The Future of Network Marketing Generation X!

Over the last 25 years I have studied Generation X (Born between 1963 & 1987), and have come to the conclusion, they are the FUTURE of Network Marketing!

As the father of six children with the oldest two 24, 21,17 and being only 43 myself, I know just a little about Generation X. We don’t see Network Marketing the same way our folks do. For us, doing business feels like PLAY, especially in Network Marketing! If you are serious about building a Network Marketing business that will provide you with an income forever, then you had better start focusing on Generation X.

We’re passionate and have not been sucked into the deception of Corporate America! We have no illusions about “secure” corporate jobs. As a matter of fact the only thing we have become disillusioned with is the life our parents have settled for. We watched them give up on their dreams of grander, of financial independence, their dreams of being somebody. We watched as our parents got sucked into the deception of Corporate America. We watched as both of our parents drove off to Corporate America. And what has it gotten them? Layoffs, downsizing, mergers, and in some cases bankruptcies as they watched their companies rob them of their retirement plans due to fraud and corporate deception.

As the tele-evangelists of the 80’s use to say “we have seen the light, and the light has set us free.” We have thrown out the ideal of going to school, getting a degree and finding a job, where the company will take care of us. We are a generation entrenched in ENTREPRENEURSHIP, HIGH TECHNOLOGY AND RAW PASSION TO HELP OTHERS. We see beyond success, we are looking at significance. We want to change the world, not just our own back yard.

We’re looking for an authentic community of individuals who share our passion, dreams, and goals. We have been called the “Next Great Generation” and we are here to prove them right! Opinion Research Corporation reports that 54% of Generation X (that’s us) are interested in starting our own business. And there are a few of us who are already doing it, right here in Network Marketing.

We were truly born for Network Marketing and are slated to become Network Marketing’s NeXt millionaires…. Don’t you want us on your TEAM?

So, do you want to know how you can sponsor us on your team? Well, here are the 5-core values you need to remember. Break any of these and we’re gone.

1. Relationships. We have a deep yearning to know and be known, but we are afraid. We are afraid of letting our real self out for fear of being rejected so we maintain the ideal self, the self that others see, until we know we can trust you.

2. Fun. From computer games to bungee jumping, Xers are into fun. One Xer said: “You think money is the basis for our existence when it’s really much simpler: fun is.” Most Xers work to live. We are waiting for the weekend. (Note: Most ESPN “Extreme Games” feature Xers.)

3. Experience. Subjective experience validates if something is real and good. We want to enjoy life, make a difference, and do something meaningful besides just punching a clock from 9 to 5.

4. Freedom. We don’t like to be labeled and put in a box. We want to be seen as unique individuals able to make a valuable contribution to society. We are very creative and independent and struggle with limits and rules. We value flexibility and spontaneity.

5. Family. If Xers have children, we don’t want to make the same mistakes our parents did. We will invest time with our kids. Xer parents, especially dads, seem to be incredibly committed to their children.

So, if you really want your team to grow, then start sponsoring Xers!

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
MLM Helpdesk

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1 thought on “The Future of Network Marketing Generation X!”

  1. So true – so true!

    I think we in the X generation have a different view of the world than our parents (at least we can learn to see the light). Technology changes are so fast that it is hard to keep up. Our kids are probably even faster to pick things up.

    In the end it will be those who manage to keep the best balance between tech knowledge and people skills that succeed.

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