MLM News Updated August 21st 2013: Shopping Sherlock Founder Michael Wiedder Acquires Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC

August 20, 2013 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time

Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock Acquires Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC

Santa Monica –  PR Web – Best In U, Inc. aka Shopping Sherlock (, a global direct marketer of innovative internet and mobile based technology solutions  announced today, that on Saturday August 10th 2013 at the Vitel Impact Conference in Houston, TX, it was announced that  Shopping Sherlock had completed a deal to acquire Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC with a target date set for September 1st 2013 to complete the acquisition and merger over to the Shopping Sherlock platform.  This announcement followed an on stage introduction of Michael Wiedder, CEO and Founder of Shopping Sherlock, who went on to share his vision and plans for the future of the company and the value Shopping Sherlock can bring to the Vitel Wireless Independent Business Owners.

Scott Rogers

The founders and CEO Scott Rogers expressed their excitement and support about the merger, stating “It has always been our goal to provide the best possible opportunity for the Vitel Wireless independent business owners and their families and we have realized that the Vitel executive team had taken Vitel as far as it could and in order to secure the future growth of the business owners and their families we had to make a tough decision to step back in order to let them grow.  We felt in our hearts that we were holding them back and that if we could find a stable, growing company with a great product and strong leadership, the Vitel independent business owners could have a brighter future.  It was in this search we found Shopping Sherlock and Michael Wiedder, who we feel exhibits the same heart and passion for his company and members as we do ours.”

Shopping Sherlock offers a global e-commerce shopping app and platform that allows distributors to give an unlimited number of apps away for free and earn usage income when their customers use their Sherlock app and platform.  The company states, the Shopping Sherlock app was designed to open the door to online affiliate marketing for the masses and believes they have positioned the Company in front of the biggest trends in the world.  Global e-Commerce surpassed 1 trillion dollars in 2012 and is still growing at 20% per year In addition with the growth of mobile and m-commerce as well as how people around the world are using the Internet and mobile devices, Shopping Sherlock has positioned itself to be the top Internet home-based business in the world.


When asked what made Vitel a good fit for Shopping Sherlock, CEO, Michael Wiedder, stated, “Vitel Wireless has done a great job building a Company around culture and giving their independent business owners an opportunity to offer discounted services and make residual income on the use of those services. Shopping Sherlock’s technology that automatically finds the best deals on products and services all over the world is synergistic with Vitel’s mission and culture. In addition, we have given Vitel Wireless independent business owners the opportunity to now build a worldwide business. We look forward to adding their product mix to our vendor relationships which include the largest affiliate networks in North America, Asia and soon to be Europe, as well as one of the largest daily deal aggregators in the world, including Daily Deals from the top Company’s around the world. When you add the recent launch of our mobile app, that offers daily deals and coupons that are geo-location based and allows our affiliates to make money as people save money, we believe we have the foundation to become a billion dollar Company.  We look forward to working with the leaders and business owners from Vitel to help us achieve our collective goals.”

About Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock provides independent affiliates all the licenses to share an unlimited number of Sherlock apps to their customers which can help the user save time and money when they shop online, while accruing affiliate income as well.  They provide a complete educational system designed to help the independent Sherlock Affiliate be more effective at distributing the Sherlock Web App, showing users how to save money online, and how to help small businesses leverage the internet to improve their effectiveness and sales. The company also provides customizable Branding Tools, Advertising and Marketing systems, Coupon creators, social media tools, their own blogs, and their own mobile app and platform. The Company also gives their affiliates a tracking system that allows distributors to share deals, products and services through social media and track their efforts so they can be compensated.

Shopping Sherlock has a strong Corporate Mission to be a leader in cause integration and set an example both in the Network Marketing Industry and for corporations worldwide.  The company’s commitment is to support cancer fighting charities and research in helping to find a cure.  In addition, the company  sponsors their representatives in their fundraising activities, be it, runs, walks, rides or other endeavors as they raise money to help fight cancer and provide services for those in need.  One of the Shopping Sherlock commitments is to creating a corporate culture of “we first”, rather than “me first”, where people and families fighting cancer will be positively impacted by our success and the efforts of our affiliates and product partners.

Safe Harbor Statement

This release includes forward-looking statements on our current expectations and projections about future events. In some cases forward-looking statements can be identified by terminology such as “may,” “should,” “potential,” “continue,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “intends,” “plans,” “believes,” “estimates,” and similar expressions. These statements are based upon current beliefs, expectations and assumptions and include statements regarding our growth, timing of research results and the results of the research. These statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict, including our ability to produce desired study results in a timely manner and our ability to continue our growth. The information in this release is provided only as of the date of this release, and we undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this release based on new information, future events, or otherwise, except as required by law.

For more information contact:

Michael Wiedder  CEO Shopping Sherlock

(310) 405-0011

ViTel Wireless News & Info: ViTel Founders Share Why They Teamed Up With Gries Investment Fund Partners

Over the last few weeks the news leaked out, then a press release was issues that announced the strategic alliance between Gries Investment Funds and ViTel Wireless. Well a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to invest a little time with Scott Rodger, James Pearson, Larry Rogers and Brandon Ivy as they shared their the excitement and vision of the future.

Vitel Wireless partners with major investment firm to complete their 2013 project expansion and long-term growth strategy.”

EEarlier this week Vitel disclosed it has completed a deal with The Gries Investment Fund, Details of this partnership have not been released by either party.  The company believes this partnership is crucial to their product expansion, and long-term growth strategy and couldn’t come at a better time with the official re-launch of their pre-paid command center later this week. Vitel indicated that this partnership will not only provide long-term financial strategy and sustainability; it will provide resources to complete their ever growing product lineup and Energy program.

Gries Investment Fund has had an instrumental role in launching several new companies within the Direct Sales Industry, backing expansion efforts, and providing both short and long term financing for many successful companies.  The extensive knowledge and resources that Gries Investment Fund can provide will secure Vitel’s position as a major player in the industry and sends a strong message that they are finalizing long term viability plans and targeting 2013 as a breakout year for the young company.

In their short existence, Vitel made waves last year being ranked among the top 10 companies by; a third party site that ranks companies based on popularity and growth, even reaching the top 5.  Vitel attributes its success to its down to earth, grass roots, approach that focuses on the Independent Business Owner and products you know, trust and use daily.

When asked about this partnership, COO, James Pearson stated, “Vitel is here to stay and wants to change the lives of many for years to come.   Our goal was never to be a one-hit wonder,  but  be the company of  choice for all individuals looking for a solid home based business or company they can partner with to create their success story.  The agreement was finalized earlier this week and we couldn’t be happier.” This partnership really adds value to the company and Independent Business Owners that are a part of Vitel.  We will be able to support increased sales volumes, provide state of the art, scalable marketing and ordering systems to accommodate the growth, and strengthen our product offerings.


In early 2012, Vitel delivered the first true multi-carrier system that allows the Independent Business Owners to earn residuals from the bill payments received via their very own portal. Vitel began rebuilding this system in the last quarter of 2012 and following extensive end-to-end testing the new system deployed on March 15th, 2013. Timing is perfect for the re-launch of the system with the Company’s new offering which is a $35 unlimited talk, text, and web service. The company wanted to bring their customers an affordable, yet reliable wireless service with added value and the power to choose, while allowing you to earn free service without switching plans or services.  The enhanced Pre-Paid Command Center will provide a one stop shop for purchasing a compatible phone, choosing a plan, activating service, and paying your bill.  The portal which provides automated instant pin delivery and refills will also include international carriers in preparation for Vitel’s International expansion plans.

The company’s CEO, Scott Rogers, said “Vitel has done it again.  We truly are delivering the best products and services within the direct selling industry. Compared to most competitors, Vitel chose to offer the benefit of having many commonly recognized prepaid and post-paid carrier plans available to their Independent Business Owners and their customers. For the customer this means greater flexibility to remain with their current “proven” service provider or select from one of the many other carriers who may offer the best choice for their coverage needs.”

Vitel  offers  online  wireless  stores  to  virtually  anyone  who  aspires  to  own  their  very  own business.  The company offers the latest in wireless and cellular products through the Nation’s Top Wireless Providers.   You can learn more simply by going to their website now at Vitel Wireless built their business model around the direct sales community.

Business owners and Independent Sales Representatives of Vitel Wireless receive a personal replicated website that allows them to market their business online.  Their site gives them an online wireless store that enables them to share and earn from customers purchases from sales representative’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent sales representative of Vitel Wireless. The availability of all products being located on each independent business owner’s site gives business owner customers more choices in one place. One major goal of Vitel Wireless is to create a one stop shop for all your wireless and home service needs.  Vitel  Wireless  is  a  direct  selling  company  and  focuses  primarily  on  taking products and services directly to the consumer through sharing and referring.

ABOUT Vitel Wireless

Vitel Wireless is a leading direct reseller for wireless products and services.  Vitel Wireless is the destination for the best priced wireless products and innovative cell phone reseller programs as well as home of one of the lowest unlimited everything wireless plans on the market today. Vitel Wireless provides business owners their own website to market and sell their products as well as introduce others into their business. The company also provides sales tracking, training, support, direct deposit, and many other business related tools to a vast network of resellers. Vitel Wireless delivers a one of a kind turnkey wireless online business instantly to all new Independent Business Owners.


For more information visit or by phone 877-778-8997

MLM Wireless News Flash: ViTel Wireless Offering $35 Unlimited Everything To First 5000 Subscribers

ViTel Wireless

I just got hit with some major news from Vitel Wireless. With the lowest rate in the MLM Wireless Space sitting around $49, the new Vitel pricing may start a new economic shift in favor of the wireless consumer. With the latest round of tax increases to the average American, I see this as a way one company is working to give back to Middle America in the way of net increase in disposable monthly income. And for those who take advantage of the ViTel Income Opportunity, they could see a double net gain in monthly disposable income.

Vitel Wireless Press Releases Below.

ViTel Wireless




Vitel Wireless, LLC announced this week it is adding what it believes to be a revolutionary pre-paid wireless service to their home services offerings, which will create massive savings and change the face of the direct sales and marketing industries. Just introduced, through a limited offer pre-launch, a $35/month Unlimited Talk, Text and Web prepaid wireless service. Vitel’s goal is to create savings for everyone who uses a wireless phone and utilize their Independent Business Owner Network to market and refer customers, allowing individuals to share in the wealth previously controlled by large Telecom companies and advertising agencies.

Vitel will offer this service “At No Extra Charge” when you join Vitel as an Independent Business Owner and allow you to earn simply by referring new customers to this service. The company states by eliminating the need for large advertising dollars, they are able to shift the revenues to pay their Independent Business Owners for sharing and promoting this cost saving service. Vitel believes it can use their current network, which reaches about 1 million people daily through their various social media and web channels. When asked, COO James Pearson stated, “This really makes sense, we have been increasing our footprint in the Home Services front for the last 2 years by offering great services by name brand companies and now we have finally found a service that can save everyone money each month and when you combine that with our ever growing popular business model it is a home run. You can now not only save money, but earn $25 per customer you refer. It is a win, win for all and given the barrier of entry at only $69.95, you can be in business earning extra money today and get incredible wireless service. This is Big not only for Vitel, but the entire industry.”

Vitel has indicated that the Pre-Launch will be available to the first 5,000 people who join. During the prelaunch they indicated customers can also take advantage of this $35/ Unlimited, Talk, Text and Web service. Vitel estimates the pre-launch should generate 5,000 customers in 72 hours.

Vitel Wireless is not new to the technology sector; offering wireless phones both pre-paid and postpaid, mobile hotspots, home security, satellite television, and much more. So if Vitel is not new to the technology sector. Vitel is a direct sales and marketing company which encourages self-growth and entrepreneurship by offering the consumer an opportunity to earn money while promoting Vitel home services products. Shad Johnson, a product director for Vitel, states, “It’s actually pretty simple; start your own business for $69.95 and receive Wireless service with unlimited talk, text and web. But that’s not all. Vitel will offer every business owner who refers 3 in a week and extra $50 bonus for a total of $125 for simply for sharing.

Vitel also has a bonus program to eliminate your household bills and when asked Scott Rogers, CEO, said, “The message is simple; Refer 3 and we will pay one of your bills.” Vitel offers individuals the chance to own their own business and one of the ways they are compensated is by us paying one of their household bills.”

When asked to elaborate he stated, “You start your own business; you receive a marketing plan and free wireless service for your phone, new or existing, for only $69.95 for the first month. If you duplicate this three times in one week you will have earned a minimum of $125 paid to you the following week. But you don’t have to be a member to get this cost saving service, the $35 Unlimited plan is available to all consumers who wish to save money on their Wireless Service.


Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC (Vitel), was founded in 2010 and is currently located in Spring, TX. Vitel is a direct sales and marketing company that offers home services and products that people use every day. Vitel offers its Independent Business Owners their very own website to market and sell name brand products and services and the ability to earn income for referring customers. Vitel offers a bonus program that eliminates your household bills no matter which service provider you are using. They call this bonus program “The Freedom Club.”




On Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Vitel Wireless announced they will offer a $35 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web, non-contract, wireless plan which will be available through a pre-launch in mid-February. According to corporate insiders this new plan will be available to their current independent business owners as well as retail customers through a pre-sale offer limited to the first 5,000 individuals. Vitel expects to hit their goal within the first 72 hours of pre-launch.

Vitel Wireless is a direct sales and marketing company that offers products and services that are used every day by millions of people. By adding a $35 unlimited wireless plan, Vitel is set to expand its home services offering into the rapidly growing pre-paid sector of the wireless industry that is set to reach revenues of $25.3 Billion by 2015. The company offers these services through its network of independent business owners who are compensated for referring customers versus paying high advertising costs to promote the products and services directly. The company will now offer anyone looking to become an independent business owner a $35 Unlimited wireless plan at no extra charge. Not only will you receive your wireless plan when you join, but Vitel will pay you simply for referring customer and or new business owners who take advantage of this offer.

Vitel Independent Business Owners who join for $69.95 will also receive a $35 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web non-Contract wireless service and activated Sim card at no extra cost. As a Vitel business Owner you will earn $25 for every customer referral and an extra $50 bonus if you refer 3 customers in a week for a total of $125.

When asked, James Pearson, COO of Vitel stated, “In these economic times we, as a company believe everyone, not just big business, should be able to earn from sharing these services. Not only does this service save you money, Vitel gives you a vehicle to earn extra income simply for sharing these cost saving services. The Prepaid Wireless industry is setting the bar for savings and low cost wireless programs that benefit everyone, no matter your economic situation, so it just makes sense to expand our home services offerings to the prepaid sector.”


Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC (Vitel), was founded in 2010 and is currently located in Spring, TX. Vitel is a direct sales and marketing company that offers home services and products that people use every day. Vitel offers its Independent Business Owners their very own website to market and sell name brand products and services and the ability to earn income for referring customers. Vitel offers a bonus program that eliminates your household bills no matter which service provider you are using. They call this bonus program “The Freedom Club.”

MLM Wireless News: Vitel Wireless Honors Pioneers for Reaching Regional Vice President

ViTel Wireless

Vitel honored Lee Bane and Edwin Castillo earlier this week for reaching the top position of Regional Vice President. Edwin and Lee have a combined 35 years’ experience in the Home-Based Business and Network Marketing Industry. Lee, one of the eldest to reach this position, and Edwin, the youngest RVP to date, partnered together to create Elite Marketing International, LLC and together have helped Vitel grow the company to the level it has reached today.

Lee Bane, was born in Pomona, CA , has been happily married since 1987 and he has 3 beautiful children. Since receiving his Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corps in 1990, he was introduced to the incredible Network Marketing Industry. Lee has been forging relationships in the industry ever since. Lee has s a keen eye for a good opportunity, when he sees one.

When asked about Vitel, Lee replied, “Vitel is the best opportunity I have ever seen. I have learned over time that your organization, no matter how big it is, is built primarily by part-time people who have a full-time job. These people want a life. They want to have something to look forward to. Network Marketing is that something. Network Marketing is for everyone from the average person to the superstar, why? For as little as zero out of pocket a person can join a network marketing business and literally change their life forever!

Vitel makes it easy because it is very affordable (average only $100 per month and you don’t have to become a sales person or a scientist to market their products and services. They are products and services that people use and in a lot of cases need every day. Items such as cell phones and plans, cable TV, internet and now even discount electric and natural gas for your home and/or business. We invite everyone who is looking for a real opportunity to join our team, GO TO WORK and change your life forever!”

When asked, What do you credit to your success? Lee stated, “It is because of my belief in what I do and my burning desire for true financial freedom. The power of your mind is the key… as you think, so shall you be”.

Edwin Castillo, was born in Los Angeles, California, however has strong family ties and ethnic roots to El Salvador. At the age of 20 he graduated from a private college that focused on business and he received his Bachelor’s Degree of Information Technology. Edwin has been recognized throughout his career as one of the Top Latino Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry. He has used his 12 years of experience in Network Marketing, specifically in the Latino Market, to help lay a foundation for Vitel’s International expansion.

When asked about his philosophy on sales techniques and building a business, Edwin states,” Either you sell your prospect on what you are offering or you let the prospect sell you on a reason why he can’t buy or join you in your business, either way a sale is always made, ask yourself a question who is going to close who; You or your prospect? GOD gifted me the heart and burning desire to be relentless, if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he or she has imagined, he or she will be destined to meet with success, and their dreams will turn into a reality.” In Fact, Walt Disney said it best: “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


Lee & Edwin have a saying that they love share with everyone; it goes like this… “This is NetWORK Marketing, not NetHOPE, NOT Net WISH, not NetI’LL THINK ABOUT IT” Marketing… It’s NetWORK Marketing”. We hope you will always remember that. They also want you to remember this… “in the early stages of your Network Marketing business, you will work hard and really not see much happening. But, it is the compounding of those efforts over time that really will change your life. Thank you Vitel Family for this incredible opportunity!”


As Pioneers and founding members of Vitel Lee and Edwin shared the vision, of the CEO, Scott Rogers, early on and began to forge a relationship with Vitel when the only products being offered were Wireless phones and plans. Lee and Edwin were already successful marketers with established companies and sizeable organizations, but as they would tell you, they just had to look into Vitel. “Everyone has a cell phone and their might be something here.” After taking a closer look there was no turning back and they have worked closely ever since with the Corporate founders to help build, shape and mold this company.

When CEO, Scott Rogers & COO, James Pearson were asked “What do you guys admire most about Lee and Edwin?” Scott replied, “When Ed and Lee came to me and said “We get it.” It wasn’t just talk, they immediately showed what “We get it!” meant. They truly took a leap of faith with our company. We were still in the beginning stages and did not have everything in place to get us to where we envisioned Vitel would be. Ed and Lee didn’t let that stop them; they simply went to work and never looked back. The pure determination and willingness to challenge their selves is what makes their partnership a real team and solid mentors for Vitel and for others alike. Many wouldn’t have taken the risk they chose to take, they were relentless and fearless which is why they are sitting where they are today! We are proud to have them call Vitel home!”

James Pearson stated, “Lee and Edwin have been implemental in development of the Vitel system. Not just the message, but the back office and support systems. They have worked closely with me and my staff to make sure we have the best support, systems and products to offer. They are not just relentless about building their business, they are relentless in the pursuit of perfection and they drive me and the corporate staff to be better daily so we can provide a solid platform and great company to join. Much of the company’s success should be attributed to Edwin and Lee for their commitment and desire to see Vitel be a success and help thousands of family’s worldwide.

ViTel Wireless aka The Benefits Network Launches The Freedom Club Challenge, Conquor The Challenge Get The Victory Bonus!

Just in from ViTel Wireless, The Benefits Network Company… Freedom Club Challenge…Conquor the challenge get the Victory Bonus…. Most companies focus on 3 and Free surrounding just their products and services, then new Challenge provides for ViTel Reps to get their business for free!



Vote ViTel Top MLM Company Of 2012


Vitel Wireless News: ViTel Benefits Network Has Launched Along With The New ViFi Wireless Hot Spot

I just got off the phone with Scott Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of ViTel Wireless. He was sharing about the release of the their new ViFi Wireless Hot Spot powered by Sprint, and the launch of the viTel Benefits Package to the general public.

Until now, Vitel Business Owners could only take advantage of the unique programs included in the Vitel Benefits Network specifically designed to protect you and your family; programs such as Family Legal Plans, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Medical Assistance and much more.

Now that has all changed! Vitel is proud to offer these incredible programs directly to the consumer. You too can experience the Vitel Benefits Network and take back your peace of mind! With the Vitel Benefits Network you and your family will also be able to shop online, have access to amazing discounts on Hotel and Travel; you can even talk to a licensed health care professional 24 hours a day with our amazing E-Med on-call service! These are just a few of the amazing services offered to you with the Vitel Benefits Network, come experience Vitel for yourself!

ViTel Benefit Network

The Assurence Plan

ViTel Benefits Network Assurance Plan

Consumer Protection Plan

Total Protection Plan

ViTel Benefits Network Total Protection

The ViFi by ViTel

ViTel ViFi Hotspot

At home or on the go, use the Vitel ViFi Mobile Hotspot to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to the 3G wireless Internet. Works great with Tablets, iPads® and more. No contract.

ViTel ViFi Hotspot Device


Vi-Tel Recognizes Youngest Business Owner to Reach National Sales Executive Jesse Redd

ViTel Wireless

 Vi-Tel Wireless, LLC (Vitel) and its corporate leaders congratulated Jesse Redd, earlier this month, for being the youngest Business owner to achieve the prestigious rank of NSE.  Although Jesse is a newcomer to VI-Tel, he has been in Network Marketing since he was 16 years old and has become one of the top Latino leaders in the network marketing industry.

ViTel Wireless

Jesse Redd also known as Mr. Entrepreneur is a true young serial and global entrepreneur. He is all about Determination, Commitment and Coach Ability.  He was born in Colima, Mexico where his real name is Jesus Rojas; began attending British Private Schools at the age of 2. He attended British College and Institute of Cambridge for 11 years.[i]

After dropping out of High school, Jesse started his first company at age 15. He has since owned brick and mortar businesses, online businesses, and has participated in multiple business coaching and training seminars focusing on young Latin entrepreneurs leading the charge in Latin Market expansion for Vitel.

Even at a young age, Jesse has embraced the practice of Philanthropy and giving back by working with several charitable organizations and development groups.

Jesse is building a powerful organization alongside his mentor and sponsor, Brandon Ivey.  Brandon was promoted to NSE in his first 60 days and has the fastest growing organization in Vitel.  He has helped promote 15 NSEs and 3 RVPs and was able to retire from corporate America in 3 and half months with Vitel at the age of 36.

Vitel promoted the first 3 Business Owners to the elite position of Regional Vice President last month; Curtis Cross, who was the first to achieve this honor, followed by Brandon Ivey and Reginald Stinson.

When asked, COO, James Pearson replied, “We built this company so everyone could experience a level of success.  So it is not surprising to see someone with Jesse’s experience, determination and skills rise to the top.  Jesse is a great leader and industry professional, who is respected by everyone in the Latino community and we are honored to have him help lead our way into the Latino Markets.  Brandon, Curtis and Reginald are top industry performers and we are excited to have them reach the levels they have in such a short period of time.  We look forward to helping others experience the same level of success throughout Vitel.”

ABOUT Vitel:

Vitel is a leading direct sales company for Home Services and Benefit Protection Plans.  Vitel is the destination for the best priced wireless products, home services and innovative cell phone reseller programs.  Vitel provides business owners their own website to market and sell their products as well as built large teams of entrepreneurs.  The system provides online home services stores that enable customers to buy directly from business owners replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized business owner of Vitel.  The availability of all products being located on each business owners’ site gives their customers more choices in one place.  One major goal of Vitel is to create a one-stop shop for all wireless, energy and home service needs along with first rate benefits programs.  The company also provides sales tracking, training, support, direct deposit, and many other business related tools to its network of business owners.  Vitel delivers a one of a kind turnkey online business instantly to its new business owners.

For more information visit or by phone (877) 778-8997