1 thought on “Troy Dooly’s 2009 Year End Message”

  1. Troy,

    It has been a pleasure and honor to see how you and MLMHelpDesk.com has evolved and grown… and will continue to do so over the months and years ahead. Wishing you all the best for 2010.

    I think it was mentioned in one of your related posts this past year that the franchising form of doing business is 33 times larger than the networking, direct-sales, multi-level marketing form of doing business. Although franchising was once perceived to be a scam of sorts many years ago (before strict regulation and laws were passed/enforced)… today it is considered one of the most respectable and professional forms of doing business and/or entry into a small business.

    For the networking, direct-sales, multi-level marketing form of doing business to reach the same level of respectability and professionalism as franchising, in my opinion, will require (fortunately and unfortunately) stricter guidelines… laws and regulation. But… more importantly… and until then… it will require unbiased realistic EDUCATION… generally and specifically… that you, your peers and colleagues, and this site can provide to consumers, networkers, regulators, company owners, etc., etc.. Such as what you do now… but even more expanded… outlined and detailed information on standards, boundaries, legal, ethical, regulatory, law, intention, compensation, ownership, management, compliance, distributorship, responsibilities, marketing, pricing, product, services, advertising, operating procedures, policies, etc., just to name a few. A checklist of sorts that any and all companies (old and new, regardless of product or service) "should" be judged or measured up against. This EDUCATION should also include historical data… past, present, and future on all the issues (great, good, bad, ugly) involved in the checklist. I think if anyone can do this… you can and this site can be the ultimate source for this absolutely necessary information.

    If you don't mind… I would like to make one observation… and I am not sure what the solution would be but I would be open to discussing it. Here is the observation: There are literally hundreds and hundreds of companies out there in this networking, direct-sales, multi-level marketing "market-place" that you will NEVER have the time or energy to report on… or stay up-to-date on if you do report on them. When you do report on a particular company whether it be positive, negative, or neutral… in a sense there is an outright alienation or a perceived disparity… even an unfair bias, advantage, or disadvantage as compared to all the other companies in existence that were not reported on. There's also the appearance of favoritism (or at the least a leg-up) because you just happen know a company owner, field leader, etc., etc., and something they did is newsworthy. But what about all the hundreds of other owners, and thousands of field leaders, etc., etc., that you do NOT know (yet). There is disparity. As I stated… I don't have a solution to this… but I would love to brainstorm it with you.

    I know you are on the right track here… your heart and soul is in the right place… you are honorable… and I am glad to be associated with you.

    Art Meakin

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