The Anatomy Of A Network Marketing Explosion…Done Right!

blog 130312 01 - The Anatomy Of A Network Marketing Explosion…Done Right!Two of my favorite company success stories are Thirty-One Gifts and Scentsy. Both of these are primarily Party Plan Network Marketing companies. Thirty-One Gifts primarily sells very cool handbags and accessories, and Scentsy sells wickless candles in decorative ceramic warmers, handbags and even now has a fondue division. Thirty-One Gifts is based in Columbus, Ohio, […]

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2 thoughts on “The Anatomy Of A Network Marketing Explosion…Done Right!”

  1. Ramundo,

    Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. Any book on direct sales is a welcome addition to the industry.

    Now, MLM is an interesting term because it is so misunderstood by most folks. But, even a book on MLM that takes a negative slant, will be a welcome addition.

    Why do you feel a book will not be good news? When an industry and profession has grown as the Direct Sales industry, and Network Marketing profession, we need insight from all levels. Including critical ones.

    I am friends with many critical people of MLM and each time we talk, I gain a nugget or two of wisdom to help raise the bar inside this great profession.

    Please send me a copy of the book, I look forward to reading it.

  2. I appreciate what you’re trying to do in terms of ethics and good industry practices, I really do. You seem like a real decent guy. I to I’m trying to do something about the lack there of. But my approach is a bit more radical. You will soon hear of a book entitled, Downline. It’s not good news for anyone involved in MLM.

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