Tom Chenault Asks The Question Everyone Is Thinking… Is Troy Dooly Endorsing Zeek Rewards & DubLi Network?

Yesterday I received a call from my close friend and long time mentor Tom Chenault because he had received a call himself, from a close friend who asked “Does Troy Dooly endorse Zeek Rewards, and the Unique Auction niche?”

Chenault, went on to mention he had heard my videos were all over Zeek Reward’s site, and that it might have been mentioned that the Association of Network Marketing Professionals also endorsed Zeek Rewards.

Well let me make it perfectly clear, the ANMP aka Association of Network Marketing Professionals, does NOT endorse Zeek Rewards or any other network marketing company for that matter. We do have network marketing companies who sponsor our crusade and help us in underwriting the costs in educating both companies and distributors on the best practices to be used in the network marketing community. And we have sponsors who help underwrite our legal fund when we fight along side the DSA in defeating legislative bills which could harm the network marketing community as a whole.

Now as for me endorsing Zeek Rewards, DubLi Network or any other company inside the Unique Auction niche. I do not endorse any one company. However, I am very vocal in supporting corporate leadership who understand the need to hire the best legal and compliance minds today, to make sure the company has the best chance of becoming a viable network marketing opportunity for the independent business owners who decide to signup to market their brand.

Now I can say that based on the current information I have at hand, DubLi and Zeekler do seem to be the two “Unique Bid Companies” inside the network marketing community who are doing it right, or at least are trying to do it right. That does not mean BidiFy or Co2 Rewards will not get their act together, it just means the others are ahead of the compliance game.

Now for those who may be scratching their head wondering what a Unique Bid Company is, then join the club, I had the same issue.

To make is simple, there are two types of Unique Bid Auction companies in the niche today. Both seemed to have originated in Europe around the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.


Highest Unique Bid aka Penny Auctions. This is where the bidder must have the highest unmatched bid when the auction closes to win.

DubLicom Ltd. -- MediaNet Group Technologies

Lowest Unique Bid aka Reverse Auction. This is where the bidder must have the lowest unmatched bid when the auction closes to win.

Well for some this will clarify where I stand on this issue, for others they will still wonder… For all, I will do two more videos and article on the Unique Bid Auction Niche to help us all better understand why people are attracted to this type of business model.

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9 thoughts on “Tom Chenault Asks The Question Everyone Is Thinking… Is Troy Dooly Endorsing Zeek Rewards & DubLi Network?”

  1. In this business, I'm like a first grader, just learning to read. Where can I read some kind of tutorial about what Zeek etc. actually does and what exactly is making money for their members?


  2. @Rui,

    You are referring to an article written by Oz over at BeHindMLM. In that article which was the topic of several comments here in this community a few weeks ago, uses the fact the Zeek compliance team, suggested changes to the compensation structure to make sure Zeek Rewards was operating well inside the current laws in the USA. In part they made the change aster the FTC Business Opportunity Rule went into effect March 1st 2012.

    Anytime a company has an engaged legal and compliance team, they will always make changes on the fly to maintain integrity of the network marketing opportunity.

    To use a different industry as an example we can look at Real Estate Investment and the Thrift Industry in 1986. In that year Congress passed several federal laws, which placed several billion dollar businesses in bankruptcy and ended the Thrift industry altogether. Or if we wanted to look in the 21st Century, we can see how Congress has made new changes to the Mortgage industry and the banking rules.

    Each time regulations are implemented in any industry companies have to make the changes to maintain compliance and legal operations.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. I Troy…I'm an affiliate of ZR…I made my own blog where I post your videos (has you are an expert).

    Recently I got an email from a reader about this other article…I did my search and I think what he says (ZR are illegal) is not correct, however I would love to have the comments of an expert…

    Many thanks

    You can see my post here:

  4. Bo

    You know, I am not surprised that Robert Dean and his Top Gun Grifters are once again on the move to another company after only a few months at Momentis. However, for you to compare him to Abe, is not only a stretch, but an insult to Abe's legacy.

    Sooner or later, Dean and his cronies will be blacklisted from the industry because his record of jumping from one company looking for signing bonuses and then leave for another. Dean and his kind is hurting the industry

  5. Bo,

    Now sure why you felt this was the post to make public that Robert had once again moved… four months this time, but ok!

    As for the "crook" comment, I have never called him a crook, or even implied anything close to that. I have made it clear, each move hurts his team, because statistics have proven that each time the average independent rep moves, it knocks them back about six months as they get rolling in the new company.

    NAP is a solid company, the only concern I see, is if his last energy company gets upset. Since energy is so highly regulated, any churning could cause some issues.

    You are correct on the right for independent business people to move as they like. However, according to Robert and his Board they are very successful, so comparing him to Honest Abe, may be a little of a stretch.

    By the way, I like Rush and Hannity… Although I would not vote for either as president 🙂

  6. So , Are you ready to beat Robert Dean down again , because he has now went to North American Power. I hope not. He is not a crook, so please don't treat him like that. Abe Lincoln failed I don't know how many times before he was successful. In dependent business people have the right to find their place with a company that fits

    their cultural.

    Don't be a Rush or the Hannity of this Industry.


  7. @Rob,

    Thanks buddy. Of all the reviews I have done in the last year or so, the unique bid niche is truly one hot topic on both sides of the fence.

  8. Troy,

    We always accept that fact that most people make a decision based on :Hear Say" but to hear this coming from a well respected "Leader" in this industry without any basis, tells me that people make these decisions mainly because they feel that They did not discover the company or they prejudged a company, only to find out later that they may have made a mistake and because they are not the big gun in the company… information gets distorted,, Thanks for setting the record straight and staying your ground as you always do Troy…

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