The Limu Nation Leading The Network Marketing Community In Organic GenY Six Figure Earners

THe Limu Company founder Gary Raser is a one of a kind company owner. Not because he was one of the all-time highest paid distributors of the 20th Century, or because he is friends with some of the most successful company owners in modern network marketing history. But…

… because he has always been a Maverick, who is not willing to listen to folks who say “that can’t be done”, “that’s not how we do it”, “that won’t work”. Instead he is known to say “let’s find away”, “let’s pave the way”, “Why can’t it be done”, Who says we can’t do it that way?”

When others seemed to forget The Limu Company was even around, Gary Raser, his crew at the home office and the Limu Nation just put their heads down and kept driving this engine forward.

Huge LIMU Nation Momentum in July 2012


Limu 1 Million Pin

Shannon & Rachette Pardue

“Shannon and I were just like every other young couple that starts out. We met, fell in love, and started the life we could afford. We bought a 12 x 48 single wide mobile home, budgeted our money carefully and worked hard. We believed one day we’d get ahead and accomplish all of our goal and dreams, but after several years in the construction industry we were still living paycheck to paycheck. (Read The Full Story)

Trey Knight

Trey Knight knows what it’s like to rise to the top of a Network Marketing company. He’s been there with other companies, looked around and found himself nearly alone. He’s on his way to that same destination with LIMU, but, this time, he knows he’ll have more people with him, thanks to The LIMU EXPERIENCE. (Read The Full Story)

Jessica & Eric Ellerman

The story attached to Jessica and Eric Ellerman is already the stuff of legend. While the California couple’s still relatively new to LIMU, they can be likened to a couple of its fastest sprinters; already at 500K and rapidly growing even more, it’s readily obvious that the couple is adamant about getting all they possibly can out of their LIMU EXPERIENCE. (Read The Full Story)

Salien Liles

“For three years, Salien was content to just drink LIMU ORIGINAL®, never realizing what she was missing by not fully pursuing LIMU. You can’t blame her too much, really. Many people in her position would’ve done the same thing. After all, she did have a pretty sweet gig in the medical field — a full-time job that paid well. And yet, she kept hearing her family’s voices in her ear. (Read The Full Story)

Wae Russell

Born in a farming background, Wade Russell knows a lot about hard work. A whole lot. He’s worked hard all his life, and he’s got the work ethic to prove it, including being awarded both baseball and basketball scholarships in his younger days in Baker, Florida. He says there wasn’t even a caution light in the town, it was so small. (Read The Full Story)

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