Does The Receiver Report Support The FTC Claim VEMMA Is A Pyramid?

'Unfair And Deceptive': The FTC's Prosecution Policy On Multi-Level Marketing

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The receiver appointed and approved by the court hearing the FTC case against Vemma for running a pyramid scheme, Robb Evans, has released his initial findings. To review the original articles you can click here: Part 1: FTC Claims VEMMA Illegal Pyramid, Part 2: What Does The DSA Have To Say About The FTC Claim VEMMA Is A Pyramid?, Part 3: What Can We Learn From The FTC TRO Application Against VEMMA?.

Before I get into the receiver’s report, I want to share a link to an article written by Robert FitzPatrick. FitPatrick is one of the most outspoken critics of network marketing/MLM and one of the most quoted anti-pyramid experts by the FTC.

He wrote an article over at Seeking Alpha titled – ‘Unfair And Deceptive’: The FTC’s Prosecution On Multi-Level Marketing. 

What Does The DSA Have To Say About The FTC Claiming VEMMA Is A Pyramid?

Direct Selling Association Preliminary Analysis - Federal Trade Commission Action against Vemma Nutrition Company

John W. Webb, Associate Legal Counsel & Senior Director, Government Relations of the Direct Selling Association wrote the following preliminary analysis on the FTC .vs Vemma pyramid allegations.