The MLM WatchDog Rod Cook And Troy Dooly Share How President Obama Proved To Be A Master Network Marketer

As professional marketers and business consultants, Rod CookThe MLM Watchdog, and myself, have enjoyed studying the Obama marketing engine over the last few years, keeping detailed notes on the success and mistakes they have made along the way.

So we were not surprised when, then Sen. Obama won the election. As a matter of fact, in studying how he did it, you would have thought, he had hired the MLM Watchdog to help him launch his Network Marketing company. Take a few seconds and see what the Obama Run for President has to do with Network Marketing.

The Power Of The Obama Marketing Engine

The one thing Obama’s marketing team did even before he officially announced he was running, was to Fully Embraced Social Marketing With The Correct Strategy, and implemented some very basic fundamentals  to dominate their Niche.

We’re not talking about the Democratic party, but the niche of “Political Marketing”.  With one simple word they created their Brand!

Here is just the “cusp”  of how their marketing plan worked. They asked specific questions, then implemented their strategies around the answers.

1. What is the one word that describes what we stand for?CHANGE

2. What is our definition of the word “Change?”STOP The Status Quo

3. Who is our target audienceEveryone who embraces “Change”

4. How do we get our “Change” message out to the masses in the most relevant manner?Relationship Marketing

5. How can we jump start our “Crusade for Change” even before we enter the race?
Create a “Buzz” Through Social Marketing.

Now this sounds pretty open and simplistic. Critics reading this (some lost in politics – usually marketing “virgins”) and others of you, are just Poo Poo-ing how true this researched analytical report is!

Well sit back in front of the computer and get ready to be slapped in the face with cold hard marketing facts!  Change in the Web World is constant. If you can’t adopt (hey – that means Copy) successful marketing you die! Here are researched and extract marketing data = create tools to copy!

1. The Obama website always had a “Lead Capture” page as it’s front page.

They now have the largest email list in politics. Does your MLM website homepage have a lead capture page?  Do you have a premium (a gift to give them if they give their email?) at low or no cost to you to give them?  Ask yourself how many MLM – Network Marketing Companies do this?

2. The Obama MySpace page has 1,098,697 friends; more than all the other candidates.

3. The Obama Facebook Page has 3,808,381 supporters more than ALL other candidates combined put together!

4. The Obama YouTube Channel (link quality = ranks high in search engines) in less than 3 years has grown to 151,286 subscribers and 20,476,816 views, more than all other political Presidential candidates combined.

5. Web Branding = Location = Branding = Web Location! Hey these dudes have never wavered from the Brand “Change” The new Obama website is Change.Gov” Are these web keywords that will be followed?

So ask yourself this question. “Where will your business be tomorrow, if you don’t do anything or quickly just follow the above basic fundamentals?” Obama and specifically a political marketing machine for the first time in history moved ahead of MLM – Network Marketing!

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Editors Note: Hey neither of us voted for him!  In fact Rod was so stupid that he gave $5 K to McCain!

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