Zeek Rewards Update Covering The Most Of Current Developments Including The Arrest Of Dung Xuan Nguyen Yesterday


Yesterday I was able to get a handle on some of the questions that have been asked and wanted to get a quick update out. I can tell you right now, there are NOT any specifics revealed because Zeek will be reporting on Zeek Rewards News all the details in the next day or so. But, this will give you some info on the banking, commissions, and qualification questions. Plus we cover the new security in place through the banking partnerships to break the backs of the scammers.

Zeek Rewards News

I am glad to see that the new Zeek banking partnerships have provided the top of the line in banking fraud detection and prevention. Through these new partnerships, Rex Venture Group will be able to protect the business model from international fraud rings who either online, through US Mail or private Currier or by going to the offices to pass the fraudulent financial wire transfers, certified funds and or check are now being detected and more importantly arrested.

By working to break the backs of these international fraud rings in advance, Rex Venture Group’s banking partners and state and federal authorities will be able to work together, and may save some of the other unique bid auction companies by providing a list of banks or financial institutions the fraudulent paper is coming from. Once again collaboration is what helps the affiliates at the end of the day.

Between the new tech team being brought in to handle the high-end security and data issues, and the new bank fraud security detection and prevention, I think the affiliates will start to see some huge changes that will make their Zeek business easy and more fun to run and manage.

Now, we are still in the early stages, so anything can happen, but I do see this as a huge step forward.

HBRN Economic Freedom Context

MLM Penny Auction News: BidiFy Gets Rid Of Mandatory Account & Bidsson Auctions Attracts 100K Customers

BidiFy Sales Credit Account

Frode Jorgensen CCO of BidiFy has been watching what my reports, and is continuing to keep me posted on the changes he and his team feel is important in staying compliance not just in the USA, but also around the world. This new report on BidiFy and the Bidsson Penny Auction truly shows some positive improvements. I will be sending Frode some questions which people are still wondering about this week, so be watching for an update soon.

BidiFy Frequent Sale Credit replaces old BidiFy Mandatory Sales Account

BidiFy Sales Credit Account

On top of the already powerful rewards system Bidify has put in place, Bidify rewards you Frequent Sales Credit everytime a sale takes place in your organization. In fact every time a sale takes place in your pay-line we reward you with a 20% Frequent Sale Credit. Frequent Sale Credits cannot be withdrawn as cash, but can instead be used to purchase products both in Bidify & Bidsson. It is similar to a “Frequent Flyer” program.

You can spend your Frequent Sale Credits in multiple ways with a single click of a button.

– Purchasing Retail Bids to bid at auctions.
– Paying for your won auctions.
– Buying products at retail price directly from the Bidsson site.
– Paying for your monthly administrative fee in Bidify.

NOTE: Frequent Sale Credits used to purchase Retail Products will generate PV and GV, and can also generate retail bonus to your sponsor. Frequent Sale Credits cannot be exchanged to cash.

First premium Bidsson Auction bring both revenues to the penny auction house, and big wins for the bidder.

Bidsson Auction House

Current Premium Bidsson Auction Now Live

Bidsson Auction house

Breaking MLM Penny Auction Update: Randy Jeffers Launches Bids That Give To Support Underprivileged Children

Randy Jeffers is not new to Network Mareketing. As one of the most colorful founders in current MLM history, he has experienced both ups and downs. Randy rose to fame by launching one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history Destiny TelCom, just to see it fall when regulators came busting through the doors.

After fighting off regulators on every front, all that was left was Randy’s drive to build another company. Liberty International was born, and for years Randy run under the radar, creating a very successful company, with thousands of networkers earning their products and services for free, and several hundred became financially independent.

In 2009 – 2010 during the MLM Wireless Wars (you can read more on this site), Randy Jeffers and his team launched WOW Mobile, quickly taking on all the other pre-paid MLM wireless companies and dominating… for a short period of time. Soon, it was exposed that WOW Mobile through no fault of their own (except Randy didn’t see something in the fine print of his agreement between T-Mobile and himself), that both he and his LLC were responsible for all international calls maded by customers and reps of WOW Mobile. Long story short, Randy bankrupted the company, and distributors purport they are still owed missions in back commissions.

Randy, went on to help launch Liberty International network, and went back to creating a solid program, where thousands get their products/services for free, while a few long time leaders are still enjoying financial freedom.

Which brings up to the current MLM trend Unique Bid Auctions aka Penny Auctions aka Reverse Auctions. DubLi Network is the first such company to launch in the USA back in 2009 – 2010. DubLi slowed down to correct some of their early issues, and then focused on international expansion.

In 2010 Rex Venture Group, launched their penny auction house Zeekler, and in 2011 added Zeek Rewards, their Network Marketing affiliate organization to help market and advertise Zeekler. In nine short months, they quickly became the fastest growing, and largest MLM organization of any first year startup (source Network Marketing Business Journal) in modern history.

BidiFy launched in 2012, to become the first competitor of Zeek Rewards and is quickly coming on strong internationally. They have just launched their new penny auction house Bidsson.com and are growing steady in the USA as well as worldwide.

Today, July 4th, 2012, Randy Jeffers has opened for prelaunch his “Bids That Give” penny auction house and MLM Income opportunity (although Randy Jeffers is stating Bids That Give is NOT mlm).

Next week I will be doing a deeper investigation into the whole business model. But I do caution anyone who is looking at Bids That Give to fully understand a couple of concerns I have.

1. Although I personally do not think penny auctions fall under the U.S. Code of what is defined as a direct selling company, at this time that is the only reference point the regulators have to work with, and if any penny auction house is stating “we are not MLM” that is a red flag to be concerned with.

2. History has proven that when a for profit company (with a compensation plan) leads off with “giving to the needy” the SEC, FTC and State AGs feel the hair on the back of the neck’s start to prickle. Several very successful networker marketers have tried this in the past just to have regulators get involved. Randy is a smart businessman and has access to great legal minds, so only time will tell, but this is a red flag concern.

If you love the unique bid auction niche, and you are reviewing Bids That Give, just realize this is a young niche and is still very vulnerable to regulatory actions.

I have always enjoyed speaking with Randy Jeffers and have found he doesn’t back down from the hard questions. I look forward to chatting with him in the near future on this new venture.

Plus in seeing some of the growing pains the other auction houses have or are going through, just be very careful.

MLM Penny Auction News: Zeekler Penny Auction House Numbers Show The Real Story Behind Zeek Rewards

Over the last few months we have extensively covered Zeek Rewards the exclusive advertising and marketing arm of Rex Venture Group, LLC., and how they have literally pioneered the penny auction niche inside of network marketing. (To date at least five other penny auction houses are looking at network marketing), and one has already launched. Today I want to focus on Zeekler

I read a small interview put out by WFMY News 2 reporter Liz Crawford, and it caused me to look a little deeper into the auction and to get in contact with Alex de Brantes to get some of the behind the scenes facts and figures to match them what I could find publically.

I will start with what I found publically, then compare it against what Alex de Brantes shared with me. And for those who may not know, Alex de Brantes is the Internet Marketing Manager for Rex Venture Group, LLC., the parent company of Zeekler.com.

I went to Compete and Alexa to see how the traffic at Zeekler has grown. It was very easy to see that traffic had started to grow about the time Zeek Rewards took off.

Zeekler Penny Auction Click Here to Enlarge

Zeekler Compete Click Here to Enlarge

In the above charts we see that the traffic started to take off in about December of 2011, but really started a geometric climb in February of 2012. Now, this doesn’t mean that all the people visiting the Zeekler site are active bidders. But it does show there is plenty of unique visits to suggest that there could be enough bidders to sustain the Zeek Reward compensation plan.

Now, let’s take a look at where the traffic is coming from. Once of the things critics and even some affiliates have asked, is are people bidding and using Zeekler.com for auctions. What I found fell inline with what I have studied about Unique Bid Auctions, both penny auctions and reverse auctions. (Click Here To Read Part 1 & Part 2)

Since penny and reverse auctions started in Europe it makes since that the unique visitors we are seeing landing on Zeekler.com would be from international locations.

Zeekler Alexa Traffic Click Here to Enlarge

Now what I found interesting, is that not all the traffic from Zeekler is from the top countries at ZeekRewards.com. Close but a little different. Which seems to point to the fact, Zeek Rewards affiliates are placing their ads and those ads are being viewed by folks who are visiting Zeekler.com to see what it’s about or to bid.

Zeek Rewards Alexa Click to Enlarge

Something I realized in reviewing this information is the fact, I could not tell how many folks are actually enjoying the Zeekler Penny AUcitons, which is when I called on Alex de Brantes for some detailed info. Now, I did not focus all the way back from the beginning with Alex, I just asked for the most current info. I figured this will be a great benchamark since we now have at least one new MLM Penny Auction which has launched.

– Zeekler.com is now the #2 trafficked Penny Auction in the world. #1 is ranked at 909, and the next two most popular are ranked #30,306 and #501632.

– Total visits are up 4.3%
– Unique visits are up 2.9%
– Signups are up 2.85%
– Avg time on Site 7:20
– New Visits Converting 13.72%

Now what is very interesting in the above numbers is the converting figures. It is my understanding this figure is first time visitors who are looking around and deciding to bid in one of the auctions. Alex de Brandes tells me Amazon is the “gold standard” with a industry high of 17% of conversions.

Another interesting fact is that the amount of traffic visiting the Zeekler.com Penny Auction would fill the Dallas Cowboy Stadium 26x… That my friend is a boatload of traffic.

DubLi Proves Unique Bid Reverse Auctions Work For The Average Consumer

As some of you know when DubLi launched DubLi Network in 2009 here in the USA, I was not only skeptical I may have been one of the biggest critics. However, as I have reported recently, with their changes they made after hiring MLM attorneys, Grimes & Reese and other network marketing consultants, and merging into MediaNet Group, they went on to become the world’s largest online shopping and entertainment network marketing company in the world. But… What about the Reverse (Unique Bid) Auctions, do they really work?

Today, I really just want to focus on a few key points about DubLi (the shopping and entertainment) site, not DubLi Network the network marketing arm.

Now in case you have not watched the video above, I also want to disclose that John Benham, the Senior Director of Marketing at the DubLi Network is a close personal friend, and someone I have been in business with several times over the last couple of decades.

I can also say, it is through John Benham’s influence that I decided to take a closer look at DubLi and the DubLi Network after our initial coverage back in 2009.

Benham, sent me an email last week, and after studying it and working through the links, I found some solid info, that I feel based on the amount of folks who are investigating the unique bid auctions should be aware of.

– The biggest difference between DubLi and everyone else at this time seems to be the fact they have taken the reverse (unique Bid) auctions from being the leading product, and made them more of just an entertainment byproduct of the DubLi site.

Now with that said, it is clear that the reverse auctions truly seem to work…


DubLi Reverse Auction



– Shopping and entertainment are the biggest part. People can save up to 30% on the things they buy everyday from the retailers they already by from…. Apple, Walmart, Nordstroms, Target, etc.

– I did want you to know that 100% of our Xpress (reverse bid) Auctions sell below face value.

– DubLi is selling over 6,000 gift cards a day all below face value! These monies can be transferred to a DubLi e-wallet, DubLi Debit Card or your checking account.

– 100% of DubLi’s Unique Bid Auctions also sell items below value. (These are the Big Ticketed Item Above)

In my opinion DubLi.com is the standard all Unique Bid Auctions should be aiming towards. I don;t care if the auction house has an affiliate program or not!

MLM Penny Auction Alert: BidiFy Allowing $100K Bid Buy Rumor Clarified By Frode Jørgensen

Last week I received several private messages asking if it is true BidiFy is allowing bid purchases of $100,000.00? Since that was the first time I had heard of such a thing, I reached out to Kevin Thompson the Chief Legal Counsel for BidiFy. He sent me directly to Frode Jørgensen, CCO of BidiFy for the answers.


Below is the correspondence I received from Frode Jorgensen on this issue! 

From: Troy Dooly [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2012 4:18 AM
To: Frode Jørgensen
Subject: Frode, quick question


I have had a couple of messages come in from Facebook asking about a 100K max purchase of bids at BidiFy.

Can you tell me what your max purchase is allowed, and if you do allow a 100k purchase of bids?

Living An Epic Adventure,



Hi Troy, how are you doing?

We addressed these rumors in our latest newsletter I have added the part with the information you requested further down in this e-mail.
There is NO such thing as a 100K limit.

I’m also pleased to announce that ALL Bidify affiliates have completed their Compliance Course, which is mandatory for ALL, at no cost of course.
New affiliates must complete this before they get full access to the site.

If interested I can send you a link for it, so you can check it out.
This have been active for over one month now, and is working perfectly. J  Launch Smart are great people.

Also have a look at our latest Videos from Thailand Champions Getaway trip and our first Dream weekend Trip to Iceland
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qkXrXUYTsc&feature=youtu.be  Iceland Dream Weekend

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAVe_dFiaNE   Champions Getaway Thailand

Here is part of the newsletter


We had an amazing time with our top leaders in Thailand.  We really enjoyed bonding with all of them and Chief Legal Counsel, Kevin Thompson.

We want to take this opportunity to address a bizarre rumor about our sample bid purchase limits.  Apparently, Bidify is accepting million dollar purchases for sample bids!  This is completely false.  While we’re unable to prevent these sorts of rumors from spreading, we’re committed to providing you with accurate information when we receive word.

As we’ve said in the past, Bidify is not designed as an investment vehicle.  In fact, if you’re looking for an “investment” with appreciable gains, Bidify is a horrible example.  With 20% of all commissions going towards the repurchase of retail bids instead of cash, we’re fairly certain you can do better with your money elsewhere.  Commissions in Bidify are driven solely by bid sales, which are never easy.  And unlike our competitors, Bidify Affiliates are only paid when the bids are actually used by verified customers; thus preventing the ability for anyone to simply buy bids and accrue commissions with zero effort.

As you all know, we have been talking about a 10k limit on SB Purchases since the day we opened.  While in Thailand with our legal counsel, we will be imposing a limit before we go live with Bidsson to avoid the model from being abused.  While we certainly respect peoples’ ability to make their own decisions, there’s too much at risk if people purchase more bids than they really intend to move to customers.

So from today, we have decided to set the annual SB purchases limit at 25k Sample Bids. This limit does not include re-purchases made by setting re-purchase to on/off.  Keep in mind, with each 1,000 bids, there needs to be a verified customer.  And commissions are not cut until those bids are actually used, so if you’re looking to simply purchase sample bids and sit on them for qualification purposes, it’s not going to work here.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

Kind regards
Frode Jørgensen
CCO Bidify