Top Performing MLM Global Markets

Direct Selling News have gone worldwide to find the top performing global markets for the Direct Selling industry. If you want to truly go global in 2010, then make sure you read the full report.

The last 18 to 24 months has been a hard one for the global economy, and the network marketing profession has not been exempt from this economic downturn.

However, according to Direct Selling News this recession may not have been as bad as it could have been.

In the March addition of Direct Selling News, Katherine Ponder and Rebecca Larson report the following information:

• Seventeen countries new report more than $1 billion in sales annually.
• North America is gaining representatives
• Asia is declining slightly in revenues, but gaining in distributors
• South America continues to rise
• Europe is doing well

The World Federation of Direct Selling Association has a similar perspective on the status of the Direct Selling/Network Marketing industry.

Let’s take a look country by country to see how your teams may be growing and to give you some thoughts on a global strategy for 2010.

USA – Reports $29.6 billion in sales through 15 million distributors (The distributor number may be skewed just a little with the rise of multiple positions in different companies).

Forty-Four of the top direct selling companies are located in the USA and according to DSN over 1500 companies now operate in the US, including global leaders, Amway, Avon, Mary Kay and Tupperware.

The above four companies lead the following categories according to 2008 financial figures:

25.4% of sales for home & family care and home durables
22.7% for wellness products
21.5% for personal care
16.6% for misc services

Check those numbers over good! These four companies make up just 25% of the wellness side of the business and less than that in every other category.

If you are with Vemma, Life Force International, MonaVie, Arbonne, Shaklee, Ceres Living, Escape International, Awaiora, Youngevity, Asea, Liberty International, GBG, or any other great company growing in the Network Marketing profession, then the sky is the limit for growth!

Read the full report at Direct Selling News

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