Three MLM Trends Which Are Key Your Future Wealth In MLM Business Today

Three MLM Trends which are key to your future wealth and success in Network Marketing business today and in 2010.

John Fleming is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Direct Selling News, along with Success Magazine and Success For Women.

In this months copy of Direct Selling News, John shares from his 40 years in the Direct Selling – MLM arena on three MLM trends he has been watching.

1. Social Media:“Social media is changing the way we communicate.” John has hit on something Seth Godin shared in his book Tribes. If you want to jump start your MLM business today, then go grab a copy of Tribes and read John Fleming’s article.

DSA Numbers

2. Women Will Continue To Dominate: Women have dominated, and John sees this trend continuing. The most current numbers show
87.9% of the distributors in MLM are female. So if John is right, then the men in MLM need to learn how to EMPOWER the females on their teams, because women are not drawn to the same style of motivation as men. Dondi Scumaci has written a great book titled “Ready Set Grow” which will help both men and women. She has also written a great book which focuses on helping women fully accept they are “Designed For Success.”

This trend may be why we see such a high rate of part-time income earners in MLM. It has nothing to do with the 95% failure myth, so many love to quote. Now before you start writing comments on my statement read my article titled “Are Women Marketers Really Gold Digging Money Hungry Divas.

DSA Female Numbers

3. The Changing Color of America: In the last 12 months we have seen older companies close their doors, merge with other companies and leave the MLM arena. In all cases they were slow to change to the grow trends facing them. Here is something to think about. Leaders like Miriam Muley are sharing statistics which state within the next decade moms of color (Hispanic, African-American and Asian) will make up 50% of all moms with purchasing power. By the way today they control $600 million dollars, by then it will reach over $1 trillion. If you are not attracting, empowering, and in some cases shutting up and listening to the women on your team, then you may not be around in 10 years.

Now, when I first read John’s editorial, I thought “this doesn’t really apply to the new MLM companies, who are not focused on volume/retail selling. This is more for the party plan companies. I was totally wrong. John went on to state “the lines between direct selling and MLM are blurring.” And when I went and pulled the DSA numbers I saw he was correct.

2007 comp plans

Types of sales

You can view the full report here!

So, let’s go jump start our MLM businesses by focusing on what we keep the momentum groing through 2010 and beyond.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Nathan,

    First let me say thank you! I truly appreciate the kind words. I would love to review ACN and get a good update on all that is happening. Could I request you send me over the best links to review, and your contact info, in case I have any questions?

    Send the info to

    Again, thank you Nathan.

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  2. Hi Troy,

    I wanted to say congrats on all the work you have been doing at bringing an unbiassed opion of our industry. My name is Nathan Goldberg the number #2 producer in ACN. Id like you to take a look at what acn is doing. Were going to be the first mlm company in Canada to launch energy in 5 provinces. Were also going to be the first mlm to let people make money on the new i- phone. Finaly were going to be the first to launch real wiimax.

    Love talk about why were booming

    Nathan Goldberg

  3. Steve,

    Like you I love the net. And it does work great for branding and providing validation of who we are and what we market. However, I have not seen many be able to duplicate the success of the few who do seem to make millions from their online marketing.

    I figure if we keep our eyes open to all marketing channels we'll be able to attract the right people.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. Thanks Troy, a really great and interesting video.

    Your good friend Peter Arnold sent me here to your blog (thanks Peter).

    It's really interesting to see those stats and funnily just today I had and email from Mike Dillard with the subject line: Is our future (gasp!) Offline?

    I've been studying and using the Internet to build my business for the last few years but what I am seeing in my upline is that those keeping it very simple and doing the person-to-person selling are seeing the most growth.

    I love the Internet and technology and lately have been thinking a lot about how online & offline and how they fit together, this was really interesting information.


    Steve Anderson

  5. Peter,

    I am always glad to see you comment here in the community.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. Hey Troy:

    This excellent new information is both timely and highly beneficial – many thanks!

    These three (3) TRENDS need to be taken into account seriously by every professional in the Network Marketing industry when planning their (our) future business strategies, in my opinion.

    Very enlightening, my friend – love your Blog.

    Here's to much continued success and happiness.

    Warmly / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC / Founder
    Business Achievers Academy / Canada

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