‘Tis the Season for Direct Selling

Less than a week ago – and much to our amazement – here at the DSA office in Washington, D.C., we saw the first snowflakes of the 2011-2012 winter season. Whether or not we were ready to acknowledge that it’s already November, Mother Nature stepped in to remind us all just how fast the year can fly by.

While the holidays are just around the corner, for many direct sellers, the next few months represent one of the biggest – and busiest – seasons for sales, party bookings and outreach to potential customers. With that in mind, Jay Rudman, CEO of DSA member Paperly, put forth an exciting idea to encourage direct sellers to show their support and dedication to the industry.

Inspired by American Express’s successful “Small Business Saturday” campaign last year, Jay proposed a “direct selling only” holiday season campaign, whereby direct sellers everywhere could show their love for the industry by completing all of their holiday season purchases only from direct sellers.

With nearly 16 million people involved in direct selling in the United States alone, committing to a “direct selling only” holiday season presents not a challenge, but a fun and creative way to illustrate how direct selling impacts the economy, as well as the livelihoods of countless people across the globe. Just imagine – a “direct selling only” holiday season would not only provide revenue for direct sellers throughout the country, but it would also spread the word about the credibility of this phenomenal industry.

As nearly 200 companies have formally pledged to adhere to DSA’s Code of Ethics, holiday shoppers who commit to this campaign will not only find that there is a direct selling company out there for everyone on your gift list, but also that your purchases will support local businesses that have demonstrated a firm belief in ethical and reliable business practices.

Whether you’re shopping for your family, friends or co-workers, consider just how many types of products are offered through direct selling companies everywhere! From home decor and clothing to cosmetics and bed linens – or even chocolate and jewelry for that special someone – there’s no question even Santa could fill his sleigh solely with direct selling products!

Let’s support one another and make the 2011 holiday season one that direct sellers everywhere will never forget!

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