Did Weekenders Enter Bankruptcy Or Are They Dissing Their Reps

Rumors have been running rapid over the last couple of weeks about the 20 plus year old network marketing company Weekenders filing for bankruptcy. However…

After investigating this situation over the last week, and talking to some of the top international reps, and not being able to find any public court filings as of yet, I am not convinced that Weekenders has really filed for bankruptcy. As a matter of fact they may have just dissed their reps so they don;t need to pay commissions earned. (Although I have not verified this yet!)

As a matter of fact according to one former Executive of Weekenders, the company has not filed for bankruptcy.

So, to all Weekenders Reps, I would call the corporate offices, I would contact the Distributor’s Rights Association and I would also think about contacting a good Distributor attorney to see exactly what your next move might be.

If you need some names of some excellent Distributor attorneys  please feel free to contact me.

My personal prayer is that soon we will hear from Bill Baily & George Raynault the two visionaries who founded this company over 20 plus years ago. (Both men had retired from the company in the last year or so.)

In closing I would also suggest that all US based Reps contact the DSA due to the fact Weekenders USA is a member in good standing and have publicly stated they will be held to this standard http://www.weekendersusa.com/_spring08/about/commitment_to_ethics.php

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly