MLM Wireless Update: Zoom VOIP Network is Live, and a Lawsuit Against ZRT Mobile is Imminent

I’m going to use this use this MLM Wireless update to set the record straight on a couple of things and to try stop a pending legal action.

One of the things I truly appreciate about Zoom Mobile is they run their operation like a business. When they have issues or concerns, they don’t pussy foot around, Matt Foreman reaches out, and schedules a call. Today was one such call.

I met with Zoom Founder, George Burton, Founding Distributor, Matt Davis, and Chief Legal Counsel, Matthew Foreman to discus the following items of interest.

Is Matt Davis still with Zoom Mobile? The answer is YES! Like any team who has come together to form a new venture, it takes a little time for each team member to figure out where they can thrive. Matt made it clear today, after crisscrossing the country in the Zoom Bus, he realized his real passion is team building in the field, not running a company from the inside.

His passion for the whole Zoom family, and is unwavering loyalty to George Burton personally was truly refreshing.

Zoom VOIP Network – George Burton was stoked when I brought up this question. He shared how this new Zoom VOIP Network will work with traditional landlines and mobile phones. Zoom had a special application designed to use with their wireless phones, and is one more service which George had promised to the field and have now delivered.

He is sending me a phone to text this new platform, so be watching for an upcoming article on this new ZOOM VOIP Service.

Is the rumors of a pending lawsuit against ZRT Mobile true? George Burton addressed this first. He made it very clear he will protect the Zoom brand, and the Zoom distributors privacy at all cost!

“I am not going to set by, and let anyone damage our business. We have invested over a million dollars to launch this company and deliver on our promises.”

Matthew Foreman, made it very clear, he will be filing a civil complaint against ZRT Mobile and several individuals who have made it clear they are the founders of the company.

Matthew was also very clear, that at least one ZRT Founder, had been a former employee of Zoom Mobile, and had copied they distributor database before leaving the company and has made it available to ZRT Mobile for cross solicitation.

Now, if this turns out to be true, and I have no reason to question Matthew Foreman’s then at least one ZRT Founder, may be looking at criminal changes, not just a civil complaint. And if it is proven that ALL the founders of ZRT knew the database was stolen then we may have a criminal conspiracy on our hands.

Launching a competing company in the same niche is Free Enterprise aka Capitalism and I am a proponent of this type of business.

However, when a company is launched by stealing confidential and proprietary information, then I draw the line.

I have received several emails from the founders of ZRT Mobile, along with reading through all the comments on the last Zoom article. Based on what I have read to date, I will be writing an article next week after I have submitted a list of questions to the founders of ZRT Mobile and have received their responses live or in written form.

MLM Wireless News: Zoom Mobile Officially Launches But Not Without Some Controversy

During the last few weeks I have been watching Zoom Mobile. I have also been listening to the conversation surrounding Zoom Mobile from current distributors and founders of this company. I even went so far as to join the Zoom Mobile Social Community to get a feel for the culture they are creating.

Let’s take a look at some of the concerns and issues surrounding Zoom Mobile:

What happened to Matt Davis? – From what I have learned Matt Davis has decided to leave corporate to focus on building his distributorship. Now, what I am not real sure on, is if that distributorship is with Zoom Mobile, or a new start-up company called ZRT.

Troy’s Insights: From what I have learned first hand, if there is a new company called ZRT which has been formed by former corporate employees and founding distributors, they had better make sure they cross all their “Ts” and dot all their “Is”, because Zoom Mobile will file a civil complaint to stop any type of harm to their brand and most of all their distributors.

As a matter of fact this small part of a song from Tomorrow’s Bad Seed fits for some of the folks who are not causing harm to the Zoom Distributors. Everyone should be very careful and think about the distributors, not themselves.

Where is the Zoom Tour Bus? – Now pictures speak louder than words. Since the Zoom Tour Bus, is leased to George Burton, and he does (or at least did) own a successful record label, he decided one of the best moves for building the Zoom Mobile Brand, is to allow the bus to be used on the Van’s Warped Tour. Tomorrows Bad Seed is using the bus on their current tour, which is truly a great way to spread the word on Zoom Mobile!

Where is the Founder’s Bonus Getting Paid? – I talked to Zoom’s legal counsel about this very subject and he assures me that Zoom Mobile Founder Bonus will be paid out on September 30th, 2010! (So if you are a founder and do not get paid on this date, please let me know!)

Now, although it is still very early in the MLM Wireless niche, it does look like Zoom is taking their time to do things right.

If you are a former distributor, former founder, or a current distributor who can shed any other insight than what we have from the Zoom Corporate office please feel free to share it publicly or even privately with me at

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Wireless News: What You May Not Know About Zoom Mobile

Over the last few weeks I have been reviewing information about Zoom Mobile and even talking to Co-Founder George Burton and Zoom’s corporate attorney Matthew Foreman to see if we can get some answers. This is the first of a three to five part series on this new MLM Wireless Company.

This first article is more on the marketing of Zoom Mobile than anything, but I do cover a few questions, that folks have been asking.

1. Does George Burton and other Zoom Founders, family members hold positions in the compensation structure? Well, I can tell you this. George made it very clear, his wife was the first person to write a check to join Zoom.

When George told me this, I told him I thought this was great. When a spouse believe in their mate enough to write a check and join, it does show some rock solid faith.

Personally, I think owners of private MLM companies should all take top positions in the compensation structure, instead of taking regular compensation. If an owner’s income was tied 100% to the success of the field force, then maybe we would see founders take better care of the field.

2. Who is the MLM attorney or consultant helping Zoom with their policies and procedures and terms and conditions? Gerry Nehra and his partner Richard Waak are the MLM Attorneys who are working to ensure Zoom has the MLM side of things in order.

3. Which MLM software company is handling the back office and compensation structure? Again, Zoom is not cutting corners. They have hired MultiSoft, one of the most respected companies to help them in this area.

4. Is Zoom Mobile a MVNO? From talking with George Burton and reviewing what is on the net, Zoom has inked a deal with a very well respected MVNO which allows for private labeling and 100% support to Zoom Mobile.

Now, there are plenty of other questions we will cover moving forward, but these are the three big ones.

Now, lets look at the marketing side of things.

With George Burton’s background in the entertainment industry, he fully understands that marketing and branding is the backbone of any successful business.

So one of the first things he did was put together a nationwide tour which will end up in Las Vegas the first weekend of August when Zoom holds their launch convention.

Zoom Mobile Bus

Here is a pretty solid video about the Zoom Mobile Nationwide Tour.

Here is another solid marketing video about Zoom Mobile which once again shows the focus on the branding mission of Zoom Mobile.