The MonaVie Story: Dallin & Karree Larsen Prayed And The Rest Is History

The MonaVie Story: Dallin and Karree Larsen knelt in prayer, asking God to help them figure out a way to feed their eight kids. Now, to some this might seem too simple, that it is something more; however as to why MonaVie has broken just about every record ever set in Direct Sales. However, when you look at what Mona Vie has done in the last five years, you realize this company has truly been blessed.

What makes this prayer so important, is that at the time Dallin Larsen, Randy Larsen and Henry Marsh were doing their best to grow another company, Monarch Health Sciences. It just wasn’t happening, and it was time to move beyond just talent, and start walking in Faith.

When I heard Karree share this story I realized it wasn’t just one prayer, it was the fact this couple was willing to walk in Faith as they laid out their prayer to the Lord.

It was not too long after this prayer, that the MonaVie story started to take shape. Watch the video for a little more of the MonaVie story…

Dallin & Karree Larsen

When Dallin and Karree started to experience the blessings the Lord has given them, they did not forget about the prayer they had prayed a few years earlier. They launched the MORE Project in Brazil giving back to the people and the country that are the very foundation of the MonaVie story…

Now, it has not been all kicks and giggles. With success comes critics inside and outside of the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession.

In 2008 Newsweek magazine wrote a pretty negative article calling MonaVie an MLM scam.(Read Here) However this did not slow down MonaVie in the slightest.

Inc 500

In 2009 Inc. Magazine listed MonaVie as the 18th fastest growing privately held company in America, and they wrote a great article on the rise of MonaVie (Read Here)

Karree Larsen does not sit on the sidelines at Mona Vie. She is almost always at Dallin’s side. But more than that she is the guiding force in the MORE Project. Watch this short video…

No matter where you stand when it comes to MonaVie, there is no disputing the facts: Mona Vie has created a culture that cultivates leaders. But more than that they are a company whose original founders – Dallin Larsen, Randy Larsen and Henry Marsh – walk their talk. These men have given their all to create a company that will outlive them, and give their great grandchildren and the great grandchildren of their distributors a legacy they can be proud of.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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