Breaking Zeek Rewards News: 120 Days To File A Claim Or Lose Out Forever!

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Jordan Maglich over at broke this news earlier today. I used his editorial to cover the most important parts of what this means for the victims and claimants of Zeek Rewards.


Troy’s Thoughts: It is clear from the filings that Kenneth Bell and his team are working to make the claims process, as cost effective for the estate as possible.  But, it is the responsibility of those who are victims to pay close attention and make sure you fully understand what you must do to get your claims filed and accepted.

Kenneth D Bell

Should the Court approve the Motion in its current form, the Receiver proposes that he will provide notice to all interested parties via several methods:

  1. Making the Claims Process publicly available on the Reeiver’s website at a soon-to-be-functional Claims Portal;
  2. Emailing all known affiliates through email addresses obtained from Receivership records and collected at the Receiver’s website;
  3. By U.S. Mail to trade creditors and other known, non-affiliate creditors; and
  4. Publishing the Receiver’s Notice on the Receiver’s website, certain multilevel marketing sites, certain newspapers, and sending the Notice to certain trade groups in the financial industry.

Within 14 days of court approval of the Motion and included in the court-approved notice to claimants, the Receiver proposes to have a Claims Portal active on his website,  According to the Receiver, the Portal is “designed to capture the claims of all Claimants…in the most cost effective way possible.”  Thus, all claimants, whether affiliates or non-affiliates, should files claims at the Claims Portal.  Indeed,

Failure to submit a validly completed claim on the Claim Portal (or by alternative means that are agreed to between such Claimant and the Receiver prior to the Bar Date) will preclude a Claimant from receiving a distribution from the Receivership Defendant regardless of the validity of the Claimant’s claims.

VIP Points Not Allowed

One issue of note is the Receiver’s proposal to omit any inclusion of “Retail Profit Points” or “VIP Points” in the calculation or determination of any claim.  Akin to interest, the VIP Points were accrued by purchasing sample or VIP bids and then re-distributing them to retail customers or back to Zeek.  The VIP Points then allowed the affiliate to participate in the daily percentage payout from Zeek, which averaged approximately 1.5%.  As is universally understood in other receiverships, victims of Ponzi schemes are entitled only to their lost principal balance, and not to any fictitious interest (or, in this case, points) that they may have accumulated.  Indeed, especially since the vast majority of Ponzi schemes are unable to accomplish a total return of victim losses, allowing interest as part of a valid claim would reward some victims at the expense of others. Source – 


Court Filings Regarding the above Motion


Exhibit #1

Exhibit #2

Exhibit #3

Exhibit #4

Exhibit #5


Zeek Rewards Update: Fun Club USA Not Covering Legal Fees For All Their Members It Seems

Truth & Justice

One of our community members, Zeek Freak directed me to an article written by Don Ryan over at ASD Updates published an interesting notice put out by Fun Club USA on Nov. 6th, 2012. What caught my attention was the fact, Fun Club USA after collecting what some have calculated to be in the high six or even seven figures, seemingly is refusing to cover the legal costs of their donors who are part of the 1200 Subpoenas issued by the Zeek rewards Receiver, Kenneth Bell. Why?

According to the statement below, the reason is because there are so few in their group who have been subpoenaed, that they feel they can handle it on their own. However, Don Ryan brings up a great point. If all 1200 went to the Fun Club USA law firm of Alexander Ricks PLLC, he would earn an additional $360k Now without a doubt all 1200 will not hire him. Many have already reached out to Phillip Young to handle there case.

The question is WHY won’t Fun Club USA cover the $300 per member, after what some call begging them for legal donations to save them from clawbacks?

Another question might be… Is Fun Club USA covering the cost of the “Chosen 12” as some critics now call the top promoters who have joined Robert Craddock.

And… one former Zeek Rewards Affiliate, after listening to the last call, asked “Why was Robert Craddock served in the 1200, when he has publicly told folks he only made a few hundred dollars?

Well no matter what the answers, just mae sure you have all the info you can find before jumping on any of the propaganda, pro or con against the Zeek Rewards Subpoena issue.

Don Ryan’s post starts here…

Here we have today’s update as promised, only a day late.  I will point out tho you that I do nor condone, recommend or advise anyone to use their law firm,  Consult your own legal experts before acting on any advice from Fun Club USA or its spokesman.  Subpoenas requiring you to provide information in a Civil or Criminal matter is not an extraordinary request and is a court issued document that should not be ignored. There are penalties for failure to comply.

While I have no opinion either way about the law firm of Alexander Ricks, PLLC., if every one of the first 1,200 who  received a Subpoena uses them, they make $360,000 in fees. I suppose if they do anything of substance, it might be worth the money. However, you have to make your own decisions about what is best for your own interests.

Fun Club USA, LLC reminds me of the infamous ASD Members Business Association (ASDMBA), who promised people things that were never delivered after they took in money. Much of what has been said by FCU and its people are echoes of what happened in the ASD Civil and Criminal cases which started out in a similar fashion, namely, seizure of assets.

November 6, 2012

Greetings good people, update to the conference calls on Saturday November 3, 2012.

For everyone that has received a subpoena for information from Kenneth Bell, you like us believe that Kenneth Bell is fishing for information to intimidate and to get you to voluntary turn over monies you earned by bringing value to the Zeekler Penny Auction.

As I clearly stated, you are not under any court order to turn over any funds and it is our position that Zeek Rewards was a legal business model, claims stating otherwise are false.

Our law firm is now willing to take on the people that have received subpoenas from Kenneth Bell and respond to them for you. The firm has come up with a flat rate for doing this and it is quite affordable.

You will be listed on the court records as being represented by the firm and they will file the objection to Kenneth Bell’s subpoena request for you. You have 14 days to file an objection and the clock is ticking. Because this is only impacting a small percentage of people we decided to not ask the entire group to help fund this, and the law firm has agreed to do this on a flat fee per person needing assistance of just $300 dollars.

Only people that have received subpoenas should call the law firm.

Please contact the attorneys directly to get more information the contact person at Alexander Ricks PLLC is:

Clark C. Walton


Alexander Ricks PLLC

2901 Coltsgate Road, Suite 202

Charlotte, North Carolina 28211

(704) 200-2637 direct

(704) 365-3676 fax