Troy Dooly Calls TVI Express aka Travel Ventures International A MLM Scam Learn Why

MLM Company Review: Is TVI Express aka Travel Ventures International an MLM scam or legit MLM Opportunity?

Well, dozens of top MLM leaders have contacted me over the last week asking for us to do a review on Travel Ventures International, because so many folks are jumping into what looks like the next hot MLM opportunity.

TVI Express does have a legitimate travel service. However, due to the fact Travel Ventures Express, failed several benchmarks we use to determine if a company is offering a viable MLM opportunity, we have placed Travel Ventures International on our list of MLM Scam companies.

ATTENTION: Just because we list a company as an MLM Scam, doesn’t mean distributor’s will not earn short term income, or that several millionaires will not be created from the company. It just means we do not believe the company offers a Viable long term MLM business opportunity, nor will it pass the SEC or FTC definition of a legitimate MLM company.

Now, I do want to say, based on the Core Values of this company, they have their head on straight. However, because the FTC is going strong after the MLM Travel industry, I am not sure this company can fulfill these core values long term in the USA, which could be financially devastating to any U.S. based reps.

Corporate Address:

Travel Ventures International
Marble Arch Tower
55 Bryanston Street
London, W1H 7AJ
United Kingdom

Although, the U.K. has great MLM laws on the books, it is vertically imposable for distributors to get any type of legal help if the company were to cause any type of financial hardship to them.

If you file a lawsuit in the USA, what are you going to get? They do not, at this time have any USA base of operations. If the lawsuit were to become a Class Action suit, the attorney’s fees would eat up any financial relief ordered form the Courts, due to the International legal representation which would be required to win.

Not distributor friendly at all! Based on the fact the company is located in the U.K., you will be signing and agreeing to policies and procedures which are based on U.K. laws not U.S. laws.

Compensation plan:

The basic compensation plan is a “Revolving Matrix” broken into two connected matrix plans, with some type of unilevel residual payout starting at specific rank levels. Like the majority of Matrix Compensation Plans in existence today, the majority of the income earned, comes form the sale of $250.00 membership plans. The FTC loves this type of plan, because they can use their “Pay to Play” rule and call the company an MLM Scam.

In the last few years we have seen them validate their rule in several court cases, the latest being Burn Lounge. When a company markets online services i.e. Websites, etc. and use these internal consumption benefits as the basis of the compensation plan, the FTC will eventually hit the company and the distributors are the ones hurt.

In this case, since the company is based in the U.K., you can bet the FTC would issues a Cease and Desist order, and go after the top U.S. based distributors.

My other issue with the TVIExpress Matrix compensation plan is according to their opportunity presentation, they pay 75% of every dollar back to the field. They don’t say “an average of”, “historically we have”, or “before breakage”. They flat out state “72% of all dollars earned is payback to the field.”

Well, as I stated in our current series on MLM Compensation plans, if a company pays out more than 63% of all wholesale dollars earned back to the field, they will not be able to sustain the business operations. This is especially true, when you are talking about international expansion.

And for those of you who are thinking, “Troy this is an Internet company” do these figures still hold true? The answer is yes! The basic costs of operating a legitimate company are the same.

Although, 72% payout is great for marketing, it raises huge red flags on the background of the unknown leaders running this company.

XanGo, who has one of the best overall compensation plans currently in the MLM profession, only has a 50% payout.

(I use XanGo because their compensation plan is not based on any smoke or mirrors. It’s a straight forward easy to understand Dynamic compressed, unilevel plan.

Here is the TVIExpress Opportunity presentation for you to review. Click Here

In closing, Travel Ventures International is not a traditional MLM Scam, however based on the following benchmarks it does not qualify as a legitimate MLM Business Opportunity.

1. Private registry of the URL.
2. No USA base of operation for U.S. support.
3. Lack of ownership disclosure or Corporate Officers on website.
4. SEC, FTC and State AGs have targeted MLM Online Travel Companies as MLM Scams.

As always we welcome feedback from our readers, subscribers, and community members.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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197 thoughts on “Troy Dooly Calls TVI Express aka Travel Ventures International A MLM Scam Learn Why”

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  2. Dear sir,

    Think you are just fine.

    For your kind information I am from Bangladesh. I am a TVI members working with 32 centers.Also I want to purchase TVI evouchers directly from Kolkata.I need atleast 100 evouchers per day.I want to pay in Kolkata directly in cash.Please if anyone who can provide me the same from Kolkata please feel free to contact

    Waiting to hear from you asap.

    Thanks & best wishes

    Kabir uddin Ahmed (TVI)


  3. International MLM Company Launched on 15-9-2010. Long lasting income* Rs. 4,20,000/- and 10,50,000/- and on with one time investment.. Air ticket for 2 people along with 5-start hotel stay. Discount in lunch/dinner.

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  4. International MLM Company Launched on 15-9-2010. Long lasting income* Rs. 4,20,000/- and 10,50,000/- and on with one time investment.. Air ticket for 2 people along with 5-start hotel stay. Discount in lunch/dinner.

    One Call can change your life


    +91 92090 86830,

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    Skype :- nikeshpine

  5. Simple: by TVI Express's own admission, TVI Express first launched in India in January 2009, THEN China in March 2009. In any pyramid scheme, the first-comers are the winners.

    You have to keep in mind, TVI Express was already kicked out of an Indian province before. Police in Sikkim, India, investigated, and rather than admit guilt, TVI Express issued refunds to 6000 members in the area, while admitting no wrongdoing. The local tourism board, HGTI, called "fake travel organizations such as TVI [Express]" threat to local travel industry.

    TVI Express plans to issue 6000 refunds in Sikkim India

    TVI Express called 'fake tourism organization' by HGTI

    There is no success in India. What you see is a mirage.

  6. I just came up with this TVIExpress (hereinafter known as “TVI”) issue since this program is still new in Malaysia but already widen-up worldwide for quite sometime especially in Indonesia and India.

    So far there’s no justification for TVI whether it is halal or haram in Islam. Based on the system applied, it does make sense how the income was generated. Actually it is not that easy to get US$500 or even US$10000 and if the member want to earn it, they must work hard and off course work smart. It is not as simple as that to earn that such big amount of money.

    I’ve been listening to the program by their mentor/upline and the system is great. It is MLM kind-of business but I’d prefer to treat it as member get member style of business. As far as I know and understand, TVI is an international traveling agency. To reduce their expenses on advertisement and other unnecessary expenses, they produce this kind of system to get members. As a reward members get benefits inspite of the company generate income and high volume of customers. Traveling business is one of good income business. Lots of traveling agency gain profits.

    Back to TVI, it is understood that they are selling the service, and we may consider it as a unique product as well. With the membership fee, members are entitled to get 6days 7nights accommodation at any selected hotels around the world, at just US$300 with 1 year validity period. This is the package they are providing. BUT if the members want to earn additional income for US$500, they can, by inviting other new members to join the program, and to earn the income they have the system which is very very fair to all members. The system doesn’t show any pyramid scheme kind-of system. It applied perfect matrix system where everyone can get the benefits, subject to their own initiatives.

    I think it is good if you can come to the office to hear the program and what it is all about so that you can understand more and then give your advise based on what you’ve learn. Please understand that this invitation is not to purposelu ask you join as member but to let you know more about the services/products only, so that you’ll have more clear picture and understanding.

    If there’s anything wrong with my above statement, I’d be glad if anyone of you can support or correct it so that everybody get true and genuine information. I’m sorry if I’ve made false statement however let us share among each other to build up a good, great and clean nation around the world. Insyallah…

    For those who want to know and share more about the program please send message or email to me at

    Yours Truly,

  7. Sam, are you the same person who spammed the same message at every "critic" site you came across? I think I saw your comment in at least two other blogs.

    Frankly, you're not very convincing.



  9. ACCC obtains restraining orders against operators of alleged pyramid selling scheme 'TVI Express'

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has acted quickly to obtain orders restraining three individuals from promoting an alleged pyramid selling scheme called TVI Express.

    On Friday 14 May 2010, in the Federal Court, Sydney, the ACCC obtained ex-parte injunctions restraining Laulhati Jutsen (also known as Teddi Jutsen), Tina Aroha Brownlee and David Graeme Scanlon from promoting the alleged pyramid selling scheme.

    Pyramid selling schemes are deliberate scams designed to benefit the originators while taking advantage of later recruits. They operate on the basis that members receive commissions for recruiting new members. However, they inevitably collapse leaving most participants out of pocket.

    The TVI Express scheme is promoted by the respondents through various websites including the site and the TVI Express Oz group on the site People who wish to participate in the scheme are required to pay a membership fee of $330. Once an individual has paid the $330, they receive a 'travel voucher' and the opportunity to receive commission payments for recruiting other people into the scheme.

    The ACCC understands that Ms Jutsen, Ms Brownlee and Mr Scanlon had planned to hold presentations across Australia and New Zealand this week to promote the scheme. The orders obtained by the ACCC will prevent these presentations from going ahead. If the individuals ignore these orders, they risk being in contempt of court.

    The court orders also restrain the individuals from knowingly accepting payments from, or making payments to other participants in the scheme. The individuals are also required to place notices on various websites alerting members of the public to the ACCC's court action.

    The ACCC will now prepare the matter for final hearing. The ACCC will be seeking orders declaring that the individuals engaged in contraventions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 and injunctions restraining them from engaging in similar conduct in the future. The ACCC will also be seeking civil pecuniary penalties against the individuals.

    Release # NR 104/10

    Issued: 17th May 2010

  10. Ramesh, India is blowing up and TVI Express just added a 3rd office. The newest just opened in Kolkata. If you look on the website & read the testimonials, over 50% of the testimonials comes out of India. There are just over 355 testimonials and I estimate that 250 are agents from India. So how r u going to convince me that TVI Express in India is 200% scam when I see all the success going on over in India?

  11. Barbara,

    You write an eloquent comment. However, your lack of knowledge shines through, and that is sad. Let me explain…

    1. There are laws in all countries which are very specific on what is legal and illegal. Read the law, ans you realize TVI Express runs an illegal pyramid.
    2. Take time to review ALL the questions in ALL the posts I have written and find answers and provided them to us. See when a company states they are located in one location, their servers in another, and their money in a country known for hiding illegal funds, it does not take a fifth grader to get the picture.
    3. This was the best… You have not taken time to realize I am not with any MLM company, I don;t recruit, sponsor or personally build anything.

    See Barbara, unlike you and many others,,, I do not believe the means justifies the ends. So meta physical, name it till you claim it positive thinking will never out way the facts.

    But, I do beleive you have the right to believe whatever you desire. All those who invested with Barnie Madoff did the same thing.

  12. Sometimes when things look to good to be true, you’ll never know unless you try it then you can make a wise educated knowledgeable decision. Our pass experience can hold us back, we have to move on in life and let the bitterness of our pass go to move forward otherwise it may stagnate our growth in moving forward. Personally when someone tries to place me in a glass box where I’m living under their fear I carry a hammer to break through and make my own decision in life. We all make good and bad choices but the greatest thing about it, It our choice!
    No argument Troy, everyone in the USA that is free has freedom of choice and you learn as you grow……You’ll never know if you can swim if you don’t jump in the water.
    Troy, whatever choice you make is yours and I wish you the best. If it’s a certain network marking company I hope that you have a large following and your goals are fulfilled

  13. Barbara,

    Thank you for your comments. I grew up in and around some great people… They ran a very successful organize crime family in my home town. They use to say the same thing!

  14. In life there is nothing perfect, you will always have a negative and a positive. Every lesson in life is learned and paid for in some way. Luck is where opportunity met preparation. TVi Go For It! and don’t forget to pay your taxes on the money earn. $250 membership fee has help a lot of people get out of debt. I know 6 people so far that has made $10k plus the money that they have received have help their family and they were able to donate money to their church and other organizations that They could not of if they had not made the money. You can book travel on your web site. Just like getting a membership with Sam Wholesale or Costco wholesale you can get discount when shopping there the only difference is that they do not pay you for all the word of mouth marketing you are doing for them, instead they are charging you each year to renew you membership and want you to keep marketing for them. Every network marketing business that has been brought my way, I have heard the negative and the positive about them all. In life you can’t let your fears to get involve stop you from achieving your goals there will always be a listen to be learn.

  15. This is funny. If you're serious then you need to take some more time and learn the laws in the USA.

  16. I’ve done my due diligence for over 6 weeks before getting involved with TVI and I’ve brought you the answers your probably asking when it comes to this company.
    (If you haven’t heard about TVI express yet take the time to check their video comp. plan and their website

    – What is the product?
    By investing the small start up cost (one time laughable fee) you are becoming a member of Travel Ventures International meaning you can book flights, hotels, car rentals etc. This company is involved in over 150 countries and its goal is to become the next priceline, orbitz… Better still they have cheaper rates than the aforementioned companies. Travel is a billion dollar industry it never goes out of style and will be a much needed resource for all time

    – How are they able to pay out all members $10,000 per cycle? Isn’t that way too much overhead?
    Every time a member cycles( completes a board) they receive $10,000, and members are cycling time and time again on average one cycle a month (depending on their determination some once a week!) For every $10,000 a member is payed the company already made $100,000, they do absolutely no marketing/ advertising. Those that sign up and never bother “working” at this great opportunity are called dead legs thereby the company makes money off them. Plus all the amenities (flights, hotels…) booked by their site obviously brings in money.

    -How are members payed?
    If you’ll search online some people complain about this but its really quite simply if you do your due diligence:
    Solid Trust Pay ( a registered canadian company middle man—think paypal)
    Liberty Reserve
    Bank Withdrawal
    Or Voucher selling (is extremely popular -bec. members can bring in others quickly and efficiently into TVI) plus you have none of the fees of the aforementioned payouts.

    Bottom line the company is a legitimate buisness opportunity who are helping many members out of this recession with ease. I’ve spoken to numerous members via phone and email who are making their $10,000 payouts
    Whenever their is a new system or opp. their are always those that are “trigger happy” to label something a scam. (usually to get people involved in their own venture).

    So take the time now to glean more info. about this amazing opportunity and gain access to real financial freedom. Contact me via email or thru this blog and I can help answer all your questions!
    Again the website is
    Email me

  17. This is exactly the post i have been looking for. I am not a member of TVI or any other MLM, but have seriously considered joining. Not for the money, but for the great travel deals. I have spent literally 10-12 hours researching posts, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc and i can't seem to find anyone who has traveled. I did realize that at least 75% of MLMers dont care about the product or service, but someone out there should have traveled by now, right?

    Anyone Traveled on these great deals? If so, can we get some details please?

  18. Ken Stewarts Bio:

    My partner and I have 60 years of network marketing experience and are considered top industry leaders, having had combined teams of over 600,000 distributors and group sales of $2 billion in 2 programs prior to our current company where we are among the top leaders.
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  19. Ken Stewarts Bio:

    My partner and I have 60 years of network marketing experience and are considered top industry leaders, having had combined teams of over 600,000 distributors and group sales of $2 billion in 2 programs prior to our current company where we are among the top leaders.
    We're currently expanding a rapidly growing, 5 year old division of a billion dollar company with 2 award winning breakthroughs throughout 50 countries and looking for ambitious, motivated individuals who understand the importance of timing and positioning!
    Our first major flagship product was just named 2009 Product of the Year in competition held by a leading U.S. fitness/health publication and now the official product of 4 U.S. pro sports teams and the other just named best overall product of its kind in a comparison test conducted by a leading U.S. magazine, supported by clinical studies, and recommended by leading U.S. and European doctors.
    On September 1st we launched a 3rd breakthrough, an excitng new product for kids 2-12 years of age developed with the involvement of a world famous doctor and best selling author and have partnered with one of the world's leading children's non-profit organizations.
    Once you join our team, everyone we sponsor in any of 50 countries goes below you, positioning you with the opportunity to earn an income on their efforts and those of the 2 teams they develop.
    Top distributors are earning up to $2 million a year after 4 years and the best part there's no charge to be a distributor!
    If you're a leader with a proven track record, we've got a preferred position available on top of a current international team we are developing, giving you one team below you to start, enabling you to primarily focus on building just one team for up to $35,000 a WEEK + matching bonuses! In addition, you may be eligible for a special "incentive" package on top of the pay plan!
    Contact us
    Use subject: NPros Friend-Send Info
    Include your name, location, phone number, and a brief description of your network marketing experience.
    As an added bonus, we'll include our FREE report "The 6 Paradigms to MLM Success-How to Make a Smart Decision and Put the Odds of MLM Success in Your Favor!"
    All replies kept strictly confidential!

  20. Furthermore, many people are earning an income for doing nothing more than "investing" their $250 and finding 2 people to do the same! That's it! No having to sell their product to a few customers (non-business participants), no having to meet any minimal monthly performance requirements, no having to do anything, just put your $250 in, find 2 people who do the same, and you can make money! In fact, this program meets the classic definition of a lottery!

    They're even encouraging people to sell their tv sets to raise the $250 if they don't have it!


    It is ILLEGAL money games like TVI Express that give legitimate network marketing programs a bad name! In doing consulting work for new companies, I frequently have 2 prominent MLM attorneys involved, one a former well known Attorneys General and past President of the American Association of Attorneys Generals, and the other formerly lead international attorney for a major network marketing company for 20 years, and we are just amazed at programs like this one that seem to generate such massive growth…

    Just goes to show 1) there's a lot of gullible people in the world; 2) a lot of people aren't looking for a real business and prefer get rich quick deals; and 3) most people have no idea what constitutes a legitimate program…

  21. There is no requirement of having to make a certain number of retail sales of their $250 travel package to a legitimate retail customer (a non-business participant) as a means to trigger their earning the commissions and bonuses on those they have recruited. It is strictly just one big $250 money game based on recruiting participants.

    This is just the first of several legal problems for this illegal scheme. In addition, regulators usually like to see at least a 3 to 1 if not 5 or 6 to 1 customer to distributor ratio in a legitimate network marketing opportunity. In other words, at least 3 customers (non business participants) that have purchased the product being promoted to every 1 distributor who has signed up in the program. In this particular case, the ratio in TVI Express is probably 100 distributors or more for every 1 legitimate customer!

    Using numbers provided by this company, they are claiming 400,000 distributors. Using even a 3 to 1 customer to distributor ratio, it would mean they would need to have 1.2 million retail customers (non-business participants who have purchased the $250 travel package) to their 400,000 distributors. Upon investigation, you would be lucky to find 1200 legitimate customers, let alone 1.2 million legitimate retail customers.

  22. The program is promoted as a one time $250 expenditure through a gimmicky matrix type structure with "boards" that mirrors the structure of many "airplane" type schemes promoted in the past, only this time instead of just money exchanging hands, which would make it a blatant illegal pyramid, they are hiding behind a $250 "travel package" in order to give it the appearance of legitimacy, a $250 travel package that no sane consumer would purchase!

    However, there is virtually no selling of the "travel package" to legitimate retail customers, NON-BUSINESS participants, occurring! Consequently, almost all of the commissions and bonuses that are being paid are being earned strictly from the "sale," and I used that word loosely, of the $250 package from one distributor (business participant) to a new distributor (business participant), which court cases have deemed to not be a legitimate retail sale as the business participant is making the purchase in lieu of a business consideration, i.e., to make money, so basically distributors (business participants) are receiving their commissions and bonuses for doing nothing more than "headhunting," being paid merely for the act of recruiting of fellow business participants, which has been deemed illegal as it pertains to network marketing and business opportunities.

  23. It initially began in China and India, and based upon its success in those 2 countries, they are now promoting this highly ILLEGAL pyramid as a legitimate business opportunity in 50 countries (they haven’t done the proper registration in any of those countries that I am aware of in order to legally operate as a network marketing opportunity), and if various regulatory agencies in a variety of countries take prompt and decisive action, hundreds of thousands to a few million people are going to be "fleeced" out of hundreds of millions of dollars!

    In fact, they are promoting that almost 400,000 people in various countries have joined since January of 2009 alone-do the math! 400,000 people x $250 a person is $100 million they have taken in, and that will be a drop in the bucket unless regulators in the U.S., the U.K., and other countries take immediate and decisive action!

  24. As someone with more than 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry and who is considered an expert in the field, I am constantly approached by individuals promoting various business opportunities, and I've recently become aware of a new program that could end up being one of the biggest ILLEGAL, pyramid, moneymaking schemes to ever hit the U.S!

    TVI is nothing more than an illegal pyramid and money game (a $250 "airplane ride" type program) that has recently arrived in the U.S., which is being promoted by a company based out of the U.K!

    It initially began in China and India, and based upon its success in those 2 countries, they are now promoting this highly ILLEGAL pyramid as a legitimate business opportunity in 50 countries (they haven’t done the proper registration in any of those countries that I am aware of in order to legally operate as a network marketing opportunity), and if various regulatory agencies in a variety of countries take prompt and decisive action, hundreds of thousands to a few million people are going to be "fleeced" out of hundreds of millions of dollars!

  25. part 3:

    Their other addresses:
    United Kingdom Lakeside House
    1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park
    Heathrow UB11 1BD
    India- TVI Express Holidays Private Limited
    First Floor, Hara House
    No.1 GAT Street, Hosur Main Road
    Wilson Garden, Bangalore – 560027
    But no address or phone number in the states. It would be tough to track them down if you needed to sue them for money back on something.
    They also list this company on their web site, suggesting they are a part of it:
    (I am not able to paste the logo in this forum, however it is a bad immitation of the Better Business Bureau from the US)
    The web site that goes with that silly logo is also a scammer!! (you can't even click on it).. get this .. a scammer stole a logo from a scammer!

  26. Part 2:
    So I started digging some more. There was a company with a very similiar name in TN that had complaints and recently closed up shop and disappeared with complaints still open against them.
    Their phone number is a U.K. phone number, which sometimes disconnects and other times routes over to a person who sounds amazingly american.
    However on their web site the company claims to have their corporate office in Cyprus:
    Louki Akrita 14
    Agiazoni, P.C. 3030
    Limassol, Cyprus – EU

  27. Part 1: (due to space limitations)
    I researched this company to stop one of my friends from being had.. following are the contents of my email:
    If you go to the Better Business Bureau and search for the website it comes up with a new file (started in December 2009) and points to a company in Tennessee. comes up with the as Travel Ventures International from Nashville, TN.
    Name: Travel Ventures International
    Address: Nashville, TN 37209
    File Open Date: December 2009
    Type of Business: Not Elsewhere Classified
    BBB Accreditation: Travel Ventures International is not a BBB Accredited business.
    When i went to and the state of TN business registration and dba site they didn't come up at all.
    When i looked up the website name for owners I got nothing. With the place they bought their website name from they are listed as completely private. Most legit companies at least list an administrative contact for the company. This is completely private.

  28. Jim,

    I believe TVI Express without the compensation plan has a booking engine which is legit. However, the opportunity side of their business is an MLM pyramid, and is not legal in the USA.

    Anyone who takes the risk with this company, take a chance of being hit with a lawsuit from the FTC like reps in Burn Lounge and Ad Surf Daily.

    I can not recommend anyone join TVI Express.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


    p.s. If you are looking for a solid company which offers travel, then feel free to send me an email and I will gladly give you the names of companies and leaders you can talk with in legitimate MLMs who offer travel as part of their portfolio.

  29. First off, I appreciate your quick response and diligence in helping me determine if this is something I can do without recourse. 2nd, my friend who has cycled twice did receive his 2nd 10k but the 1st one he purchased 40 vouchers. He currently has over 500 in his downline. As you can guess, he has bought over 15 "positions" on boards. He will cycle for $30k in the next few weeks. 2 of my other friends have doubled their money. The "superuser" i will call him, has told me that there is now an option to receive payment via STP (which is 2nd in size to PayPal) and that the funds do not have the long waiting period like other options. He said 24 to 48 hours and the transfer can be to a debit card. Based on your diligence, review and "gut" from what you have heard from day 1 of TVI, what is your best estimate on its validity and opportunity?
    Thank you for your reply
    "Trying to live the dream"

  30. Jim,

    There are few factors which you may not have taken into account.

    1. There is $250 pay to everyone who cycles out of the first matrix. This has to be deducted from the gross amount.

    2. TVI allows additional positions inside both matrix to be purchased with the $250.00 voucher. This means real money is not flowing through the matrix, which will causes a collapse when recruiting drys up.

    3. If people stop recruiting and sell the $250 travel voucher (which is available for free from in other places) and adding people to the matrix, then there will not be enough new money to sustain the matrix.

  31. Jim,

    You ask some great questions. However, you also have some of your facts wrong. Let's look at your questions first, then correct some facts.

    1. When you ask about a government agency are you referring to the USA or other countries. The FTC only notifies the company itself. The SEC will issue a public notice if the company is public. Since the company states it is not located in the USA, then there might be an investigation into some of the top US leaders, but we will not know until someone is served, or if The Planet in TX receives a warrant for the servers.

    2. When you state you have "friends who have cycled", did they receive their $10K net payout, or are they still waiting?

    3. You mention "sitting on 3 $10K boards." this statement in and of itself validates TVI is a Pyramid. This is called stacking and is not an acceptable practice inside of a legitimate MLM company.

    Now let's look at your statements on YTB.

    1. YTB has been hit by several AGs this year alone. In California they paid $1 million dollars in finds and had to change their marketing plan.

    2. The company has lost 48% of their income and the Board force the founder to resign, and brought in new leadership.

    3. TYB has filed with the SEC there is a good chance they will change their business model and disengage from MLM and focus on their traditional franchises and company agencies.

    There is a big difference between YTB and TVI.

    1. YTB is a publicly traded company with full disclosure. Their issues came to the surface when the FTC started investigating Burn Lounge and saw the MLM Travel companies were using a similar business model.

    2. TVI is using a business model already ruled on in several courts. They are paying commissions 100% from internal consumption. It is a pay to play compensation plan.

    Hope this helps. You might review the other articles we have written on this company.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  32. HOW COME ALL I READ IS "WHAT IFS" AND SUCH?! does ANYONE have ANY solid proof of the legitimacy of TVI and/or how can I as an interested person obtain this information. Is any government agency looking into TVI currently? I have researched TVI for over 10hours of reading, phone calls to friends' uplines and I am finding the same thing….good, bad, indifferent. I also have 3 friends who have made money doing it and 1 that has cycled for $20k and sitting on 3 $10k boards. I also have friends in YTB who has been scrutinized to the "T" as well. They have been running for a while now with no recourse and everything you research about them spells scam too…u find good, bad, indifferent. In a nutshell, POINT ME IN THE DIRECTION OF "WHO" can give me the answers I need to join and make great money, or run and don't look back…thanks…please respond to my email as I am sure this comment will get lost in the shuffle and I don't want to search for hours looking for your response. Appreciate the help.

  33. it is my calculation that when a person goes and gets 2 people and they get 2 people etc, the money earned from the travel voucher sales will net the company $40,000…OF COURSE they can pay the $10,000 hefty commission. Do you people know the power of duplication and how these figures come about or do you let your mind tell you that $250 for $10k is a hoax…come on!

  34. G Ibraham,

    ROFLOL… Your lack of knowledge on MLM is truly showing in a huge way. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

    1. Where did you get the fact "All MLMs are scams? Please give me the exact court document stating this fact.
    2. Where did you get your fact on "Only 5% of the people on the top whealthy?" Please provide the statistical organization you are quoting from.

    See, what I find so sad, is the fact folks like you who have no clue about MLM are willing to join a company who in their own presentations and through their compensation plan promotes a pyramid.

    I look forward to reading where you got your "facts."

  35. You can pay through, and you can withdraw your money through too!….

  36. I agree with you C.Steele,….All people just talking negatif is not joint a member, they do not know what they say…..!!!! actually ,..all MLM is scam!,….only 5% people on the top whealthy!, but TVI express is the best MLM system for now, becouse the system allow people jump and hit the other people who lazy and sleeping!….

  37. hi,
    only members can access the travel express and when asked your financials based on what you're trying to access you have to join, unless a member like me allows you an inside look using passwords and login details.

    Also if you could see all hotels it also tells you to redeem your travel cert straight away so it's just protecting what's available to members.

    Have you ever heard of silent partners ? Can you imagine the headaches people like Donald Trump and Warren Buffet would have if it were officially spelt out that they were the founders, not only that the charitable organisations bangin your door down, there are valid reasons I'm sure as this is still a new venture being asserted.

    Keep watching!

  38. very wise piece of advice Dave, that's what I'm starting to think now too, after sponsoring x amount in too!

  39. Goodness,

    The more I read these forums the more doubt gets created in my mind that this might just be risky..a definite worry as I have sponsored family and friends and was about to sponsor work colleagues into this aswell…but think I'll put that on hold …Family and best friends will forgive you, associates and work colleagues will turn your name to MUD, so until my hlidays come through along with my 10k and 5k vouchers I wont be either encouraging my downline to sponsor anyone else in for the moment and neither will I…WORDS OF WISDOM…we all make mistakes but to Repeat them is foolish.

    Actually, all I'm waiting on are the holidays and profiles of owners and location, if these three queries are resolved then will have to continue building to reap rewards!

  40. jme,

    I can say this is a pyramid scheme, and I have case law to back me up. A pyramid scheme does not mean everyone will lose money. I find it very interesting that what you write is completely different than what has been said on company conference calls which I have posted on this blog.

    I also find it interesting every question I have ever brought up are the same ones top leaders in or formerly in TVI have also raised.

    I never assume anything. I did the research and have posted the facts. So far not one person has been able to dispute these facts.

    Barnie Madoff was helping people also, then the bottom fell out and people have committed suicide, lost their life savings and have seen their lives turned upside down.

    A few years ago another company Institute of Global Prosperity came onto the scene. They helped a lot of people make money also. Then the bottom fellout. People we charged with Tax evasion, committed suicide, and went to prison.

    I guess to you, that's ok, because at least a few people made millions.

    If you want to whine and use the recesion as an excuse to promote an illegal compensation plan, then do it somewhere else.

  41. jme,

    There are a lot of companies which do fall under the legal definition of pyramid, and they do operate for years. I find it very interesting you have not studied the case law on this subject.

  42. it's been around for almost a year. the money is so little there is virtually no risk because you get a trip.

  43. yes, you are responsible for your taxes in the US and if you cash out, their is a London Tax that you have to pay too.

  44. TVI, like a lot of other companies out there, are not a scam or illegal. Could something happen to them – loose money, go bankrupt, etc. sure. Whenever there is a human element things can happen. Let's seek the answers before assuming them is all I am saying.

  45. you are right….however noone can say this is a pyramid scheme. people on here have a lot of questions so let's answer them. what is happening is that people are writing all this stuff on how it is a scam, they don't have this, they don't have that – when in fact they have it ALL. What don't they have?

    People should ask a question first before assuming all of this garbage. They are not helping people who need to make money in a time like this. Instead of always looking for the bad in a MLM – let's look for the good. Let's help people who need to make extra money, who can't leave their home or who can't afford a babysitter or a car. Companies are not hiring and are laying people off, so let's help them instead of ridiculing every possibility out there.

    We have a responsibility to seek the answers before we criticize. Sure, there are a lot of scams and crazy companies out there, but we should have proof of these before we scrutinize them.

  46. jme,

    I want to thank you for commenting. However, I bet you would be hard pressed to find anyone who hated Madoff Invesntments or Standford Financial before they were exposed as Ponzi schemes.

    Whether a person is happy inside of a pyramid scheme or not, has nothing to so with the law.

    I understand where you are coming from, but facts are facts.

  47. What else can I answer? Find someone in TVI that hates it…
    I completely understand why it's not for everyone – just like real estate, insurance…but let's not scare people because it's not for you…

    Let me know what else I can answer. Don't attack me and I won't attack you:)

  48. I'd like to answer a lot of your questions…

    First, the company is real it is called TVI Services Limited, and it's right on the website.
    It is managed by Fletcher Kennedy Limited because the owners are private investors…
    They do have an office in London (it is a real place) The office on the site was real too, but it was not equipped for all of the walk-in traffic they had. They had no idea this company would be so big so quickly.
    They did accept credit cards (unlike the earlier post) but they had over $200,000 of fraud within a few days even with all the security measures. Not many companies in world could afford doing that…
    The travel portion of the site is ran by the same company who owns Travelocity,,,
    The vouchers have nothing to do with the travel portion. People could book their free vacations (and can right now too) but the process was a little too long for 250,000 people. They are revamping it right now to make it all live.
    They are not moving to Cypress, but they will have an office their.
    This company is not a scam – they do pay!
    This company is not illegal – they do have a great product.

  49. I tried to book the trip, here is how it works, you blindly enter you dates of travel and 3 locals you would like to visit. Then you putin your credit card info and they send you your trip via post. It seems shady to me. I did not go through with it.

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  52. DaveFL

    With so many questions not being answered directly and upfront to give some people some peace of mind before they make an educated decision, there's reason to believe there's something fishy going on. Not the least of which most of the positive testimonials could just be from those who run the company and some distributors doing damage control.

    There are still some red flags waving about this company, so it makes it that much harder to draw a safe conclusion.

    In this state of the economy, there are people with very little integrity working just as hard to separate other people from their money.

    It's probably wiser to take a watch and wait attitude than to make a decision one may later regret.

    If the company is still around in six months and beyond, then it may be worth looking into.

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  54. I submitted the following to TVI from my back office:

    Support Ticket submitted to TVI on Nov 28, 2009

    Title: Why the extra charge and where are the $5000 Travel Vouchers?

    When I joined TVI I was told that I would receive a 7-day 6-night stay in a top rated hotel – and that was supposed to be included in the cost of my membership. But when I went to book the hotel I am being asked to pay More Money – WHY?

    The only reason why you want to charge me more money to book my room is because this is a SCAM! TVI is also a SCAM because you NEVER paid out any of the $5,000 Travel Vouchers to the people who cycled on the Express Board. What happened to all of that money????
    Answer: You are SCAM Artists!!!!

    PS – I have a ticket I submitted on Oct 25 that has still not been answered – just another reason why I no longer have any trust or belief in TVI

  55. You must enter your CC# so when the trip is booked everything goes through smoothly. They get back to you within 10-14 days regarding the places that you want to book. Everything will be A-OK

  56. So many people are so skeptical mainly, I think, because our own US government has managed to take advantage of us and scam us out of our own money. People in other countries have no question about it, they see the dream, and they run with it. To answer a few questions, the investors of TVI are PRIVATE investors. Generally speaking, private investors like to stay PRIVATE. There is nothing wrong with that. Many companies are backed by private investors. Also, regarding the $5000 vouchers that were "never paid out" as someone stated, that is not true. They are usable on company sponsored events. No one buys a voucher, either. People are buying a lifetime membership to a travel company, that includes a 7 day 6 night hotel stay anywhere in the world. The company is paying associates to spread the word instead of paying huge marketing dollars. The booking portal was shut down for about 1 1/2 months as far as I saw. It is back open now and my trip has been booked and I'm looking forward to taking it. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the company is doing exactly what it said it was going to do, there is no scam. Will it last forever? Who knows, only time will tell. But it is only for mere $250 that you invest and get a membership, and stay in a nice hotel for 6 nights. You also get an opportunity to spread the word about the membership and make some serious cash. Why not? After you get your $250 back there is nothing more to risk. Ever.

  57. Is there some reason why the company does not list any founders or executives on their website? Who is actually running TVI? I like their concept, but what's the deal with so many issues regarding identity? Also, why do the links not work when trying to use the Travel Express? And why do you need to submit Visa/Mastercard info when you're trying to use the voucher before you even know what properties are available? Not hating, just checking.

  58. I just started reading the blog and comments today as I was approached about TVI a few days ago. I sat in on a live webinar and mentioned that I was unable to find any info about owners, company history, office location and so on at the company website. I was given the line about a group of qualified investors being behind it, but no info on who they may be. Plus, I was told they are moving offices to that's why their location in not on the website. Fine. Except that looking back at posts to this review, I see justifying with the 'moving offices' excuse from SEVEN WEEKS ago. Just how long does it take to relocate? An intelligent business person does not abandon one office until the other is ready. Either TVI does not have people of intelligence running it, or those in charge are operating a scam. Either way is not a good answer. Oh, I did read somewhere that they were relocating to Cyprus. Would be nice to know if that's true.

  59. Need to add to Troy's response. He's very polite. I would say if you don't give a rat's ass about anyone but yourself and your happy to screw over someone who has dreams but is naive about scams, by all means you sound like the perfect ponzi player. And at some point in time I suspect you'll have the opportunity to explain your philosophy to a judge. Good luck with that.

  60. I think John makes some valid points. However, never assume that just because a celebrity's name is mentioned on the TVI website that they endorse the company. Oprah and Dr. Oz are taking legal actions against MLM's that have tied their names to the promotion of acai berry products. Also, even if TVI is celebrity endorsed, celebs aren't necessarily any brighter than regular folks. The list of celebs who have been scammed is quite extensive. Star power does not mean something is legit.

  61. Kim,

    We are not talking about Government protecting folks. We're talking about self-cleaning our profession, so the Government keeps their hands out of it. Its the Internet grapevine which also gives the Government the information they need to come after not just the companies, but the top distributors also.

  62. Thanks Dave for your comment about big gov. This to me is the real issue. If people want to muck around with money games and the like, let them. They always fizzle out. Government is not needed to protect us from making a so called mistake. The internet grapevine is now so effective and efficient about getting the message out, that we do not need wasteful and useless bureaucracies doing the work – at great cost – that the internet is already doing for free. The only thing I don't get is your comment about pharmaceuticals and others funding big gov. In my country, it is the poor hapless taxpayer that funds these bloodsuckers.

  63. KrissyKay1,

    TVI Express is not a legitmate direct marketing company selling products word of mouth to the end users. All the people join buy the $250 vouchers (which are also available for free elsewhere) have to join the matrix.

    I love your passion for TVIExpress, but please read up on the laws, then debate me on the facts.

  64. KrissyKay1,

    Please forgive me, but exactly what are you talking about? I am one of the largest proponents of legitimate direct marketing.

    Also, you mention real estate and insurance. Both of the professions pay high residuals to the field and have created more millionaires than any other direct marketing niches. And as for Microsoft, you may want to read their history to see how many millionaires have been created at the bottom while a few at the top became billionaires. Which is why it is still one of the most respected companies in the world, as voted by the employees.

  65. Surely you are intelligent enough to see this??? We all sell word of mouth for products we like, but with a great MLM, we get paid to do it. We can make money and not just the company we are talking about. It is spreading the wealth instead of being peasants working for the king. Get with it, man 🙂–come join the out-of-the-box thinkers who know how to shake and move and fight the machine by building a bigger and BETTER one.

  66. Troy,

    Look at any corporation or company in the US, or abroad for that matter, whether it is insurance, real estate, IBM, Microsoft, etc etc, and tell me the difference between direct marketing and what they do. I will tell you the only real difference is that there are a bunch of "little" people who do all the work so that a chosen "few" (at the top) can make all the financial benefit from it. With direct marketing, everyone is empowered with the potential to make money, not just the owners, management, CEO's, CFO's, and COO's. This is an opportunity to level the playing field a bit so one is rewarded for their work. What one puts in, one gets out. What is wrong with this model of marketing? Why would you begrudge someone having an opportunity to make money for the work they have done? Or to become financially independent? I understand the USA isn't built on entrepreneurialism anymore, and we are taught to go to college, get a piece of paper, and work for someone else, BUT??!!

  67. I hear you.. everyone seem to act like .. there are gaurantees in life.. and I know i not the only that know there are know gaurantees.. any company with any product can fail, get sued, be investigated.. u are so right on the mlm companies.. its the nature of the business.

  68. Good Post – I went to your link and this statement there sums it all up:

    The MLM based travel industry has traditionally been full of schemes looking to make a quick buck by touting big numbers and checks. After reviewing and analyzing TVI Express I have found that they are no exception. The old “too good to be true” line very much applies here. This review could have been the length of a novel but I do have a life and other companies to look at so I went only so far as to provide solid factual evidence that TVI is not where you want to invest your time and effort.

  69. Here´s something interesting:


    Especially this:

    "Let’s assume for a moment that this was not a problem and look further to see if there is a real product contained in the distributor enrollment kit or “Travel & Earn Package”. The 6 night/7 day vacation and free return flight are both fulfilled in the form of vouchers. Do yourself a favor and Google the term “travel incentive vouchers.. One company offering strikingly similar vouchers to those described in the “Travel & Earn Package” is In fact since Incentive Lounge is based out of the UK and TVI Express is also based out of the UK, our guess is that this is the exact company that TVI Express is using."

  70. @ ted:

    Can you give more information on Munir Jannedy and also on Achim Prinz? I think you mean these two guys who are the frontmen on the German market. I would like to understand what´s their role in this game, especially what they know about the background of TVI and their initiators. Do you have any contact addresses? Up to now no one could satisfactorily show if Travel Ventures International is a legally formed business, where they are officially located and who are their founders/directors. If you want you can send a private mail to me. Please let me know here and I will provide my mail contact.

  71. – I opened a support ticket with TVI on Oct 25 asking exactly when I can book my 7-day, 6-night hotel stay. 12 days have passed and the ticket status has not changed. So I tried once again today to book my hotel stay and got the same message that I got when I first tried to do this – over a month ago:

    Pre-bookings temporarily on hold and will resume soon.

    Stay tuned to our announcements for the latest updates

    So we still have NO product. Anyone who has been promoting TVI, selling vouchers and making money under these circumstances – with NO product – has been doing so in violation of the law. I am shocked that no one has been complaining about the $5,000 travel vouchers that were never paid out to the people who have already cycled the express board. Why are poeple so behind this company when we don't know where the headquarters is, or who the owners are – not to again mention the fact that they have No product and that they have been paying out only 2/3 of what they were supposed to be paying out on the express board.

  72. Mcmurs,

    We posted on this yesterday. If this did happen, and I trust Rod also, then it is very sad.

    In situations like this, we pray we're wrong, and hate it when reality happens.

  73. TVI Express grabbed their money and ran….
    MLMWatchDog Secret BUILDING News & Warnings
    I have 3 shares in TVI, so I am not here to knock it . But facts are facts, and I trust MLM watchdog

  74. How does anyone make $15,000 on a $250 investment? Easy! Look how many people are brought in the business by the time you top out. Come on people, have you never seen a matrix before? I'm in! Anybody else wants to get on the action, email me!

  75. FYI – Just found this – it was was posted on Monday Nov 2 – do your own research –

    Hi I live in London. My friend from Botswana made a bank transfer to TVI in thousands of $US, from her succesful marketing of TVI. However, despite repeatedly sending emails to TVI, she has not got any feedback on receipt of money. After repeated enqueries from her recruites she is at her wits end and has since asked me for help in contacting TVI in the UK, providing me with copies of the wire transfers and emails to TVI. I have just tried to establish the presence of TVI express at their Marble Arch offices, but was told there is currently no such company at the premises. I asked for a forwarding/contact address I was told I could not be provided with this for legal reasons(which I don't understand – wouldn't a viable business want to ensure that all it's customers as well as prospective customers are made aware of their relocation.
    Has anyone had such a similar experience before??? How did you resolve it???

  76. Does anyone have a copy of the actual Travel Certificate / Voucher one receives for 250.00?

    If so , could you contact – they are looking for one to review the terms and conditions for use as part of their profile on the company. – click on support to request a fax number if you have one available.

  77. Hi Troy,

    It seems that the many posts have done that over and over again. If anyone is interested, they can use their Skype name and I will add them to our Team's Room. This way they can get a one-on-one explanation minus the hype and exaggeration.

    DanV – No Skype name, go to and sign up free.

  78. C. Steele,

    I find your comment interesting. WOuld you feel the same if someone found out the person you are married to or dating was screwing around on your with some of your friends? Would you want to know so you could make an informed decision on staying with the person or moving on? Or would you just want to live your life in the dark, and as long as you didn't know, you would not care?

    Now as for the "money" exactly how much money have you made?

    I'm sure all those folks who put their life savings with Standford and Madoff thought it was a dream come true also. Yet, today some are broke, others have committed suicide, and others are still wondering what happened. Had someone stepped up to the plate to say "Hey what about…" Then maybe it would not have lasted as long.

    Our goal is not to scare anyone, our goal is to make sure you and everyone else who decides to join TVI. As long as you feel your reputation is worth the risk involved we sure don't want to stop you from following your dreams.

    I do find it interesting how many folks have to defend their decision to join TVI Express. Amazing.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  79. Great point Dave! Websites like this decide to deem something a scam or fraud and try to scare people. Leave it alone and let people make their own decisions! This is still a free country and we should be able to make money (although the current leadership seems to think you're bad if you have money) , free enterprise. That is what makes this country so great! The government needs to stay out of our lives!!! Let us live and be able to be successful and not have to give all of our money to the government. TVI Express is the best opportunity I have seen in some time. You can actually make money in a short period of time and you don't have to sponsor hundreds or thousands to make money. Dreams can still happen, let people alone to find it their own way!

  80. ROFLOL… They are not accepting cash at all right now. Nor do they accept PayPal or Google for payment which are two of the most used online money systems in the world including emergent markets. And exactly which emergent markets don't use or accept credit cards?

  81. You guys are all bitching about not been able to pay with c/c there other ways of payment than c/c
    this company chose to start it's operation in the emergent markets of the world,and rightly so there are a few billion people there and guess what they don't use credit cards,
    it's time for us American to realize there is more than north America in this world

  82. I think if Troy put $250 into TVI and cycle out for $500 and cycled out and received $10,000, believe me he would not complaint or use the word scam. If it works than join. If it doesnt work stay away find something else. Yea, I have been burned but I never gave up MLM or call it what you want. MLM can secure your future better than a 9-5 job. TVI has growth pains like any other company. Oh, forgot to say I lived in London for 4 years and love it. I know exactly where Marble Arch is. So TVI is expanding and I predict that it will make a lot of millionairs in the USA. GO TVI EXPRESS USA!

  83. Iam a new distributor with tvi and ive cycled the entire system in 9 days and was also able to transfer my money out of my ewallet without a problem . I dont know what the future holds for tvi but i feel like if more people would just do it instead of justifying why they havent then they would see that tvi is just as profitable as other mlm if not more. Im truly feed up with peoples inability to make decisions on their own. There are people out here everyday throwing rocks @ the penitentary because they are trying to provide for their familys but nobody has anything to say about that . This company has the ability to change lives. For once let somebody have a dream regardless of how short lived it may be. If 250 is to much to lose then you shouldnt do it , but i dont see anyone commenting when it comes to buying that new pair of jeans , shoes ,handbag etc… but everyone has a comment about this

  84. Guest,

    The FTC has investigated MonaVie also and they have corrected their issues. Now seriouly, if you are going to hang out anf comment. Which are solid comments, why hide? Just become a part of the community and share your name. As least come up with colorful name… Grape Ape or MonaVie Hater, something 🙂

    As for the company who pay their distributors good. It's not about a company paying good. Its about a company doing right.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  85. Sherry,

    What did I write prematurely? If you listen to the current TVI Express call, you will see just about everything I have questioned is being questioned by the top field leaders here in the USA.

    I am not sure why you would feel XanGo would pay to run down any company. They will take them to court pretty quickly, but as large as XanGo is I really don't think they worry about a little company like TVI Express.

    If you haven't met anyone who joined an MLM because of the product you have been in the wrong companies.

    You really need to get out more.

    As for the rest of your comment you need to read the other posts we have done.

  86. Yes, agreed. They should go after companies like Mona (cough) vie whose product is inferior to Welch's grape juice! That's right, folks, Welches!! How's that for a big scam?!

    come on Troy, expose the real scams and stop going after companies that pay distributors well.

  87. Mark,

    If folks in the US are earning money, they have to show income from a foreign source. However, as much money is flowing through bank accounts right now (and the government owns most of them now) I bet the IRA is already watching several of the top US leaders bank accounts already.

  88. Guest,

    You are so correct. Makes me wonder why fols always go after MLM companies. However, the big difference is, the government and corporate world is not paying employees to bring other employees to the table. Well, let's leave the government out of the statement, since they do use lobby organizations.

    As for "mainstream failing them" Let's all act like grown ups. The situations we are in today as a country is not corporate America's fault. It starts at mainstreet and rolls up. All of us are guilty to some level for over extending, racking up debt and being over leveraged when the bottom fell out.

    This myth that something is wrong with corporate America is really getting old. The majority of businesses in the USA are small businesses. Your friends, my friends, and people our friends know.

    We are in the business of wanting ti live our dreams and make big money. But not if it violetes my values and ethics. Which si my concern about TVI Express.

    I do agree with you one one major issue. I am a propaganda hype basher! And I am pretty sure anyone who reads my blog knows it.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  89. Mohamed,

    I was in XanGo back in 2004 and part of 2005. I have not been active as a distributor in any company but one in the last four years. Feel free to read my bio here on the Blog to learn about me. Not, sure where you got your info, but it is way out of date.

    But, I do know a little about functional health beverages, and you are right some you will urinate out. However, liquid hits the blood stream faster than anything but a skin patch. So it depends on the functional health beverage.

    The FTC has investigated every major functional health beverage company in the USA. Some have been given warning letters, such as XanGo and thet fixed the few areas the FTC got them on. Others have been taken over by the FTC over the years. The last big one was Sea Silver.

    However, I think you may be on to something. If the FTC does what you are saying we will not have to worry about all the lobby money from the drug companies in Washington. Great idea.

    Personal since I do not market for any of these companies I am not concerned. I do use some of the products from a few companies like XanGo, Bazi, Yoli and Ceres Living because folks have been nice and sent me samples.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  90. To Troy Dooly it seems that you are doing Zango or one of those liquid supplements. I have news for you they are all waste , you urinate yhem out of your system because they are 75% water , my body is 75% water why would one want to dring what i already have. So FDSA and FTC should go after companies that promote pills[ you pass them out in the toilet], I am a R.N i know. If you want to make your self useful to society check out Dr Friedmans

  91. habibrn listen i am just as concerned about the credit card problems, the exact owners and the terms and policies. i am willing to take a chance but needs some assurance

  92. Lol…the government and just about any corporate company is a pyramid. One CEO on top, several big shot officers below the CEO…a dozen or so VPs, couple dozen directors, hundreds of managers and tons of worker bees. Show me where any of the worker bees can bust their azzes and out-earn the VPs or CEO…

    Never happens.

    In a traditional marketing home based business, any worker bee has the opportunity to outearn their sponsor.

    Now you tell me where the ream pyramid scam is.

    The FTC and SEC ought to be ashamed of themselves for going after companies that reward business owners for trying to earn a dollar where mainstream has failed them. They only do this when they see people start to earn really big bucks. Its a form of control people.

    I hope the TVIs and other travel companies do well and persevere from these scam artists called the FTC and SEC and flim flam propaganda hype bashers like Troy.

  93. Thanks Troy,

    As usual, you give a very informative overview on the programs you review and investigate and I agree, this one smelled of scam right out of the gate. As a former travel agency owner, driven to sell after dozens of travel card mills using MLM started to pop up in late 80's, and I am glad I sold out, the industry has gone into the toilet ever since.

    Here is how I see it, first, vouchers are illegal unless you post a large bond in U.S. for any travel agency, so once the FTC have their clerks working keywords to search out these money games, it is only a matter of time as it always is, and the more hype about the money, which is main focus with TVI, the more flies this $hit will attract.

    What really worries me is how many innocent people will be sucked into matrix, and as we all know, 97% plus never recruit even one person, never mind the required two, so most will lose their money while those at top cash out, same old same old. Hey, I don't have anything agianst those who want to gamble, and this is how I look at programs like this, pure gamble, and if only those who knew it was a money game were joining, then I would not have an issue for I too enjoy gambling. lol

    The real problem, for those who don't understand the new FTC strategies of going after offshore companies, they don't care about stopping the companies in these cases, they go after the U.S. players who have made the so called big money, like Tommie Sloane which name keeps popping up as the top U.S. income earner. Here is where it gets real frightening, most of the few who are earning money have been selling vouchers to new entrents, and you know what that is, it is called money laundering, something the average Joe blow cannot afford to legally fight when charges are filed against them, so WARNING, if you are going to play with money games, DO NOT SELL VOUCHERS or you WILL BE SORRY, I assure you.

    Again, great job Troy, you post it like it is, and I enjoy all your posts, and agree, you hit the nail on the head with this one, and as one who researhes them all, I too came to the same conclusion on this one, and sadly, I know so many involved it is not funny, it is sad, for most have not even hit the $500. level yet, and most were involved back in May and April, and these are good marketers, so this tells me all I needed to hear, only one hit $10K and he is one of the best hypsters I know. lol Sorry to say, but this one is going to make a lot of people unhappy, including many friends and associates who I know already have jumped into this deal like many here have. I hope you all at least break even as I hate to see anyone lose money, so good luck to everyone involved, you will need it as this is a pure and simple gamble.

    Success to all,

  94. ROFLOL,

    Well, Mrs MLMer, maybe you shoudl just watch the videos! As for you implying the folks here at the community are not intelligent, that is completely uncalled for.

    Now as for me throwing out guesswork, opinions and throries, based on insufficient evidence… That is truly funny. What did you just do? You just did what you accuse me of doing.

    Instead of just writing a post to see your name in lights, why not get specific like some of the other folks who truly love TVI Express, and tell those who read your comments exactly where I have it wrong.

    If you can't or refuse to add some intelligent conversation to the community, then just don't comment.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  95. C. Steele,

    Yes we are well aware of this move. However, it does not take months to move an office.

    As for the servers… Their servers are based at The Planet in TX and all you have to do is call The Planet and tell them you need to add servers. One of our companies uses The Planet and when we need to add servers we just call and add the servers. It takes 24 hours.

    No one has said you are not getting vouchers. All we have said is the vouchers are not worth $250 in the open market. Several companies give away the vouchers and when you read your voucher it is clear the voucher can't be redeemed for cash.

    I do have a question about the vouchers. What hidden fees, like taxes and other charges do you still have to pay, if any?

  96. The company notified all of their members that they were moving. They also notify us that they have been adding servers. We always get an email notification. My friend has spoken to the office on numerous occassions. I don't think they anticipated the growth and they are doing all they can. If you don't think it's legit then don't join. Look at LHN, they have been around for years and now they are closing down. They were a legit company. I see a reason to begin marketing in financially strapped countries, to help those of us who are financially strapped find a way out? Yes we do receive our vouchers. Where are you guys getting this bogus info!! I immediately received my vouchers and cash upon cycling!

  97. One of my team members actually booked a Miami resort using his $250 voucher, he called the resort and it would have cost him $1500 to stay there. My personal friend has banked 30k, another has banked 50k. I got $500 in 6 days and am very close to getting off the express board and getting my 10k. Sorry, but my friends are ethical honest people and sorry I guess I will just have to risk any reputation while I collect my 10k!

  98. To Troy Dooly – It is very difficult for me to believe a person is intelligently commenting on something if they cannot correctly spell or edit their writings. Try to proof read what you write and maybe an intelligent person may listen to what you have to say. You are throwing out conjecture (guesswork, opinions or theories based on insufficient evidence) and it is a shame people waste their time on your babble.

  99. Whichever euphemism is used, there are 15 total people in four tiers (1 + 2 + 4 + in the scheme – the person at the top of this tree is the “captain”, the two below are “co-pilots”, the four below are “crew” and the bottom eight joiners are the “passengers”.
    The eight passengers must each pay (or “gift”) a sum (e.g. $1000) to join the scheme. This sum (e.g. $8000) goes to the captain who leaves, with everyone remaining moving up one tier. There are now two new captains so the group splits in two with each group requiring eight new passengers. A person who joins the scheme as a passenger will not see a return until they exit the scheme as a captain. This requires that 14 others have been persuaded to join underneath them.
    Therefore, the bottom 3 tiers of the pyramid always lose their money when the scheme finally collapses. Consider a pyramid consisting of tiers with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 members. The highlighted section corresponds to the previous diagram.
    No matter how large the model becomes before collapse, approximately 88% of all people will lose.

  100. SimpleMoney,

    First you need to realize that MLM is a type of a compensation plan, not a type of company. All companies are direct selling companies. And beyond popular belief Network Marketing compensation is different from MLM compensation. In the case of TVI Express it is classified as a direct selling company who uses a Multi-level matrix to payout money to the field.

    Also, if the company doesn't see itself as MLM, then why use MLM videos on the site? So, I will stand behind my FACT, based on the TVI Express website and compensation plan.

    I've never said it is to good to be true. I just flat out said because they have placed a compensation plan onto the Booking Engine and are allowing folks to purchase additional postions with the $250 voucher, that based on current case law it qualifies as an MLM Scam.

    Now as for the $250 vouchers you are referring. Read it closely and you will see it is not redeemable for cash. They are similar to the travel vouchers you find for free at most travel agencies and which are available for most vacation organizations.

    Now, let's set the record straight. No one has said anything about a bad investment. What has been said, is the compensation plan will not sustain the payouts if the recruiting stops. And we have said, the compensation plan will not sustain the payouts if addtional postions are purchased for vouchers and not cold hard facts.

    And last but not least, we have said "Welcome to free enterprise" Everyone has the right to join anything, but they have the right to join with their eyes wide open.

    What amazes me is how many people have come forward to defend their reason for joining TVI Express, and their potential to earn BIG Money from the matrix. Not one person has talked about how much money they are making from the Booking Engine.

    Now as for not having to sponsor anyone. The reality is someone has to sponsor two people to place under you. So again, without the continued sponsoring the plan collapses.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  101. Hi guys
    I have just recently joined TVI and it is a big concern that people just get on the bandwagon and throw stones at all the people on the side walk. Firstly – Troy, this not an MLM company, it a direct marketing company. Your first so called fact wrong. This is the problem firstly that people wonder why it may be a scam. Everybody says it is too good to be true. You do realize that you cannot lose- even if it does not work out. Firstly you get a weeks holiday for $250. You can not even go stay at the cheap motel for that much man. Reality check. They will also give you back your $250 when you cycle out of the traveler board or the first board. So where is your bad investment now mate? a Weeks holiday, your $250 paid back to you, even if you have not personally sponsored any people. Fact. I say join, you cannot lose, even if it does go bust, which I doubt it will.

  102. Someone above mentioned not to let the opinion if the FDA, FTC, DOJ, etc. worry you. The problem is that these agencies have WHIMSICAL POWER in the US and can shut you down on a whim whether you are legal or not as long as they can find one little thing out of place. This is no reason not to run a business but it doesn't help to have this pressure hanging over your head. Ultimately, my only concern is whether TVI delivers on their promise regarding the basic product they are selling for $250. That people are being paid big money now is irrelevant. Many of the best scams and ponzi's have paid their members for months or even a year or two before suddenly imploding, being closed by the government or the scammers running.

  103. how do u know there are real travel packages? did u book one and take the vacation or know of others who have?

  104. Ted,

    You need to educate yourself on organized crime in the 21 century. This is my expertise and you are way off the mark. I'm not talking about "The Godfather" here.

    Yes, there are a few families around the country from the old Soprano's days which make for great TV. But if you take the time to educate yourself you will quickly find organized crime organizations don't use nor do they need to use force to gain access to what they are after… Private personal information.

  105. not sure why you are always comparing TVI to organized crime
    Most of the mobsters money come from force

    Nobody is forcing people to join

  106. Dan,

    This sounds as if you are rolling around the Policies the company has set up which might leave people out of a limb if their credit card info is compromised.

    Sounds a little outside the normal business practice of TVI Express. What guarantee do you give to protect people creadit card info?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  107. Excellent Dave. You are the type of person anyone would want on their team. I am a member of TVl and would gladly offer to add you to our Skype Room where a small group of a larger team supplies details and info about TVl.


  108. Again Ted, those who join with our team can use credit cards. However, how we do it cannot be explained on this board but contact me and I will add you to a Skype room, with our team, where this will be explained.


  109. In our team we have a provision for people to join using their credit card, however, because of extenuating circumstances too detailed to explain here the cost is $300.


  110. Joe,

    Now I understand. Joe I do understand folks need money. However, earning money in an unethical manner is not a good example for anyone. Growing up around organized crime I had plenty of opportunities to earn money. Doesn't make it right.

    The lure of easy money has brought some great people down, and caused them to loose more than they earned.

    Time will tell on what happens to this company. I just want people to go in with their eyes open.

    Thank you for sharing. It is folks like you who give our community the other side, which is very important.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  111. I am saying we have three positions that have cycled once and several others that will cycle this month. Eventually we should cycle a couple times a week using multiple positions. Additionally we personally know folks who have had the time to enjoy their voucher in the Wisconsin Dells resort area.

    Troy, I appreciate your desire to keep the public informed and it could be true that this company won't make a really long Amway haul but you miss the point that alot of good people can go on several vacations and make money desperatly needed in this economy to at least get them through the next few years.

    The market WILL dry up- but I bet the economy will take a strong upward turn way before this company sees and decent from their current steady climb.

  112. Folks.

    Find one person who has actually joined the company for any length of time that has something negative to say. Hard to find.

    If you are serious about building this fast we have a perfect team put together in Minneapolis. We sponsored 5 who have turned into 400 in 3 weeks. We've seen $30k in 3 weeks.


    We have a simple, duplicatable process that sees fast and complete results. Additionally we take our income and buy prepaid vouchers so that your people can get in immediatly without having to wait 3 days. Move fast with us.

  113. Dwayne,

    This is great info. However, I am not sure where you got the idea any of us do not think TVI Express works. We all agree money is rolling through the Matrix. Our issue is not the fact it works. Our issue is the fact it will not last. And the fact it does not pass the FTC or SEC definition of a legitimate business, which means when either of those organizations decides to go after the company, the top income earners in the USA will get hit hard, and the little folks will be the ones who get hurt.

    One last question… You made your $250 back. Exactly how many times have you cycled through the Express board?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  114. My personal experience with TVI is that it works. I wired the company 250$ plus fees from my bank account here in the US, and 3 days later I received my vouchers via an email from TVI Express. I then recruited my two people and so on. In less then 30 days I cycled for 500$ (250$ in the form of a voucher & 250$ in cash. So I've already made my money back. But this doesn't suprise me. I've done a lot of things in my life that people kindly informed me that it won't work. I worked on Wall Street as as trainee and worked my way up to being a Series 7 liceneced Stockbroker before my 19th birthday. I made a TON of cash in that business when people told me "it would never happen". I've been a cast member of TV sitcom and watched myself every week, broadcated to millions. People told me "that would never happen". I have replicated this " it cant happen/ watch me make it happen" formula so many times in my life, that I always laugh when I hear the word "can't". Now is TVI Express the all end be all solution to all life's problems. No. But its a risk. A gamble, thats all. And it has payed off for me so far. If you really are concerned about being involved with a PYRAMID SCAM, take a look at your life. Our economic and social lives are full of pyramids. At work your boss or CEO is at the top of the pyramid that you usually have little chance of acending. Socially your groups of friends have arranged themselves into a pyramid style pecking order according to money, looks or overall acertiveness. And oh my goodness let's not even get into HIGH SCHOOL. The bottom line is Pyramids will continue to exist in our society whether we like them or not. The question is how much longer do you want to be on the bottom of yours.

  115. Ted,

    I agree with you on personal choice. Having grown up in and around organized crime most of my life, I saw honest folks make decisions which cost them their lives. My own son made personal choices which landed him in prison for up to 24 years. So yes personal choice does play into everything.

    However, when you state "people are not investing their life savings" WHAT LIFE SAVINGS? With unemployment at 10%, the average American saving less than 1% of their disposable income, there is no live savings. Folks are taking their last dollars and looking for the best story for making a fast buck just to put food on the table.

    These are good hearted folks. They have not made a lot of mistakes in the past, they just trusted in the wrong things. I am sure the man who committed suicide when he learned Bernie Maduff was a fraud, had not made very many mistakes, yet because he trusted a nice story he is dead, and his wife is broke (except for the life insurance poliy payout.)

    Personally, I truly believe people in this wonderful country do have the right to make their own choices.

    But, don't think for a second, everyone who make the choice to join TVI Express, will not be hurt, when they do not get their $250 back, or never get huge payout. So far, none of the folks who I have seen post in this community have said "I just made $15K from the Express Board."

    Everyone who has posted for TVI Express, has posted in defence of their actions, not because they are earning money.

    And, no one had questioned what I have said, except to tell me my numbers are wrong. Yet, all of them have given different numbers themselves and they are inside the compensation plan.

    Does anyone ever wonder why the Big hitters of MLM never touch these shell games? Think about it for a second. Take a Orrin Woodward who has close to 500,000 reps in MonaVie. If only 10% joined TVI Express he would earn millions. Sandi Cohen who has close to 25% of the XanGo downline, way not jump in and earn some fast cash. Their reputations are worth more than a few bucks in a shell game.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  116. people are not investing their life earnings with this. If $250 is all they had then they have made a lot of mistakes in the past.
    The risk / reward here is a little in for a much bigger chance (work) of a gain.
    There will always be sceptics…… but it just comes down to personal choice.

  117. Ted,

    You bring up a great point. The focal point of the compensation plan, is to create a plan where ALL distributors, past, current and future will be able to earn a fair and balanced income. The legitimate plans reward the part-time, full-time and super builders. And the mathematical equations used are created for perpetual growth, not for a short term run.

    I should also state that people join MLMs for different reasons, and not every reason is based on the money stories. As for the MLM I am involved, I did not join because of the compensation plan. Although, I would not have joined if the wrong plan was in place, the reason I did join was not based on money.

    As a matter of fact if you research you will find most people do not join based on the compensation plan, or the money. And of those at the top less than 1% joined because of money. This statistic also rings true in for other professions outside of MLM. If you read Forbes you will soon find of the richest business owners in the USA, did not launch their businesses because of money potential. The launched the business to change a part of the world.

    The reason I joined my MLM is because it fit in my overall passion and provided a service to the end user at a fair price. Yes, I do invest in stocks to earn a profit. However, I do not invest in just ANY stock to earn a profit. I research the company, leadership, past track record, and forward looking statements. Once this is completed, if the stock fits in our portfolio model then we buy. We do not get into the Commodities because they can be manipulated just like a Ponzi scheme.

    You used GE, which is a great stock to use. Some folks bought GE because of their diverification. GEs biggest profit and their largest division has nothing to do with refrigerators. It comes from their finance divisions and their commercial divisions. Most people who profesisonal buy GE stock do it because ot the dividend, and because when Jack Welsh ran the company it was profitable.

    Overall you are correct. And because of this mindset, when the market goes up people buy stock for the lure of easy money. However, professional investors, business owners and entrepreneurs understand, you buy stocks at the bottom, sell at the top, and reinvest at the bottom. They also understand there is calculated risk in everything we do. However, to lower the potential for failure a person asks for a prospectus or a business plan to calculate the risk.

    I sure don't see that happening here. I see the same mindset which allowed folks to invest their life savings with Bernie Maduff and we all know what happened there, don't we.

    We all need money to pay the bills, but at price?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  118. Jay 🙂

    I fully understand where you are coming from. Sadly I hear these words all the time from different Scam Alerts I issue. However, I hope you do not have this same attitude when it comes to your kid's health care, or where you get your car fixed, or which bank you give your hard earned cash.

    I truly know the pain of this economy, and what it has done to some of us. However, when the feds go after Scams, they always hit the top of the field force, and those on the Internet who were marketing the loudest.

    We're all adults, and if this is how you want to roll the dice, then it is your right.

    By the way, who said TVI has employees? You know something we don't?

    As for no valid proof… That sounds just the SEC investigator who wrote the report about Bernie Maduff… "I found no proof" Some folks are just blind to the proof.

    Living An Epic Adventure.


    p.s. Are you earnign your 15K weekly or monthly yet?


  120. Troy……
    isnt the focal point of any venture is to maximize the system the way it is set up to make money?
    What multi-leval company are you involved in?
    Did you do it to make money?
    How about the stock market? Commodities?
    If you buy GE stock is your focal point being in the refigerator business or the lure of your stcok going up and using that to buy more shares?

  121. I don't know why everyone is calling this an mlm as this is not even close to a mlm it is a pyramid which is illegal the last time i checked.
    people are saying that you only need to go through 2 boards, thats not correct. You will need to go through 4 boards in order to be paid and that is just the first board which i think is the traveller and then you will have to go through the same process to get paid on the next level. so as you can see, one board splits many times creating many more boards before you see any money in your pocket.
    I don't know how Ken cycled through the traveller board without sponsoring his two people as the rules clearly state that you can only move up one time and will sit on that level forever while people jump over you until you get your two people.
    As we know, the early in will probably get paid but a lot more people will end up losers in the end and believe me when i say " it will end! "

  122. 1. Munir Jannedy
    2. He purchased 3 to start, not sure how many he has now.
    The strategy is to leverage your $500 traveler board payout and re-enter

  123. yes…they sent an e-mail telling us they were moving.
    who are the owners and what scams have they run in the past?

  124. Dwayne,

    Let me get this right…

    1. Always listen to Rich people, because they are exposed to rich people stuff? Rich people can sometimes afford to lose, when they are wrong. However, Rich people were the only ones who could afford to invest in the Berrnie Madoff investment fund ($1 million minimum), and look what the rich leading the rich got! Suicide, bankruptcy, and in some cases back to work.

    2. Who owns the company?

    3. Where is the company HQ?

    4. What proof did you receive of all the money being earned? Outside of someone stating money is being earned?

    5. Who is the professional sports person, so we can verify what you are saying.

    6. Who is his agent?

    7. This is not an MLM, we're not even sure it is a company, no one can find any legal representation on it yet.

    8. No one questions the money is rolling. Groing up around Organized Crime I saw money rolling all the time. But it doesn't mean it is legal.

    Can't wait for the answers.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  125. I have recently been exposed to the next "HOT" MLM called TVI Express or Travel Ventures International. Personally MLM or Multi Level Marketing makes my skin crawl, but a good friend of mine who plays professional sports told me about the company. A word of advice always listen to rich people because they are always exposed to rich people stuff. So with an open mind I listened to his information, and was intrigued by some of his info. He told me that his agent brought this to him and it's in over 50 countries. For 250 bucks you get 7 days 6 nights anywhere in the world, with the opportunity to make an endless stream of 1o thousand dollar checks. Yeah right!!!! Was this the next big thing, or another scam to take my hard earned money. Needless to say I wasn't convinced. He then asked me to talk to one his wealthy friends from Alabama who would be in the Atlanta area picking up some motorcycles for his dealership. I reluctantly agreed. His name is Scott, a really genuine guy who owns a motorcycle dealership and several other businesses. We met at his chosen location (Hooters) and we just talked. No sales pitch we just talked. He talked about his businesses and how the economy was affecting them. He also said he was looking for other ways to make money and his buddy, a wealthy business owner out of CA told him about TVI. He told him to "kick rocks" or for the non ebonics speaking people he told him no thanks to this business opportunity. A few weeks later his friend called him and said documentation beats conversation. He then sent the deposit email which showed a 10 thousand dollar deposit into his account from TVI. Whatever Scott he must have hundreds of people in his business. Scott said no he originally sponsered 5. Five people got him 10 grand in a few weeks. Yep, he said in his Bill Clinton styled drawl. He then showed me the email from his buddy and explained how the company works. And much to my own disappointment it, actually made sense. Was I about to venture into another MLM? 1ok in less than a month, yes the hell I was. So I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back. I took me a little less that 3 weeks to earn my first 500$, and I'm very close to making my first 10k with company. I know it sounds crazy, but its the truth. It actually works. So if someone comes to you about TVI Express don't just dismiss it as another person who just drank the newest flavor of Kool-Aid. Hear them out. It might just get you 10 thousand dollars richer.

  126. The London office has closed down and apparently moved to Cyprus. The owners are from India and have been known before to run scams.

  127. Ted How sad that you are believing all this, Get Munir Jannedy to show you his earnings and I guarantee he cannot. Before this he was struggling to pay his bills and hey ho all is good again.
    Wisen up guys…. Munir will move on to the next new thing and make out all is good again. Ask him
    what happend to MMT, where he had people hanging for months to join. This is all SCAM SCAM SCAM, please don't waste your money.

  128. Ted,

    I have a couple questions if you have the answers.

    1. What is the guy's name from Germany?
    2. How many positions does he have in the Matrix?

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  129. Was on a webinar today with a guy from Germany who started in the middle of July and has only sponsored 4 people but now has 22,000 people in his down line. He has cycled 8 times in less than 8 weeks + his residual for September will be around $400,000. (22,000 X $18.00)
    Not bad for two months.
    I think he believes

  130. Dave,

    On this blog we are not looking for the Government to do anything. As a matter of fact just the opposite. as you read my articles and listen to my videos you will quickly realize I make it very clear… If we do not stand up as a profession and clean up our act, some governement agency will do it for us. As a Founder of the Distributors Right Association we have been fighting for the Rights of Distributers for close to five years. Each time the FTC has tried to increase regulations we have been in Washington lobbying right along side the DSA, who have been fighting for the companies themselves.

    I never discard one scam for another. However, with so many out there, we do tend to shout louder about the ones where we see the most activity. There are two reasons we do this.

    First is because these are the ones with the potential to hurt the most people. Especially new folks who may not fully understand the difference between MLM and a MLM scam. The second reason is, the ones with the most activity, are the ones the legal authorities start to watch.

    Prime example is the Auto Surf Industry. Twelve months before the FTC & SEC shut down the first one, I started raising flags. Two years before they shut down ASD, I warned folks. Just like now we took a boatload of heat. With the ASD bust, we see how the Secret Service is now getting involved, and not just the SEC, FTC and States.

    Again, my referrence to the FTC is not because we are leaning on them,or waiting for them to defend our stance. It is because like it or not, the laws are already in place. If we do not use them as benchmarks, then one day soon none of may have to wrry about it.

    If the FTC is willing to go after Cheerios on health claims, what do you think the little guys are going to do?

    We're on the same page my friend… We have to clean up our act and be willing to stand up and say something with he see issues. Other wise we're just Politically Correct weaklings, waiting for the government to step in, while the scammers get richer, and those who get hurt, keep telling folks MLM sucks.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  131. I have a question. I know here in the US we are always looking to see what the FTC, the FDA, or some other govt organization is going to say, or do about this or that. I am not a member of TVI Express, however I wonder why we always discard one scam for another. Are people going to look to the govt for their help? Someone on this blog tell me of a govt that has had the people in their best interest throughout history. There is none! People don't want to take this natural product because it was not approved by the FDA, or something. Who do you people think is funing the FDA, the FTC and all the other govt organizations? It is the pharmaceutical companies and others like them who say this or that is a scam. Why, because they don't make a profit on them. I am not saying whether this company is legit or not, but lets use your head and not lean on the govt for answers as the author mentions. They do not have our bes interest in at heart.

  132. Ted,

    It was my understanding they first launched in India and China. Do you know why it was not until they launched in the USA this situation happened?

    I sure understand CC fraud, but it seems it would have happened long before the US launch.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  133. Apparently when they started in the States in late July they did begin to accept CC. However within the first week they had $25K worth of bogus charges or chargebacks, many of them coming frrom Russia and China. They are now working to make it more secure with safeguards so this does not occur again

  134. very good discussion going. tvi is a scam or not a scam. i think the tvi express guys are also spending good time on sites like this and others where there is a review and trying to make changes the required changes like the privacy policy etc. after talking to lot of people, i have finally joined and so far so good.. looking forward to cycling out soon from the first board.. the only issue i have is that they don't answer support queries. i wonder if they have support staff or not.. or their people are just busy counting the money 🙂

  135. Steve: If I have my numbers correct it takes 79 positions paid at $250 to cycle 1 position out. That means each position brings in $19,750.

    The payout is $250 in cash + $250 Travel Vouchers when cycling out the Traveler Board and $10,000 in cash and $5,000 in travel vouchers once it cycles out of the Express Board.

    If you do the math the company is paying out 53% plus another 10% in residuals which is that magic number Troy Dooley speaks of… ie 63%. It seems to me Troy needs to be corrected.

    If you know anything about the wholesale travel business you will understand where the money is here and that this is clearly not a Ponzi Scheme or a scam. Does anyone seriously believe the celebrity names mentioned in the TVI Express website would be supporting a Scam???

    I loved reading Troy’s review on TVI. While Troy is postioning himself as an authority…right , wrong or indifferent…doesn’t anyone understand what Troy is doing?

    Troy is an extremely astute individual and is manipulating the internet to serve his own agenda… constantly making a name for himself by writing these articles capitalizing on the people who will virally spread this information and promote his name. Troy is playing everyone! Much of what Troy says is logical. But again …right , wrong or indifferent…the bottom line Troy is capitalizing on those that will forward this out for him and is getting you to opt in to his list and then selling you his <a href="; (Edited By Troy Dooly: All mention of my primary company was removed)

    So what do you think about the validity of Troy's analaysis especially when he speak sof 3 Boards when there are only 2???????????

    I think Troy needs to do his homework again.

    You Go Troy!!! There you go spreading false rumors.

    John Piro
    Skype ID: john.piro (weston ct)

  136. Andrew, I agree but the only answer I come up with is because they don't want to deal with charge backs in addition to the senseless credit card discounts they would have to pay.

    Further, not taking credit cards saves new members Western Union fees.

  137. I am just checking this TVI Express for the first time. My question to an person promoting would be why in gods name can i not sign up by credit card. That is basiclly unheard of. No Credit cards accepted.
    So lets say i do join and i find 2 people to join how would begin to explain how they are to sign up? How do explain the c/c problem?

    Sorry TVI peps, I have no doubt you guys are making money, good for you! Ride the wave but i have to say this is some sort of scam. Yes, the c/c fact alone is big turnoff. Its ridiculous!!!

  138. TVI Express is an excellent program which rewards those who put forth some effort. Some of the messages from certain promoters are very misleading, deceptive and unethical. However, the business model is sound and, btw, so are the travel benefits. TVI has a very professional platform.

    I joined TVI Express on August 8. Although I am an active marketer and list manager, I did not promote
    the program right away. I did cycle through the Traveller Board without sponsoring a single person. At
    this point I had advanced to the Express Board which requires 2 personal referrals to complete. I started to promote the program on September 6 at which time I implemented a team build. I quickly
    obtained my 2 personal referrals and I completed my first Express Board cycle on Thursday, September
    24 and I look forward to completing additional Express Board cycles every 30 to 60 days.

    I been networking full-time for about 14 years now. I have never seen so much potential for such a small one-time spend.

  139. Plain and simple folks…… You can make money but the SEC. FTC and AG will eventually shut this down….. When this happens people will get burned…… Also I have not heard of ANYONE recieving their Vouchers. Also you have to take other reps money through your own merchant account (if using a merchant account) and send the company CASH. This leaves you with all charge backs up to 6months or more…. Think about it!! When it crashes everyone will do a charge back.. Your pretty much screwed I have seen this happen 1st hand with other companies in the past. If they were legite they would have their own merchant account approved to do this……. Not a hater. Just want to protect those that have not done their home work

  140. "Guest"- the reason I believe most of us are asking these questions here (at least I am) is because "Members" haven't been able to answer them for me. Many people get screwed in scams and MLMs because they don't do their research, they just jump in. It's not that I don't want to get involved, it's that I'm successful with my businesses because I do the research thoroughly first.

    If they are moving locations (which seems to be a reoccurring theme of MLMs when the phone # doesn't work), they should be savy enough to forward the old number on, or put on their website that they are moving, or have an automatic answering machine explain the details. We aren't talking technical stuff here…just what any normal business would do.

    And I agree with Bob G- "members" told me that they are setting up a way to take credit cards. However, owning businesses, I know that this does not take months to accomplish in the U.S if you are legit.

  141. Bob G,

    I have been waiting for someone to bring this up. This is a great indication, they are using offshore accounts. I also have strong concerns when I have to give personal banking info to anyone.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  142. As I review the opportunity, my biggest red flag is the inability to pay your $250 fee with a credit card. You need to create some kind of new financial account or wire the funds (with a costly fee). What legitimate business does not accept Visa, Mastercard or even Paypal? In addition, I've been told that TVI is massive in India and China. Why would a UK-based company focus marketing in those financially strapped regions, and not begin in Europe, North America, Australia etc?

  143. They have recently and are moving their office location to another area in London and will be fully operational sometime in the next 2 or three weeks… as a member you know this. Non members and those who are jumping to conclusions for one reason or another are wrong about this issue. If you don't want to get involved because you aren't sure don't do it! This isn't easy, you still have to sponsor 2 people to get your $10,000 + fully paid vacation and your going to have to help your members do the same in order to create momentum to propel you to the top of the boards. It's easy to think you can sponsor 2 people before you get in, but once your in and you've paid your dues, how the heck are you going to convince or get others to join? It's not as easy as it sounds, because most people everywhere are just as skeptical as the people on this board. I am a member and trying to figure out how… so just thought I'd share a thought or two.

  144. Bshep,

    This is a great question, I am looking forward to the answer. It would seem to me, there should be some five star hotels by the last convention and folks should have some answers.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  145. I have tried to call the UK phone number listed on TVI's website over the past couple days. At least a few dozen times during "UK office hours". However, not one time has anyone picked up or have I gotten a voicemail. I've emailed the company a couple times and haven't heard back. I have no doubt that you can make quick money with this company and that they WILL pay. However, I'd rather not make a quick $15k and have a hit on my reputation when its all said and done. None of the 'reps' I've spoken to so far in the company can answer questions that I think are important and 'telling'….like, who is the account holder at the bank that you are paying the $250 to? who is the parent company? why doesn't the phone number work? are you paid as independent contractors or employees? Do you know of anyone who has actually left the express board and banked the 10k…not just bought travel vouchers?

  146. Amen Sherry!!! Like I said before, if I make a penny over my org. investment BRING IT ON!!! People gamble every day, but a company asks for $250 and gives you a week 4-5 star hotel, and a rtn flight ticket initially and all of a sudden they are a scam! I will say it a gain BRING IT ON. No one says anything about the high rip off products these others are selling and force you to buy to make money (and that is legal) right. Yes, I do have a reputation and yes I care about it. As far as I know, people are getting paid, eveyone knows how the game is played, and thay all have a choice! Either do it or not. I am a very ethical person. As far as I know this is a real company, giving real travel pkgs. and deals, and paying everyone on their efforts, so stop bashing them. Even if later they get in trouble for something EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE TO INVEST OR NOT! Even companies with the best intentions get closed for things that fall by the wayside. So, in closing if it is legal to GAMBLE with a chance to lose everything you got then this is a great business. End of story 🙂 (BIG KIND SMILE)

  147. Sherry,

    Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts. However, I do find some of them confusing and would like to get deeper meaning.

    1. What does XanGo have to do with my post on TVI Express? I am not with XanGo, and based on the size and international expansion XanGo has enjoyed over the last five years, why would you feel they need to pay anyone to cut down another company? By the way I am not a XanGo rep, and haven't been in four years. I do have several close friends with XanGo, but I also have close friends in companies I have listed under Scam Alerts.

    2. I've never seen any legitimate MLM company who teaches the reps to bash other companies. It sounds like you may have been in several MLM Scams in the past. What companies have you marketed?

    3. I agree that distributors are tired of over priced mandatory auto-ship. However, legitimate MLM companies do allow for personal sales without auto-ship. As a matter of fact this is at FTC rule. To be a legitimate MLM Business you must allow the reps to join your business for free, or charge an annual administrative fee. What company do you know which makes it mandatory to be on auto-ship to earn commissions off of personal sales? I'll gladly expose them.

    4. As for your 98% quote. You are right I will come back with a response. 87% of Network Marketers state they joined their MLM for a discount on the products and/or services. Income was a secondary reason. This does not ring true in the MLM Juice niche.

    5. Sherry, I must have it a nerve for you to take my post so personally. I'll be the first to state I do not know everything. My daughters remind me of that daily. However, when it comes to the laws which govern MLM, that I know something about. I made it very clear you have two boards you have to advance through. As for which one of us nows more about Matrix Compensation Plans, I can't say. However, I do understand the definition and the math formula behind EVERY MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN. And for any compensation plan to be a matrix, it is going to work like ALL OTHER matrix plans. Yes the numbers will be different, and yes they can jump from one to another. But a matrix is called that for a purpose.

    6. Sherry, I have not made any comment on the payout. Except for the fact, if a company takes in less than they payout, eventually the money runs out. What's your point on the $10,000 payouts? Are you the one who writes the checks, and you personally see these checks? Because based on the Alexa ranking of they can't be paying out to many checks at $10,000 because they are not getting that kind of traffic. Exactly how many $10K checks are being paid weekly?

    7. Sherry, yes there are several companies on the net who fall under Scam based on FTC rules. However, most companies do not use a matrix, and in the last 20 years, you will only find one who has stuck with a matrix. Today the Binary or Hybird Binary are the most common compensation plans.

    8. Sherry you did not address any of my concerns on the fact TVI Express does not have any US base of operation. Did you have to complete paperwork for the U.K.? What type of tax paperwork did the company require from you to comply with U.S. Tax laws?

    I do hope you will return and answer my questions. This is the type of conversion which gives our readers deeper understanding into MLM.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  148. Troy,

    I think you should not write something premature about any company. It sounds like XanGo is probably paying to run down other companies. I know so many companies teach to market by running down another just to say good things about the company you are promoting. So many people are sick and tired of the so called mlm company where you have to have an auto-ship of crap that no body wants,( soap, vitamins, fruit juice-that cures everything–NOT,on and on) I haven't met one person that joined a mlm business because they wanted the product. I am sure you will come back when someone but I say 98%. And Very few get any customers or even try. And after 3 to 6 months of paying their auto-ship, being out $600 to $1200 and have nothing but junk and no money, they give up on their dreams. Then the company just finds another one to take advantage of.
    You see MLM is a perfect way to make it big. Every company out there is designed mlm. That is why people that call mlm scam and such never set down and looked at Century 21 real estate.
    Well back to TVI. First you don't even have the fact right on the revolving matrix. It is 2 boards not 3. And it is dos not work like and other matrix. People that know nothing are always the ones that write about things. As far as pay outs. I see people everyday get $10,000 over and over. And I saw someone comment on $250 pays in how can they keep paying out $10,000. It does take a little more than a fifth grader to figure it out. But I did sit down and see for my self how it was possible, because at first I was thinking the same thing. There is $16,000 taken in every time before the $10,000 is paid.
    I will have to look into the FTC thing about Travel. But as far as matrix, I guess every company on the net right now is illegal. Because they are all done the same way. Except TVI running nothing like a normal matrix.
    I hope this helps some people.

  149. Just joined,

    You make a logical point, from the personal use side of things. However, a deeper question might be… What's your reputation worth? If it is a ponzi scheme, and your name is tied to deeply, it may cost you far more than the $250.00 and the travel benefits.

    Please keep us posted.

    Never Give Up,


  150. Well, the way I look at it, if I make any thing over my $250, IT IS WORTH IT!!! And if I get the opportunity to use the travel benefits it really is worth it as that alone is more than my $250 investment as I already have a legit MLM business convention next month to attend and are going to use the travel coupon. True, if it is not legit, then the long term benefits are not going to be there 🙁 My opinion is if you get in on this early, ponzi or not, and make a profit (any penny over your $250 investment) bring it on!!!! End of debate! (Big Smile)

  151. Damien,

    I have seen some of the videos where the phones are working. FDI reps created. Personally I think there is just a large learning curve for folks on the VoIP side of the technology.

    Never Give Up,


  152. Troy,

    One of the many sobering facts (and literally a "shocking truth") from my 40 years in MLM is that only .6% of all the network marketing and direct-sales companies that have or will start-up… will be in business for 10 years or more. This is true for all categories of product and service oriented companies combined. This means some product/service companies are more likely to fail than others… and some are more likely to succeed based on the product/service offering.

    An analogy would be… out of 167 ships built… 166 will sink within 10 years or less of being launched and most sink in two years or less. I've seen thousands of companies come and go. Although I hate being negative because I love this business so much… the unfortunate reality is… travel oriented/related mlm's have statistically taken more heat, had the highest levels of regulatory challenges, state and federal ambushes (and rightly so in many cases), been labeled "scams", and have gone out of business faster and/or more often than any other network marketing product/service category. And this has been true with US based travel related/oriented companies trying to do EVERYTHING right and with integrity… and with all the due-diligence checklist items passing with flying colors!!!

    So… I hope anyone who reads this… can read between the lines so-to-speak.

    Art Meakin

  153. what about the live phone calls does this have any validation that they might be legit?? Also If the extra money you also earn is from the members under you sales then I myself would just want to pay there membership fee….the more members you have under you the more sales in your "circle" I mean whats 300 bucks if you can be making 2000 to 5000 a week….those are made up numbers of course. Would this have any validation as well?

  154. Casper,

    Yes the FTC and the DOJ are going after the ASD folks. The funny thing is I have watched this for years, and some folks just don't want to listen. They are more interested in a quick buck, hoping they can get, hide it, and be on down the road before the legal folks catch up with them.

    My pappy always said, it is better to get rich slow, than to get rich fast, and have the revenue boys steal it all from you. Now, he lived in a different world, but the words do still ring true.

    Never Give Up,


  155. Mark,

    I am not sure of your question. However, if a person is working from within the US, then he owes taxes on his net income. However, if the company is outside the USA, it is their responsibility to file the correct paperwork with the IRS to do business within the USA.

    Not sure that will answer your question. Please give me details if I missed the mark.

    Never Give Up,


  156. Troy,

    I just came across this on a board. Your thoughts? Is it true the FTC is going after top leaders that were in ASD?

    Absolutely this is a money game….a PONZI….and nothing more…..there are no goods, services or customers and all money that comes is paid by Marketing Participants and this is the only source of money used to pay out when you have recruited first your 2 people and then others in that second matrix…..Right now they are 'seeding it' with a lot of pay outs and stories about people who got in on Monday and made their $500 by Wednesday and 'ladies in India making the $10,000 payout over 50 times……

    This is a ripe target for regulators world wide and it will be shut down but in the last 4 weeks it has gone into 'feeding frenzy' status as the 'accomplished' MLM recruiters like Fred Erickson and others who specialize in going from new Ponzi to new Ponzi are jumping on board in the USA…..This will run hot and heavy for about 6 months and if it becomes hugely visible, the Regulators will shut it down before it collapses, as all Ponzi's eventually do……If you want a quick buck, you can do it here but don't look for it to be around in 24 months. And the big recruiters may be in the FTC gun sights as they are going after these guys now (ASD leaders) for both Civil and Criminal because they are the promoters that make these deals run…..the Ponzi owners get busted, they just go on to another deal….and the FTC and DOJ have figured that out and are going after them now in addition to the company owners…..


  157. Corey,

    I fully agree, and I stated they have great channel partners. However, people for the most part, do not join a company for discounts, they join to make money. Which brings me to the compensation plan. They sure seem to promise massive payouts for such a low buy-in.

    Time will tell, and if changes take place, U.S. offices open up, then I'll be making new posts.

    Never Give Up,


  158. Corey,

    I just went and reviewed the site and you are correct they are there now. I will update the post tomorrow to state they have been added.

    I was very clear, that the company could be legit. However, the benchmarks we use landed them under scam alert. The site still does not mention who owns or is running the company. And one of the big questions still not answered is… They are a U.K. based company, why is their website based in the USA, with a US company, in a private regersty listing?

    Legitimate companies do not hide who they are.

    Could they be legit? Yes, but there are still more questions than answers.

    I am glad you commented and asked these questions.

    Never Give Up,


  159. Hey Troy,

    I just posted a few minutes ago now I have another question. I just went back to the tvi web site and read the privacy policy and terms of use which you had said were not on the site. They also say they are planning to open an office in several other countries one of which is the US. Is there a chance they could be legit?

  160. Hi troy,

    I appreciate the info about tvi express and i understand your points. What really intrests me is TVI's claim to give a 6 night 7 day stay at a 5 star hotel at 55,000 locations around the world. the list their channel partners as Hyatt,Sheraton,Mariott, and Holiday inn resorts. If that is indeed what comes with a membership then its pretty hard to get burned even if nothing becomes of the bussiness or compensation plan. The hotel stay alone would greatly outway the cost of membership. I am wondering if some really well backed, intelligent minds didnt take advantage of a global recession and hurting travel industry and form this company. If they honor what they say who loses?

  161. Yes I would love to hear more! When I was called I turn it down based on my comon MLM
    knowledge.. if the numbers don't ad up they don't add up. How does one put in 250.00
    and then get $10,000.00 or $15,000.00 over and over again? No one can afford that
    unless a whole bunch of people are about to get burned.. right also the obvious to good
    to be true. But easy money does lure the smartest of fools!

  162. This is a ponzi outfit. Why?

    They have no product for the distributors to sell and make money. Instead, their income relies on recruiting. When they run out of suckers, the company will collapse, leaving a bad taste in its wake, and feelings of betrayal by late-joiners.

    In a ponzi scheme some people make money. That fact is used to recruit more people who only want "to make money" – but money is not made here, it is simply being vacuumed upwards.

    And at last, the organization dies.

    One more point: those who make money in it are spiritually criminals. They are in the betrayal business, and their value to society is upside down. Do you want to be one of those people?

  163. Hi, I phoned customer service, which appears to be a UK number, but it transfers to an undisclosed international location where people have American accents. I asked if I could visit the HQ office in London and was told, yes I could but not at the moment because the company had vacated the Marble Arch building and would be locating shortly.

    So …. is the company really UK based?

    Sounds fishy to me!

  164. Henry,

    I do not believe these two companies are the same. World Ventures has been around for a few years. However, as many mergers as are taking place right now, I wouldn’t count it out either.

    Never Give Up,


  165. Is this the same as a MLM company called World Ventures, it seems to have the same basic concept.
    Will the AGs and FTC investigate WV as well?


  166. CChrisBeyond,

    TVI is listed as a scam due to the facts I listed at the bottom of the post. If the FTC decided to go after the top U.S.A. based distributors, as they have when they have gone after other companies inside and outside the MLM Travel arena, they will win. Unlike YTB who is based in the U.S., is a publicly traded company, and has a reason to fight for their business. TVI can take the easy road and just pull out of the USA with distributors, keep the client base and continue to earn revenue off the backs of their former reps.

    As I wrote in the article, we use a series of benchmarks, and if a company doesn’t meet those benchmarks, even if they have a viable product or service, they are listed as a MLM Scam. We do watch, and if the company makes changes, then we will moe the company from Scams, to legitimate MLMs.

    Hope this clears things up.

    Never Give Up,


  167. Hey Troy thanks for the review. I am confused. Your title states TVI is a scam, but to sum up your review TVI is a legit company backed by other recognized company. which is it?

    You see it is a real company , but something that might not sustain it self. I understand your point, but i dont see why it labeled scam. Now i personally know about 7 people that have made over 20K each in TVI. so i can attest to the fact that people are making money.

    As we all know 90% of people who join mlm fail and quit, half of them blame the company and unlimited call it a scam. People still say Amway is a scam.


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