critic! I'm in network marketing from Germany and it is great to have your videos and the informations you gave to us.

    You have my respect and my trust! Keep it up!

    Sybille Hubig

    DubLi Business Associate


  48. Troy I agree with your philosophy, and under normal circumstances I too would welcome a balanced debate. The difference is that you are doing things fairly, legally and ethically…and above all you have made yourself accountable to some extent. They on the other hand are obsessively engaging in defamatory, malicious and unsubstantiated commentary with an intent to damage and bring down a massive company.

    Enough said…..

    Love your work.

  49. Hey Troy,

    I haven't been in the MLM business very long, having just joined Zeek a under 2 months ago, but have been following your updates on them since then.

    I do appreciate the honesty and hope that you'll continue delivering as much information about Zeek as possible.

    One quick question:

    I've seen a lot of mention about 'Red Carpet Events'. What are they exactly? Are they specific to Zeek? What is done at them, and can anyone attend?

    Thanks in advance,


  50. @Alex,

    As always thanks for your continued support.

    I agree that we need the critics. They hold me accountable, and give me additional information to review and think about.

    You are correct that there are items I can't share publicly due to the NDA I agreed to sign with Paul Burks. Although, not every CEO and Founder asks for one Paul did based on his own life experiences.

    I respect his position, and it is not really any different from any CEO and founder I communicate with.

    And, you are right, we can't please everyone all the time… So I do my best to just make sure I do not violate my principles or the trust of others.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  51. @Chris,

    Well, I am not sure about KsChang, or Gen3Benz, but Oz has always posted my comments in any review he has done on any company. And the other two, although we do not agree on this issue, have been professional when they come into our community to debate their stance.

    I know how in other communities I have been slammed and at times attacked personally, and know the frustration I feel when that happens. So when folks come here who truly have as strong of stance as I do, even when it is an a opposing view. I do not want them to feel as I do in other communities. I want them to feel safe to express their views. As a protector of the U.S. Constitution I see it as their right to share, even when I disagree.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  52. @Dean,

    Thank you sir! I'll buy the next round of coffee when we meet.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  53. @Dan, first let me say thank you for the kind words. 🙂

    Second, let's not make it personal. Although, I do not fully understand all of the motives by some. I have come to realize there are as passionate of folks in the anit-scam community, as they are in the pro-MLM community, who are doing what they are called to do.

    It is those folks I can fully respect!

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  54. Troy

    I drop in every day as part of my ongoing due dilligence. You are an inspiration (and this is from a skeptic) but believer and affilliate of zeekrewards. BTW, isnt it funny how little changy and BIg Man OZ seem to have committed their lives to rubbishing zeekrewards (they must be unemployed) yet dont have the integrity, credibility or spine to reveal their identities. And they want people to respect their opinions??

  55. Great heartfelt video Troy! Thanks for all you do, and reporting what you find based on your own due diligence…not heresay. It was great meeting you in NC in May, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

  56. I find it comical that Kschang & Oz gene2benz and the crew from the other site come and hit you with their negative comments and you take the time to respond, HOWEVER, if you go on their board and post anything POSITIVE, they do not allow it to be posted. I have used various IP addressed from different computers with different friends of mine and with the sample size we have, THEY are running a fraud on their site to drive traffic & get paid, who is running the scheme? NOT ZEEK…its the fab five the crew from the other site, WHY WHY WHY Troy do you even ALLOW their messages to show on your site WHEN YOU KNOW its only bringing negative energy, 800, 900,000 people and growing, those are the ones who should be listened to, not these several people that USE your site to voice their negative opinions BUT would NEVER allow ANYBODY to post a POSITIVE on that other site….I respect you, I think your amazing, BUT its very wrong for you to allow this and to be used by them as they KNOW YOU will answer, but they do NOT care about your answer, they care about getting the negative to appear on your site as a trophy, its the SAME OLE stupid comments over and over and over …….>ENOUGHHHHH stop allowing their comments as it only lowers the quality of YOUR SITE and drives traffic to theirs…sorry for being long winded but its UNfair and Unjust to allow them to maintain ANY voice as they do not allow it on their useless negative none-sense site

  57. Troy

    I am happy that there is someone like you to report on the truth.

    This industry needs someone like you and WE all appreciate your hard work and that you do for us.

    It is always good to have the critics write their reviews but when they are just plain insulting you I don't think that's right.

    I will say this … the reason it looked like you are favoring zeek is because you are in contact with the owners and you might know some things that we don't know about the company its just do to compliance and other legal related issues you can not talk about it on the blog.

    This sends wrong messages to people Red flags if you will, to your critics.

    I for one really trust you and 100% behind you and am looking forward for more news from you on ZEEK.

    Just remember you cannot make everyone happy its just the way it is.

  58. @Alfredo Rodrigues,

    Thank you for the kind works my friend.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  59. @Jeff,

    Thank you for the kind words. Although, I am not sure why all those who have gone to war have done so. But, I do know that for a few, it is because of the fact, Zeek did come out looking so close to ASD and some pretty big ASD players were a part of the Zeek team.

    I do respect their position, and I truly believe that at the end of the day, their concern is the people in the field.

    With that said, there are also some folks who are just wild out there, and I can;t figure them out at all.

    I will continue to report to the best of my ability, and will take to heart what has been said, while holding true to my principles.

    Thank you again.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  60. @k Chang,

    As always thank you for taking time to articulate your position. I do want to make one clarification. I was not defending anything at all. All I did was present my heart and intentions in what I do. I leave the defense to others who are far more talented and educated than than I am on things. I also made it very clear, I am listening to folks inside and outside my community as they share their observations and perceptions to what I write ans say.

    1. All comp plans come into question by someone. Just a couple of weeks ago, David Einhorn one of the most respected short sellers in the world questioned Heralife's comp plan based on his question about internal sales. And I believe all compensation plans should be questioned and investigated to make sure they are legit.

    As I have stated to many times to count. Legit business models never come into question, until a compensation plan is added. And although you mention just Zeek, with a little due diligence you will quickly find that all three companies I mention face or faced the same critique of their compensation plans.

    And, I have never shied away from the fact that in the launch of Zeek, long before the legal and compliance team got involved, that the "marketing" used to attract people to the company, was written in a way that caused even me to question the legality and validity of the company. That editorial and video is still live today.

    And, as I have also stated publicly, if the company had continued down the same path, as Andy, then they would also face the same result. And although, I have no clue what the regulators may do about unique bid auctions as a whole, I do know that if Zeek continues to tweak and clean up the issues, and if BidiFy continues to listen to their legal counsel, then both companies will have the opportunity to grow through the compensation issues.

    It seems as an educated critic, that you would be in agreement with me on the fact, sales to folks outside the compensation structure is what is needed to correct the investment looking issues we have all talked about and have concerns over. So if these new qualifications prove to be solid sales based qualifications, will that show a willingness to you that Zeek is at least trying to correct pasted issues you have raised?

    You are correct and I agree 100% that customers or sales outside the compensation structure are what is needed. This rings true in any network marketing income opportunity. However, I also know that ALL sales are excepted as sales. The issue that is always raised is how much of the sales need to be outside of the field base. This is the very issue, if you have followed Kevin Thompson and I over the last couple of years that we are fighting to clarify. It is a gray area at this time. We know that in 1979 the FTC issues a statement that they would like to see 70% of sales be consumed before affiliates reorder more product or services. And we know based on the burn lounge case that 3% of of sales outside the compensation plan is way to low. But to find a definitive answer in any of the current laws in the USA is impossible.

    We also know that when talking to regulators, they like to see a a company's sales grow steadily after launch to around 50% form outside the compensation plan. However, again this is a gray area, because there is not a definitive law on what comes first the customer or the distributor. Or if a distributor who has never recruited or doesn't have an active downline is really an affiliate or just a customer who wants the opportunity to be in business, but really isn't.

    So, you bring up a vary valid point, and it is one I along with others are fighting to define legally when it comes to clarifying what outside sales and how much is needed.

    By the way, Zeek Rewards affiliates can buy VIP bids to use in their own Zeekler accounts. Those bids and the volume does count as sales volume.

    By the way, let me correct you on one issue. Zeek DOES NOT have any official lead providers period. This has been stated publicly by all of Zeek's leadership team.

    And if there was to be an "Official Lead Company" for Zeek, it would be Peter Mingles, who owns a lead company and is trusted consultant to the leadership team.

    As for NEVER proving, NO Company proves their sales numbers, unless asked by a regulatory body or a court of law. Which is why Herbalife's stock fell 33% in 24 hours when David Einhorn asked the sales question back in may. And they are a public traded company.

    Since I can't answer your questions on the ads, because I do only speak and read English, and you did not supply an example of an ad or a link to one of the ads, I can't even send it to the compliance team.

    Since the major issue is the USA for compliance at this time, since that is where the company is based, I will assume their focus in on English based ads. But that is an assumption because I have never asked if they have an international compliance team for these issues. I will now.

    I do disagree that the compliance is only half-hearted. I say this based both on the experts hired who are in control and the amount of money the company has spend on this one issue.

    All of your points are very valid, and have been covered here in this community several times over the last few months. Are they all fixed? I don't know and neither will anyone else, until a regulatory body decides to ask some questions.

    And as an advocate and ambassador you bet I cover far more positive aspects in network marketing than negative. But, I do hit the critical issues inside our community, which have to be fixed, such as the customers and stupid deal making that seems to go on in some companies. Although we may not see that the same issues are critical to cover, as an insider, I do know what can hurt the average distributor and the community as a whole, and I am willing to take on my own community to bring that to light.

    I also understand, the timeline that must be hit in order for companies to maintain a legit business model, over being only a pyramid, with a widget.

    And, yes, I am far more willing to give room for the people in this community to get their act together, than those outside the community. But…

    I can tell you I watch just like you do, and want the same thing you want… the people All People protected from scams.

    Again, thank you for your time.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  61. @Mark,

    It has been humbling to see the comments, and was not at all what was expected. I just wanted folks to know I heard what they had to say, took it to heart, and share my true intentions.

    Thank you Mark for the kind words.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  62. @Tissa,

    Thank you sir! I am working to better understand the "career critics" so I can make sure I do not overly judge their motives. I think sometimes we all need to step back and do out best to get a better understanding of where folks are coming from.

    This last week has been good for me to reflect on what folks from all sides have to say. My goal is to provide a level playing field for all to find answers.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  63. @Donnie,

    Thank you Marine!!!

    Semper Fi! If I can ever serve please just reach out.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  64. I check your site every day for info and updates! I think you are doing a grea JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. I have looked for a "Consumer Reports" of the Network Marketing industry for many years. Several years ago I decided to seek out and find a direct sales company that I wanted to join, not the other way around. When I found Troy Dooly and his work, I found what I was looking for.

    As a former marine, integrity, honesty and the truth were taught to us. I believe these traits are bedrock for people and for business.

    Thank you Troy, for being an advocate for me and people like me. I want the truth. Thanks for finding it for us.

  66. Nicely done, Troy. Your fair and balanced reporting allowed me to make a fully informed decision about whether to promote ZeekRewards or not.

    I do read what the "career critics" have to say, but their unwillingness to see both sides diminishes their credibility – even if they are correct every now and then.

    Keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again during July's Red Carpet Event.

  67. Troy,

    I already held you in high regard. But just now, my respect for you went through the roof. Great video. I called my pastor and told him, "You have to listen to this video".

    Grace to you,


  68. Mr. Dooly, I thank you for your clarification, but I believe that once again, you've defended the wrong issue.

    The critics of ZeekRewards, such as I, are NOT questioning the unique bid MLM niche or the MLM niche at all. I can't speak for others, but I am very specific about its main problem: ZeekReward's comp plan.

    The comp plan looks like an investment, smells like an investment, walks like an investment, even passes the Howey Test like an investment. So why do they insist it is NOT an investment? Andy Bowdoin also insisted that his operation was NOT an investment.

    You know as well as I do that MLM must have RETAIL CUSTOMERS. Kevin Grimes said that, Kevin Thompson said that, even Gerald Nehra said that on their respective websites. (And plenty of other MLM attorneys and consultants). For Zeekler, retail customer means people who buy retail bids, but are not a ZeekRewards affiliate. (Though I'm sure some ZeekRewards members can buy retail bids and enjoy them, that would be "self-consumption")

    So who are buying the bids in Zeekler (thus generating the profits to be shared)? And I do mean BUYING the retail bids, not receiving free bids and such. I.e. WHO put money into the system? WHO generated the profits (to be shared)?

    So far, the anecdotal evidence (only Zeek would have the actual numbers) indicate that affiliates outnumber people who actually buy bids by at least 10:1, which is a far cry from Dawn Wright-Oliveras' statement that the affiliate to customer ratio is 1:25. As Dawn never defined "customer" (could be any one who ever signed up for a free Zeek account) her ratio means nothing.

    Furthermore, if you go to (run by Peak LLC, Mr. Bessoni), who is now an OFFICIAL lead provider for Zeek, you'll see Zcustomer actually CREATE THE ACCOUNTS, THEN inform opt-in people (they claimed) that account has been created in their name, go claim the free bids. It's explained in their FAQ.

    I imagine most of those free bids were NEVER claimed or used (some claimed to have purchased 200 leads @ $2 each from ZCustomer, and got ZERO hits, though sample size is too small to be useful) and thus ended up as "profit" to be shared. Any way, it was already paid for… BY AN AFFILIATE. If indeed that is the case, then you basically have affiliates paying other affiliatess through the company, and that is a Ponzi scheme.

    Zeek did hired a crackerjack team of consultants and lawyers and whatnot. But what has changed? NOTHING SIGNIFICANT.

    They STILL pass the Howey Test for investment instrument.

    They NEVER proved that there are significant of buyers of retail bids that's NOT in ZeekRewards, and there's enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that VAST MAJORITY of the bids are purchased for giveaway (promotion) and likely, never redeemed and thus ended up as profit. Thus, it is VERY LIKELY a money chain: affiliates paying affiliates through Zeek.

    The compliance effort is half-hearted at best. There are a TON of ads for Zeek in other languages posted every day, many of them use the "banned words" like "investment", "interest", "compound", etc. But apparently Zeek compliance only reads English. Do they even CHECK the ads being posted for compliance? With millions of ads posted daily, is that even feasible? And why are members conspiring to post their ads on each other's blogs? And if the ads are bogus make-work, then it *is* an investment, despite every disclaimer that it isn't. And that in itself, is fraud.

    So have they proven that they have the INTENTION of moving in the right direction? Apparently.

    Have they actually MOVED in the right direction? I don't think so.

    Are they actually COMPLIANT with the law? I am not sure, but I would suspect they are NOT compliant with the Securities Act (i.e. the Howey Test).

    And there are other issues as well.

    Did they ever mention that they didn't get an auction license until March 2012, even though they started conducting auctions as early as March 2010?

    The five issues you already mentioned, but here's an update: a Zeek "employee" on support forum admitted that they are using a credit card processor in Cyprus, who is charging the member's CC in its own name "Lamda EC", not Zeek's name. Previously, Zeek already admitted to have "mislabeled" transactions from ZonaLibre1 (Panama), Korea, and Star Design (Costa Rica?).

    Without beating a dead horse too much, Mr. Dooly, you really *do* cover the positive aspects of the industry in general, and ZeekRewards in particular, and that was seen by some people as "leaning in favor". Indeed, many ZeekRewards members link to your coverage as if it is an endorsement. While you can't control how people will perceive your words, your reporting on Zeek of recent is somewhat… unbalanced.

    Yes, there are OPERATIONAL issues with the company, but there are far more serious problems… such as how many customers is ZeekRewards really bringing in, and just where do the 58.5 million in profits shared in 2011 came from… affiliate bought "giveaway bids"… or customer purchased bids?


    K. Chang

    A MLM Skeptic (but not a Cynic)

  69. Troy

    It was not by your doing that Zeek Rewards is the fastest growing business in MLM. But when something is growing at this rate your job is to report and be involved and you are doing an outstanding job.

    The critics of Zeek Rewards are few.. But those few have gone to war for a reason that escapes me and honestly makes no sense to me other than attention. If you have a business that is at the top of the keyword search rankings a good blogger either positive or negative will latch onto those keywords.

    It is a shame that when you take a popular keyword and put it together with the word scam that Google is your blogs best friend.

    It is what it is and it will never change. I have never got the impression that you are in bed with Zeek Rewards. I almost get the feeling that the Scam Blogs are almost offended that you will NOT take a negative stance with them.

    Doing the right thing will never be easy… But the one thing that I feel confident about is the following.

    When these self proclaimed scam hunters have long forgotten about Zeek and moved on to the next company that is unfortunate enough to have success. You will still be here and you will still have my readership because YOU HAVE EARNED IT! This is one of the few places on the internet where I know that I will get a fair and honest answer.

    Keep up the Good Work!


  70. Dear Troy

    It´s more than a Pleasure: it´s an honor to be part of an industry where there are people like you who addresses a clear and frank stance on our issues.

    You give Network Marketing Industry something of which its people can be proud of.

    Please be assured that at least one Portuguese guy supports each and every word you say. And I am sure I am speaking for the majority of all of us here!

    Semper Fi.

  71. Thank you Troy! Well spoken my friend. I am grateful you report on the facts and are 100% transparent, fair and balanced. I don't care what MLM you are a part of, treat everyone fairly and respect their choices. One company may not be right for another – let's just support our industry and become network marketing professionals!

    The day will come when being a network marketing professional will be viewed as a respected career choice – as much as a lawyer, Realtor, loan originator, or any professional career is today.

  72. Keep up the good work Troy.

    Doing the right thing is never easy but it is what good people do. Sometimes you just need to be a firm believer in being a firm believer. we are all with you sir.

  73. It takes a big man to admit a mistake. Thank you Troy. If I stay here long enough I'm sure you'll catch me in error, when that happens I'll try to be as gracious about it as you have been.

    I hope you come through the storm in one piece.

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