Tom Chenault of Youngevity Rants On MLM Car Bonuses After Earning A New Car Does He Have A Point?

This weekend I was on the Tom Chenault Radio Show and he brought up a very interesting point during one of his famous Tom Chanault rants.

Should car bonus programs, award just monthly bonuses or should they all include receiving your dream car?

Tom Chenault

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7 thoughts on “Tom Chenault of Youngevity Rants On MLM Car Bonuses After Earning A New Car Does He Have A Point?”

  1. First congratulations on being interviewed by Mr. Tom Chenault again Troy. I had the priviledge and honor of also being on his radio show.

    I agree with Tom. I believe the car bonus should be something that you earned and are giving, not something that could be taken away from you in a few months because you missed the monthly qualification.

    I think the logic behind companies that offer car bonuses is they want everyone to be able to earn a car. They lower the bar so low that the car program becomes a major part of their marketing plan. It is the main carrot to joining the company above the actual compensation plan. Although it does allow someone who is only earning a few thousand dollars a month to drive a way in a BMW it gives a false reality of success. Those individuals would not be able to afford the car if they just had to rely on the companies comp plan.

    So while it is exciting to have that BMW in a few months it could be taken away and that is a horrible feeling. How do you explain to friends and family that you don't have that car anymore? We hear about everyone who earns a car, but we never hear about the people who get it taken away and those people will never publically admit it.

    I believe you should earn the car only if you could actually afford the car on the companies comp plan that you have been promoted to and that car is a reward. Or like Tom said you are given the title to the car as a bonus.

    I am currently with Vitel and I like the way their car program is set up. Instead of giving you a car Vitel will pay your current car note up to $750 a month. Or Vitel will just send you $750 cash for you to do with as you please. Go get whatever car you want or even use it for your rent or mortgage.

    In the end I think car programs are great if done responsibly!

  2. Good discussion. I think people should have the choice to do what they choose with their money. The company I'm in awards a "Lifestyle" bonus of 300-600 monthly and we basically can choose to use it how we want. I like that option; use it for a car, use it to pay your taxes, etc

  3. As far as I am concerned…"Most" car programs are putting you in debt.

    Did you know…that with most car programs they do a credit check on you…yeah, you earned the car but because of your credit score…you cannot have it.

    I like the program Tom is involved with (car wise ONLY), the keys and the title are YOURS.

    One company out there has over 3,000 cars being repoed. SERIOUSLY?

    When I get a car…it is going to be MINE…loct, stock & barrel.

  4. I'd rather be paid fairly up front. Let others suffer in the comp plan to "qualify" for a car that in 6 months they can't afford. History has repeated itself time and time again in the car shell game.

  5. I qualified for a BMW with a company that gives away BMW's "every hour".

    I personally like Vitel's "car payment program" . It doesn't matter what car you want/get, or if you already have a car with a payment, or if your car is paid off, you still receive the $750/month "car payment".

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