Tahitian Noni International Drops its Flagship Product Noni Juice After 14 Years Why

When I first read the fact Noni was dropping its widely acclaimed “Noni Juice” I was shocked. At first I think the company must be shedding it’s MLM culture due to the economy, but as I read on, I realized Noni as with a handful of other MLM companies has moved away from the “hype of selling superfruits” to relying on the “scientific evidence” provided by 3rd party testing.

Direct Selling News conducted an exclusive interview with John Wadsworth Founder & President of Tahitian Noni International. (Read It Here)

After 14 years Noni now has the scientific evidence to prove, their “Noni Juice” is more than just one of the original, if not the original “superfruit juice”, but that it is truly the first in a new category called “Bioactive Beverages!”

Noni is leading this category, but from further research, we can see that New Vision International, Life Force International, and XanGo are closing the gap, by focusing on the science behind their own flagship products.

New Vision International through it’s Vemma division has presented several 3rd party blind tests over the last few years on its Mangosteen/Aloe based formula to provide its Brand Partners more than just hype when it comes to selling the Vemma family of products.

To Noni this is not just a new marketing spin, it is the future of the company. They have invested thousands in funding to produce 14 different human clinical trials, which have been peer-reviewed and published (according to Barbara Seale of Direct Selling News).

This new trend by some of the most respected direct selling companies in the world is the new benchmark for separating those MLM companies who are serious about changing the world we live, and those who are just out to do a quick launch with a lot of hype and little substance.

You can read Barbara Seale’s full article at Direct Selling News

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