Breaking Zeek Rewards News: SNR Denton To Represent Zeek Affiliates United Against What is Believed to be Unlawful Action by the SEC

Robert Craddock who leads this effort on behalf of “ZEEK AFFILIATES UNITED AGAINST WHAT IS BELIEVED TO BE UNLAWFUL ACTION BY THE SEC“, contacted me today to notify me this group of Zeek Affiliates have retained one f the top 25 law firms in the world SNR DentonUpdate Added Below On August 27th, 2012 Update Added On September 7th, 2012 – Robert Craddock Reveals SNR Denten Returns Retainer

So far this group of affiliates is around 5000 strong and growing from reviewing their website.

There is also a recorded call for those who are interested that was provided at 530-881-1499 Pin: 228186

Robert Craddock, explained that early this next week the lawfirm of SNR Denton will release a press release notifying the Rex Venture Group, LLC receiver they are representing this group of Zeek Affiliates.

Update August 27th, 2012 (Per Request of the law firm and Robert Craddock, the bio’s of the Atorney’s were removed to stop enormous amount of calls and emails the firm was receiving.  If you have questions please email them to