Breaking MLM News: “Is Vemma a scam?” CEO BK Boreyko Addresses Rumors

The following was published today by BK Boreyko the founder of VEMMA. Over the years I have found BK to be one of the few founders who isn’t afraid to address the real issues and blow off the dull negative, disillusioned crybabies. There is a difference between a critic and a negative person. Critics deserve to have their concerns addressed. In this case I believe BK is addressing the critics who question the validity of VEMMA.

Published on Aug 14, 2013

Unfortunately with people today, most are down on what they’re not up on. Vemma was started eight years ago, and in the first seven years there was little to no buzz as our Brand Partners and corporate team worked and clawed to the coveted $10 million a month sales mark last July. In this $167 billion industry, out of thousands of companies only about 100 reach that level.


When the buzz started social media blew up with hype about Vemma, the Verve brand, the Young People Revolution (YPR), and the Bod-e brand becoming endorsed by TV Celebrity Transformation Specialists Heidi & Chris Powell. What took Vemma seven years to pull off, doubled in just 12 months as Vemma sales hit $20 million a month. Like with anything popular in this world, you’ll always find a critic. With Vemma’s success and what Vemma Brand Partners have done in this down economy has been remarkable, yet the company has had its fair share of critics. Some complain about the cost of Verve, at a little over $3 a can delivered to your door, yet that cost is on par or cheaper than buying a Red Bull at the gas station or a coffee at Starbucks.


All of Vemma’s products, including Verve are ultra-premium products, like nothing you can find on store shelves. Verve is like 3 products in 1, energy drink, super-juice, and multi-vitamin. It contains Vemma’s clinically studied formula, and no other energy drink even comes close. Plus, if you like how you feel on Verve you’re able to refer it to a few friends and if you get 3 or more customers buying the products yours is free — and that beats the price of a Red Bull anyday.

Think about this, when people spend $100 or $200 a month at Starbucks, people aren’t surprised. In fact, the average Starbucks customer spends about $100 a month, $1100 to $1400 a year on coffee. It doesn’t have near the health benefits of Verve, and if you bring in 3 friends and ask for a free cup, they look at you funny.

Now let’s talk about Vemma’s business model. People throw out terms like scam and pyramid scheme when they criticize the company and how we do business. It’s easy to say these things, but it’s another thing to prove it. A recent article in Forbes referred to the college system a pyramid scheme, and the now $1.2 trillion college debt is more than credit card debit in this country. 52% of college graduates are under or unemployed, and it’s frustrating time for young people. They’re following the well-traveled path and jumping into the new economy buried in debt. Vemma offers these young people, and adults of all ages, a plan that could get them unstuck and critics call it a scam, yet offer no alternative.


What any critic needs to understand is that Vemma’s business model, what we call social network marketing, is a $30+ Billion domestic industry, and it’s $167 Billion world-wide. It’s a bigger industry than all of pro sports and there are 87 million people around the world doing this, simply put — it’s a big deal and a proven model.

Here’s a few basic reasons why Vemma is not a pyramid scheme. We sell real products that provide real results, products you can’t find anywhere else. It’s free to sign up and become a Brand Partner and your Vemma website is absolutely free. We also offer an award winning free mobile app that allows you to promote and grow your business, and a free Back Office tool to track you and your customer’s purchases.

And finally, Vemma offers a real opportunity for people to get some customers and enjoy free product or get more customers and get retail cash-back bonuses. If you find people wanting to do the same, you could earn additional bonuses. But every bonus we have is solely based on the sale of a product. No one is ever paid for just signing someone up and again, it’s free to join.

One of the biggest benefits we offer entrepreneurial people in almost 50 countries is the opportunity to partner up with Vemma. Take advantage of our ideas, brands, and infrastructure for success that we’ve invested millions to create. You can tap into all this when you place an order of any size. You see, Vemma is not after your order of $75 or $150 for some cases of Verve. We want you to build a business where we both win. We’ll help you promote it, get your product for free, and to coach you into creating a part-time or full-time income, and monetize your social brand. If this doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in that’s okay, but if you’d like an opportunity, take a look at Vemma.

MLM Company News: VEMMA Is Coming To The Vikings Of Iceland!

Instead of the Vikings invading, it is VEMMA invading Iceland, home of the Vikings! VEMMA is 2013, has been taking the World by storm. From their Young Peoples Revolution, to the Chris Powel Bod-e Shakes, VEMMA doesn’t look like they are slowing down any time soon!


Vemma is excited to announce the opening of its newest market in Iceland. Located between Greenland and Norway, Iceland has a strong economy, sophisticated population, and a history of success in the Direct Selling industry. Our initial product offering will include five of our most popular Vemma products. These include Vemma 32-oz and V2, Verve Regular, Bod-ē Burn 8.3-oz, and Bod-ē Shakes (Chocolate and Vanilla). For additional information on enrolling as a Brand Partner in Iceland, product pricing, shipping, and how commissions are paid, please review the “Doing Business In” document found in your Back Office, or on the front page of Vemma Iceland’s website.

Source: Vemma News

Breaking VEMMA News: New Milestone $14 Million In Product Sales January 2013

BK Boreyko just shot me a short email to share the exciting VEMMA news… Up $2 million in sales in January to $14 million! Now this is the cool thing about this! VEMMA sales were up in December 2012, a month when many direct sellers take time off to chill. Not at VEMMA, the Brand Partners just kept cranking! Boreyko states something in the video below I just love… “Thank you Brand Partners!” I love it when a company founder shares the love with their field force!!!

In May of 2010, I first reported “VEMMA has come out of the 2008-09 direct selling recession like a storm. At that time they were just breaking $72 million annually. In 2012 they broke into the top-tier of direct selling companies, pushing past the $100 million mark in annual sales. Now in 2013 at the rate they are going, they could very well break $200 million.

As I have followed the VEMMA Vision lead by BK, Karen, and Lauren Boreyko I have seen two common denominators which I believe are attributed to the continue success of VEMMA team. Click the pictures below to read more about these visionary leaders.

BK_BoreykoKaren BoreykoLauren Boreyko

First is the continued focus on making sue the Brand Partners fully relize they are loved, and apprciated.

Second and just as important is the fact, VEMMA never strays from it’s core values!

Now, I am sure there are many other factors, but over the years, the VEMMA message “WHY” has never changed! The products may come and go, but the single-formula focus is the same, and the mission of enhancing people’s lives has always stayed the same!

I truly believe the values Ben and Dottie Boreyko instilled in BK, Karen and Lauren years ago are alive and well today and is the underlying bedrock of the VEMMA success!

Boreyko, also shared with me the following VEMMA numbers…

  • 23K+ customers and Brand Partners signed up in January 2013.
  • Over 1.1 million mins viewed on in 30 days.
  • Over 1 mil visitors to in January 2013

And I do not want to forget to mention the VERVE BOLD has now launched, and the team is almost through the first run of the product!!!

VEMMA News: Verve Made a Splash At Sundance And Will Be Featured On Entertainment Tonight’s Sundance Special

Vemma is pleased to announce Verve (the company’s healthy energy drink) made it’s debut at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and will be featured on Entertainment Tonight.


As a sponsor of the Project Green Music Lounge, Verve not only helped support the nonprofit’s mission to protect green space for future generations and fund Back-to-Basics Summer Camps for under-served children, but it also energized Sundance attendees, from A-list celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Bell, Jane Lynch and others, who received Verve and Verve Zero Sugar in celebrity swag bags.

For complete details, photos and video, view the press release at:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Lynn McGovern
Public and Community Relations
Office: 480.927.8673
Mobile: 480.289.0398

8322 East Hartford Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Vemma News: Vemma The Nutrition For Life Company Launches Chris Powell Shake And more…

Chris Powell Challenge

Lynn McGovern who rocks the world for Vemma as the Public and Communitive Relations point person, shor me an email announcing the launch of the Chris Powell Shakes. Then BK short me an email with one short message…

I feel this co branded shake could wind up to be the biggest thing I’ve done in my 17 years.

Chris Powell Vemma Shakes

As I read over BK’s statement I got to thinking about all the other successful products and marketing moves he has made in the last 17 years, and I decided that he might be right. But… I think Verve and the passion the VEMMA GenY Brand Partners have at making it he #1 Healthy Energy Drink in the world might be running a close second.

Chris Powell Challenge
Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly

Breaking Vemma News: Vemma Ranked in Top 50 Private AZ Companies GenY Leading The Growth


Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards Ranked Vemma as the 37th largest private company revenue generator. – Source Pitch Engine


Scottsdale, AZ — Last night, Vemma Nutrition Company was ranked as the 37th largest private company revenue generator in Arizona at the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards. The invitation-only awards ceremony was attended by representatives from scores of Arizona’s largest private companies, including Vemma VP of Marketing, Mark Patterson and a team of Vemma executives.

Zemma Top 50 companies

At the event, ACE honored Arizona’s 50 top, privately held companies based on stability and financial strength. Vemma is one of the youngest companies to be recognized and one of only three consumer products companies to make the list.

Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko commented, “We are honored to be recognized for the third time by the ACE Awards as one of the top 50 companies in Arizona. This award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our Brand Partners and Home Office employees.”

The awards ceremony was held Thursday, September 13 at the Phoenix Art Museum and was open only to winning companies. Vemma VP of Marketing, Mark Patterson commented, “The event was an incredible gathering of some of the best private companies in the state. As a young and dynamic company, it was an honor to be recognized alongside successful Arizona companies that have been in business for decades.”

This was the 18th annual Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards event, which is sponsored in part by the Phoenix Business Journal. The ACE Awards honor the largest private companies in Arizona, which have combined annual revenue of over $15 billion.

Breaking MLM News: VEMMA Just Entered The MLM Shake Business With Chris Powell!

Vemma Bod-e


This weekend we’ll be making a pretty big announcement regarding our Bod-e line. Quick little story, when we launched the line, I didn’t know who Chris Powell was and I wanted to stand out and be different. So, I made the decision to not do a shake. Then I met Chris and signed him and his wife. Things have been great with the line in the US and Europe. In fact, Europe had $1 million in presales and last month, their first $1 million month with the Bod-e brand. The US is a little under $3 million a month with the brand so I’m very happy 9 months into the launch.

Dr. Wang and Chris design a shake unlike any other shake on the market. We’ve done that and we’ll be sampling it at Tom Alkazin’s Regional event this Saturday. It’s pretty amazing and I’ll send you both the first bags off the production run. Chris says this really completes the Bod-e line and when you combine it with our app and eating plan, it’s really head and shoulders above the competition. This event will be UStreamed on and looped all weekend so our Brand Partners in 50 countries can tune in.

We’ll launch this shake in two flavors on November 1st in the US. Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream…like all of our products, it’s the best tasting shake on the market and also has Vemma in it. Our R&D team really studied and pulled apart the top 15 MLM and retail shakes in the industry and there’s a huge gap between ours and anything else. From the taste to the ingredients to the packaging, I’m actually super excited about this launch. My goal is to have this shake in 40 of our 50 countries by January 1st. Since it’s listed as a food, it’s way easier to get in to these markets.

You combine this with the explosion in the #YPR (Young People Revolution) market with Verve (have you checked out ?), we can get the young people and the boomers (they call themselves BOOM! Revolution) with one company. After all, 50% of the world’s population is under 30 and 50% is over 30. BTW, Verve is tracking to become a 2 million can a month brand by the end of this year.

Really amazing what these young people are pulling off. These young people are really tapping into the ‘grocery dollars’ mentality where these kids are already buying Monster, Red Bull, etc. They just switch their buying dollars. Well, with this shake, Bod-e for the first time gets to tap into that mentality where people can actually save money
by not spending $$ of meals and replacing them with our shake. This I’m super excited about especially in markets like India, Mexico, Eastern Europe where incomes are tight. It’s tough to get people to spend more on a supplements in these markets. This should really help to unlock massive volume there.

That’s it Troy. If you want to give this story any love, can you wait til Saturday? It’s pretty cool that 7+ years into Vemma, I’m more pumped today than ever before!

Thanks for listening,