MLM Company Review: Does Zeekler aka Zeek Rewards Offer A Viable Business Opportunity For Network Marketing

Over the few weeks, more and more network marketers have called, emailed and FaceBooked me asking about Zeek Rewards. Is it a legit MLM business opportunity, or a just the next generation of the Auto Surf Daily trend from a few years ago. The reality is it not be either of the above. Although, it does have a multi-level compensation plan, offers a daily advertising payout, like the old auto surfing. It also offers a reverse auction component, along with a free software download, like the My Magic Genie folks. SO when you put all this together, you come up with one wild looking way for the average person to make money without ever having to sell anything. Which is where the red flags and issue come in. has done a couple of reviews on Zeek Rewards which also gives a more detailed review of the company. I suggest reps and potential reps read these articles to get a better feel of things.

ZeekRewards Review: SPAM, Penny Auctions & MLM

Using Zeek Rewards as a pure investment program?