Global Verge Reps Say I am Biased Against Zer01 And Buzzirk Leadership

Global Verge Reps say I am biased against the Zer01, Buzzirk and leadership of their companies over all the other MLM Wireless Companies.

Over the last few days I have received both emails and phone calls from Global Verge Reps who all say the same thing… “Troy you are being very biased against the founders and current corporate leadership.

All the calls have been very professional, but each was ended the same. I would hear the propaganda of the company, and none of them had done any true due diligence.

Zer01 Hedging Their Bets Against Buzzirk Wireless Failure

Zer01 seems to be hedging their bets against Global Verge’s wireless brand Buzrrik failing to get air under their wireless wings.

Zer01 Mobile

The most current news coming from top Wireless Technology sources and some of Zer01’s most current Press Releases should be warning signs to the top brass at Global Verge, and their Field Leaders.