Six Desires Women Really Want From A MLM Business Opportunity

What is it women truly desire from any MLM business opportunity? If you watch TV or Movies you may think it is money and fame. But I am about to change your mind.

So let’s take a look at what women are looking for when they evaluate a MLM business and/or products and services.

And, for all you wonderful ladies who are reading this post, let me state I am far from an expert on women, but as a husband of the most fantastic women in the world, and father of two great daughters I have learned a few things by listening to their wants, needs and desires.

1. Shopping Fun – Women are not looking to be sold something, they are looking for a shopping experience. One that is fun and exciting and that they can share with other women. Think about it for a second, how many women do you see shopping by themselves? Which may be why party plan mlm companies do so well.

2. Trust Factor
– Women are about relationships, which is why companies like Mary Kay, Take Shape For Life, and AtHome America do so well. They focus on the relationship side of our profession, not the hype.

According to Bridge Brennon, CEO of Female Factor Strategic Consulting “In any one-on-one sales situation, women are evaluating the salesperson as much as the prodct or service.”

Which is why I equip leaders based on the following belief “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

3. Value
– Women far more than men demand value. Women, today are smarter and wiser when it comes to the facts. They will research a product and company to make sure they are getting the most for their dollar. Especially with the economy as crazy as it is today.

4. The Latest & Greatest
– Now I am not talking about “keeping up with the Jones.” I am talking about keeping up with the times. Women look for companies who are on the cutting edge of the newest and best trends.

5. Technology – Women, unlike men do not see technology as “just another must have toy.” Nope, women will discard a technology device if it doesn’t give her the convenience she is looking for.

6. Aesthetics – Women were created to want things to look good, and I for one am truly glad. This includes their personal features, homes, children and most of all the businesses they represent. Funny that most men never focus on personal aesthetics, but they sure notice those of their wives and girl friends.

So for all those CEO’s who read my blog, which happen to be male, focus on creating the best products and services you can if you desire to keep women in your organizations.

Tomorrow I am going to focus on sharing some very interesting facts that the DSA has released on what women in MLM and Network Marketing value most.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader