The MonaVie Story: Dallin & Karree Larsen Prayed And The Rest Is History

The MonaVie Story: Dallin and Karree Larsen knelt in prayer, asking God to help them figure out a way to feed their eight kids. Now, to some this might seem too simple, that it is something more; however as to why MonaVie has broken just about every record ever set in Direct Sales. However, when you look at what Mona Vie has done in the last five years, you realize this company has truly been blessed.

What makes this prayer so important, is that at the time Dallin Larsen, Randy Larsen and Henry Marsh were doing their best to grow another company, Monarch Health Sciences. It just wasn’t happening, and it was time to move beyond just talent, and start walking in Faith.

When I heard Karree share this story I realized it wasn’t just one prayer, it was the fact this couple was willing to walk in Faith as they laid out their prayer to the Lord.

It was not too long after this prayer, that the MonaVie story started to take shape. Watch the video for a little more of the MonaVie story…

Dallin & Karree Larsen
When Dallin and Karree started to experience the blessings the Lord has given them, they did not forget about the prayer they had prayed a few years earlier. They launched the MORE Project in Brazil giving back to the people and the country that are the very foundation of the MonaVie story…

Now, it has not been all kicks and giggles. With success comes critics inside and outside of the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession.

In 2008 Newsweek magazine wrote a pretty negative article calling MonaVie an MLM scam.(Read Here) However this did not slow down MonaVie in the slightest.

Inc 500
In 2009 Inc. Magazine listed MonaVie as the 18th fastest growing privately held company in America, and they wrote a great article on the rise of MonaVie (Read Here)

Karree Larsen does not sit on the sidelines at Mona Vie. She is almost always at Dallin’s side. But more than that she is the guiding force in the MORE Project. Watch this short video…

No matter where you stand when it comes to MonaVie, there is no disputing the facts: Mona Vie has created a culture that cultivates leaders. But more than that they are a company whose original founders – Dallin Larsen, Randy Larsen and Henry Marsh – walk their talk. These men have given their all to create a company that will outlive them, and give their great grandchildren and the great grandchildren of their distributors a legacy they can be proud of.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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20 thoughts on “The MonaVie Story: Dallin & Karree Larsen Prayed And The Rest Is History”

  1. I agree 100%. In this society it's to easy to quit. We show you how to make a million dollars but you can't do it? Why? It's alittle hard. Dude it's a million dollar opportunity. No one said it was going to be easy. Simple yes, drink some juice and share. Easy, no because people are in a comfort zone! Find the ones that want more in life than just a job!

  2. Dude MonaVie is the fastest growing company ever. Did you ever think the LORD might be helping him? Look at the success $2Billion in 5 years. No one has ever done that! Wake up!

  3. The only people that are "puttz's" are the ones that are not involved with MonaVie. They don't take whimps and cry babies. They take people that are motivated and want to control their own life, not their boss telling them what to do. @ Adam to bad I couldn't of hadd you in my group.

  4. ennis, that is really hursh for you.
    Tell me, what is strong piont of dallin and monavie?

    Because you are turning into a internettroll with this post.

  5. I was a former distributor for MonaVie. The reason I left was nothing too do with the company I believe it is a fantastic company they truly care and serve there people. The reason I left was the product did not excite me anymore with the MLM JUICE wars.

    Also I was in a team that offered very little support and coaching. I honestly believe MonaVie would have been more successful if the product was not so over priced. The other challenge with the company is they did not allow anyone to do any form of on-line marketing strategies.

    I have meet Dallin Larsen and heard him speak he is a true servant leader. I will argue with anyone that claims MonaVie a scam or Dallin is. I may not be with that company anymore but it is a A+ Grade company.

  6. The Juice is Loose,

    Well, the questions is… What is the definition of a "Top MonaVie Leader" In reviewing the sales of this company through 2009, I would not say they are past their prime. However, I might suggest they were wise enough to realize it was time to focus on international expansion in a big way the last of 2009, and through 2010.

    If you review the growth pattern of Herbalife and MonaVie you see some very close similarities.

  7. Adam,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You make some valid points, and in an upcoming article I happen to cover some of these.

    Several of the more established Juice companies should be looking at the fact "Green" is in and using some other form than a "pretty glass" bottle to deliver their product (which will cutting shipping costs) may in the long run increase sales.

  8. I know of top Monavie leaders looking into new the wireless company. Think this speaks volumes.
    I liked monavie…perhaps its had its day…

  9. There are always those that are ignorant to something they have no motivation to try. If MonaVie is suceeding and they all believe in God then I'm in, One because it;s better to have him in you than not and two he will help you achieve your goals. I believe in Jesus anyway so this business fits perfect.

  10. Ennis,

    Let me say thank you for stopping by. If you don;t mind let me ask you a few questions.

    1. Why are you so judgmental? I may not be the most respected theologian, but I do know my Bible pretty well, and I know Dallin and other leaders personally. I have never heard him take my Lord's name in vain. Can you give a specific time when you heard Dallin take the Lord's name in vain?

    2. Dallin has never run from what took place at Dynamic Essentials. However, he did not own the company he was an employee. He left the company for a specific reason. Have you ever asked Dallin personally why he left and started Monarch aka MonaVie? By the way Dallin left before the FTA shut down the company.

    3. I had to smile when I read your comment "Lord's answer to Dallin's prayers was "repeat the Royal Tongan Limu scam" this is such an old claim by critics about MonaVie. However, we will cover the science or lack of science behind MonaVie in an upcoming post. But to answer your question… I can't speak for the Lord, I can say based on the blessings the company and the field have had at MonaVie in the last five years, it sure seems like the Lord has His hands in this business. And it might have been Karree's prayers the Lord is answering.

    4. What exactly has Dallin stolen from you? I will gladly take this claim personally to him and have him make it right, if you can provide me validated proof he has stolen from you.

  11. It offends me to no end to see people taking the Lord's name in vain to support a blatant MLM/pyramid scam. Dallin Larsen ran the exact same scam a few years earlier with Dynamic Essentials, where he was VP of sales and marketing until the FDA shut the company down for illegal/misleaidng claims about the juice's ablity to treat diseases. Would you have us believe that the Lord's answer to Dallin's prayers was "repeat the Royal Tongan Limu scam , only this time, put in some acai powder and call it Monavie"? Not bloody likely! Once a thief, always a thief. Wake up.

  12. No one significant is leaving that I know of. The quitters are leaving because they didn't make a "fat buck". They will quit everything in their life. I have only been involved with MonaVie for 11 months. Every Black Diamond, Hawaiian Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond, Diamonds are all around. No one left. Maybe the quitters cannot except that their is a higher power in charge here. I'm kinda slow I guess because it took me 10 months to go Bronze Executive. I might be Ruby by now if I didn't have quitters in my group. Maybe I didn't help them like they thought I should. I don't know, but despite that we hung in and went Bronze. If we can do that we can go Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and above.

  13. Hmmmm I doubt that. Do you know everyone at MonaVie? Bad thing at MLM, people jump ship too fast, and too often. Its easy to make a small investment and not do any work, and then state "This didn't work!". When people have a larger risk they tend to work harder. On the flip side, the larger the investment excludes more people from doing the business. statements like the one above serve no practical purpose, and have no merit.

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