UniVera Sciences Called Him A Disgruntled Distributor I Call John Terhune A Leader

UniVera Sciences called him a disgruntled distributor I call John Terhune a Servant Leader. John is willing along with Marshall Douglas and Joe Land, and standing up to a company with a long history of abusing their Distributors and saying enough is enough. See Lawsuit Press Release.

John Terhune

Troy’s Truth: What makes this case so different from some of the others is the fact John Terhune is a former Trail Attorney, and is not afraid of a fight. Especially one he knows he can win. Someone at UniVera Sciences should have done some background work!

Like other former Amway Distributor’s Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, these guys are fed up with companies who while they are building their respective business to “talk to everyone”, “go after everyone”, then when the field leaders get fed up with the abuse, decide to take the business they built to a new home decide to use every means in their power, like termination, holding commission checks, slander, propaganda, Intimidation, Bullying, and Unfair Trade Practices to keep them from talking to their own team members.

However, unlike when Orrin & Chris left Amway and went to war over when, where and how they communicated with their former Amway team members.