Travel Industry Hates YTB And The MLM Travel Industry

When I thought YTB’s issues were under control, the Travel Industry comes out blazing showing their hate for the MLM Travel Industry.


From reading the following articles over at Travel Pulse, it is now very clear that the professional Travel Agents in America are not going to allow their careers be go down the drain any longer and are now lumping YTB in with Card Mills.

Article One

Article Two

Article Three

Rod Cook – The MLM Watchdog has written a great opinion on the MLM Travel Industry. Click Here.

If you are a YTB agent, or are with other companies like “World Ventures”, “TraVerus, or “Global Resorts Network”, then I would strongly suggest you take three specific actions.

1. Join the DRA (Distributor’s Rights Association) so you can have someone fighting for your rights, and not just the company protecting their financial interests. Reps from Burn Lounge did not take my advice, and the company killed their field force, and still went out of business.

2. Put on a very thick skin, because things are going to get rough, before they get better. And if you are one of the top 25 earners in your company, I strongly suggest you get yourself a great Distributor focused attorney on retainer.

In researching and reading through some of the current cases top distributors are also being sued by the AGs and named in cival actions against the companies. And beleive me the company is going to look out for #1, they will not be representing you.

3. Have a plan “B”. Don;t wait until it is to late and your income is completely gone. If you want the names of some great leaders or companies contact me personally and we’ll talk.

Never Give Up,


The Maverick Leader

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  1. Gene,

    We have not done anything real current. Give us a week and let's see if we can get something up.

  2. Troy, This was written 19 months ago. Do you have any updates oh the MLM travel industry? Specifically, I am seeking info on World Ventures, their products, the company credibility, company viability and staying power. Do the articles in you blog post and the legal issues still part of the landscape for travel MLM companies? Thanks!

    I am looking for a great company with great leaders. Preferably one which will lend itself to internet marketing.

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