Global Verge Founders Pay $150,000 To Erotic Adult Escort Service Then Files Lawsuit For A Full Refund

Global Verge founders Ted Robbins and Mark Petschel pay $150,000 to erotic adult escort service TNV Enterprises through Ben Piilani and Zer01 Mobile, while claiming they could not pay distributors their commission payments. What makes this so funny is the managing partner of TNV Enterprises is a shareholder of Zer01 Mobile, and Unified Technologies Group is listed as controlling the TNV Enterprises website.

TNV Entertainment

Nancy Gohring, a well respected investigative journalist, known for her focus to details broke this story on December 15th, while covering the lawsuit filed by Global Verge against Zer01 Mobile and Ben Piilani.

I find it very interesting, that Ben Piilani made a huge deal out of Mark Petchel’s criminal background, as one of the reasons for his breaking the Global Verge/Buzzirk deal, yet one of his shareholders is a criminal. Stealing is stealing, whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor. Seems to me all of these folks were in bed together,paying each other for all kind of personal services.

But, let’s back up and start at the beginning before Nancy’s investigation have evolved to where the story is today.

In 2007 E-Verge Mark Petschel and his partners claimed to be billionaires, and used the same story to separate hardworking distributors from their dreams. Funny how some of the same founding distributors in E-Verge are promoting Global Verge.

July 20- NetworkWorld – Zer01 Offer May be to Good to be True

When Nancy broke the story questioning Zer01, they stripped their website hoping others would not see what she has seen.

TechDirt – The Zer01/Global Verge Saga

The the story went international when ComputerWorld Kenya picked it up.

Then last week Nancy filed her current update…

From as far back as E-Verge we can see the same smoke and mirror show. Pretschel and his partners in crime have pretended to be BILLIONAIRES while screwing hardworking, well meaning distributors out of their hard earned money.

And as current as this week, Roberts and Petschel got the field excited by scheduling a HUGE company wide training call so the distributors could get certified to sell the new Global Mobile 1 cell service to the public, and instead of canceling the call in advance, they don’t do anything. Thousands show up to get certified, just to learn, NO ONE FROM GLOBAL VERGE shows up on the call.

Talk about devastation. And this doesn’t even take into account the massive movements of downline legs which is taking place, with the company’s approval. Seems some people are paying Vegas based “adult entertainment services” for their personal pleasures, while raping their distributors.

How come the company is marketing the Global Mobile-1 cell services through the company owned stores, while at the same time tying the hands of the distributors so they can’t compete against the company?

And, I am calling all triple diamonds and founding distributors on the carpet. You can no longer bury your head in the sand, to protect your checks. We have provided years of facts, and yet you want to continue to pretend none of it matters. Well, the time has come for you to act like leaders. Either protect your downlines from getting raped, or you’ll be seen as one of the rapists.

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Breaking MLM Wireless News Global Verge CEO Steve Lewis Invites MLM Help Desk To Leaders Call

Breaking MLM News: Former Global Verge CEO & CFO Break Their Silence

Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge New CEO Steve Lewis Invites MLM Help Desk to the Triple Diamond leadership call tonight.

After the call I will post an update and let all of our subscribers know whats current with Global Verge.

Never Give Up,

Breaking Wireless MLM News Zer01 Mobile CEO Ben Piilani On The Hot Seat For Embellishment

Breaking Wireless MLM News: Zer01 Mobile CEO ben Pillani is now on the hot seat for embellishment. Over the last few weeks I have been hitting Global Verge, Buzzirk, Zer01 and Unified Technologies Group, Inc. hard.

Well, in this post I am not going to write much, all I want to do is provide links to some of the most respected Technology and Wireless sites available today.

This investigative reporters do this for a live, and have huge budgets to validate their facts. For my critics you might find it interesting that some of their facts are coming out weeks after we reported the same facts.

Zer01’s mobile offer: Too good to be true?

The Zer01 Story: Lots Of Buzz, But Is It Actually Real…?

Network World Uncovers More Dirt On Zer01

Washington Post

As I have stated in the past, out goal is not to report rumors, or half truths. When we report it is to protect distributors who may not fully understand what they are about to get into, and to protect the integrity of this great profession.

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MLM Wireless Wars Are Heating Up ZER01 Demands I Take Down MLM Help Desk

The MLM Wireless Wars, may be heating up! I received an email (see below) which purportedly came from ZER01 Communications Chief Operations Officer Lance Dascotte, demanding I take down MLM Help Desk.

Now, I have to tell you, in reviewing the email headers, I can tell the email came from, and not, but it was sent on behalf of Lance Dascotte @

So in all fairness, since I have not received a follow-up email to my response, I decide to publish the email, so if by some chance it was the Real COO of ZER01 Communications Lance Dascotte, we can keep the story straight.

Global Verge CEO MARK PTECHEL Answers MLM Watchdog Rod Cook’s Allegations

Global Verge CEO MARK PTECHEL Answers MLM Watchdog Rod Cook’s Allegations about Buzzirk Wireless being just another MLM scam.

Over the years we see companies get off to rough starts, but that in no way means they are scams.

Over the last few days I have heard from some great Network Marketing Distributors who truly believe the new technology offered by Zer01 Mobile and Buzzirk Wireless will revolutionize the telecommunication industry.

I truly hope they are right, because if so, many will become millionaires, and others will truly change their lives forever.

Read Mark Ptechel’s rebuttal here

Read my original post here

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

MLM Watchdog Rod Cook Comes Out Swinging On Buzzirk Wireless & Global Verge

Rod Cook aka The MLM Watchdog, and Chairman of the DRA (Distributor Rights Association) came out swinging this week sharing his insight into Buzzirk Wireless.

Rod Cook

Like Rod I have received several calls and emails from folks asking for my opinion. Although I have been very open, I have not written on Buzzirk or Global Verge (be the way if you want to see Global Verge’s “buzzirk” site you need to go here) because I knew Rod was working on publishing something.

Global Verge

You can read Rod’s full article here

Before you click over to read Rod’s article I do want to touch on a couple of issues.

1. MLM Due Diligence: This is a must!!! Just because you hear some MLM Big HItter is joining a company, doesn’t mean the company is a real mlm opportunity. Take some time and do your homework.

Just last week I received a call from a company owner, who offered me $50K in stock to becoming 1 of 20 founders. Although the technology behind the company looks solid, I have some huge reservations because of the due diligence I have done.

2. MLM Start-Ups (MLM Pre-launches) Just because a company is in pre-launch or what the business community calls a start-up does not mean, you ould run the other way. You have to remember ALL MLM or Network Marketing type companies were start-ups once.

What I would do is be very cautious about “Pre-Launch MLMs) Yes, some Network Marketing companies will do a “soft launch” with a few leaders. But, in all my years (27 as a distributor, officer and owner) I have never seen any company who hit a billion in cumulative sales do it with smoke and mirrors, and over hyped half trues.

So do your homework and make sure you have all the facts before you jump in over your head.

Troy’s Truth: People are not looking for anew money story, they are looking for a leader who
will give them a crusade they can believe in. One that will allow them to help others while they are changing their lives forever.

Never Give Up,