Top 3 Video Social Marketing Sites For Launching An MLM Video Marketing Campaign

In today’s post I am going to cover the three social video marketing sites you should use in your MLM Video Marketing Campaignto generate top quality MLM Leads.

Now for some reason people who are creating Video Marketing campaigns think that sites like YouTube or Google Videos will help them grow their business. I’ve even seen where top Internet Leaders (who by the way have never built any type of Video Marketing campaign) tell their teams to place videos on their MySpace profiles to build their business.

Although YouTube and MySpace are far the most famous, they are also the worst for trying to attract solid traffic to your site; However if you do make funny videos, sites like MySpace and YouTube may be what you are looking for.

Also, let me make it clear, that for you to really dominate with your niche, suing a video marketing campaign, you have to find solid niche sites where you can become the authority, so keep your eyes and mind open.

Top 3 All Around Social Video Sites

1) – This is a great place to upload all of your videos. Revver’s business model allows both the video producers and video publishers to benefit.

This site uses advertisers that will add a video clip to the end of your video. Once your video has finished playing the ad video appears. When a user clicks to start the Ad video a click-through is made and an ad payment is generated.

The producer of the Video receives 40% of the click thru revenue and the publisher receives 20%, then Revver takes the rest. With this site you can both produce videos and display videos to tap into their advertisement revenues. It is really a win-win-win situation for the video poster, Revver and the advertiser.

Revver supplies you with all the code to publish other people’s videos also. Not to mention they will give you a nice plug in widget to display a variety of videos on your site.

Tons of affiliates are publishing videos, and a nice passive income can be received for your video producing efforts. Not to mention, adding Revver videos to your site not only adds to its look and feel, it can also generate you income.

But as I have mentioned in my first two articles, because of the additional advertising, you do not want to use for your primary marketing message, that is what your site is for, and why your Master Video Account is with

– is also a great site to add some of your videos. Just like Reever, MetaCafe has a business model that pays you for uploading your videos. The difference with MetaCafe is that they pay you based on plays.

For every 1000 views, you earn 5 dollars. An entertaining or value added video can bring you in a few bucks, but more importantly, it can get you lots of mlm leads and traffic flowing to your website.

– now JumpCut is not a place where you are going to gain huge traffic or make any money. But it’s a place where, when you are away from your main video editing system, you can still create good videos, due to its powerful video editing services.

Its powerful video editing features can’t be touched by any other site I have found. Once you get used to JumpCut you’ll be able to edit on the fly from any computer in the world.

So in summery we covered the three social video sites you should use in your MLM Video Marketing to generate top quality MLM Leads.

Never Give Up,

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The Maverick Leader

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  2. Video Marketing is an interesting and very effective way to market affiliate products, i have promoted my products over youtube and in some other sites`;~

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