Tech Slaves Unplugging Without Derailing Your Business

Since the mid 20th century we have all become tech slaves of one form or another. Now learn how to you can breakout and unplug from tech slavery without derailing your business.

1. Avoid email quicksand – Completely avoid email during the first and last hour of your work day. Instead uses these two hours to focus on your most critical and pressing tasks.

2. Silence Alarms – Turn off your email and twitter alerts. Check email or your twitter at specific times of the day only.

3. Clear the deck – During allotted times, respond immediately to anything that can be answered in two minutes or less.

4. Send to purgatory – Create a pending folder for email you don’t want to delete, but you will get to after your more pressing emails.

5. Delete it – Delete at least 85% of your email. This is spam and you do not have time to get de-focused off your priorities.

6. Turn off your cell phones and PDAs when you are not working. In other words set office hours and stick to them.

These guideline will help you create balance in your life.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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