MLM Scam Update John Piro Exposes Troy Dooly’s Hidden Agenda At MLM Help Desk

MLM Scam Update: John Piro exposes Troy Dooly’s hidden agenda at MLM Help Desk. Now some of you may be wondering… If John exposed “Troy’s hidden agenda,” why is Troy writing about it?

Here is what John wrote in my comment section:(excerpt)

“Does anyone seriously believe the celebrity names mentioned in the TVI Express website would be supporting a Scam??? I loved reading Troy’s review on TVI. While Troy is positioning himself as an authority…right , wrong or indifferent…doesn’t anyone understand what Troy is doing? Troy is an extremely astute individual and is manipulating the internet to serve his own agenda… constantly making a name for himself by writing these articles capitalizing on the people who will viral spread this information and promote his name. Troy is playing everyone! Much of what Troy says is logical. But again …right , wrong or indifferent…the bottom line Troy is capitalizing on those that will forward this out for him and is getting you to opt in to his list and then selling you his (Troy Edited Out Of Original Comment) So what do you think about the validity of Troy’s analysis especially when he speak sof 3 Boards when there are only 2??????????? I think Troy needs to do his homework again. You Go Troy!!! There you go spreading false rumors. John Piro (Troy edited contact info out, see original comment)

At first, I was just going to post and not address his statements, because I see the numbers every day, and know most folks are not visiting the TVI Express post. However, the most I thought about it the more I realized his comment, was focused more on the Subscribers and Readers if MLM Help Desk, than me specifically.

But, just to make sure we are all on the same page I decided to write on the main points he addresses.

Paige Winship Dooly Top 10 Historical Romance Authors In 2008

Carousel Dreams Treasure of the hills

As most of you know who hang out reading my blog or are friends with me on my social sites, know that my wife Paige is a best selling Inspirational Romance Author.

Well, I am proud to write that tonight her publishing “Barbour Publishing” released the results from last year, and Paige (and her books) were voted (by the readers) one of the top 10 Historical Romance Authors of the year.

In A Down Economy What Blessing Are You Thankful

It’s Christmas Eve morning, and I am sitting here reflecting back over the last year, and even with the economy down, we all have things we can be thankful for.

Listen, although my family is blessed to work full-time from home, we also have felt the down economy.

Because we serve and support the distributors in the field, when there is a economic crunch (real or media generated) and distributors STOP purchasing leads, or stop using their online prospecting system, or decide they don’t need any new training, the income goes down. We personally have watched our income decrease by 50% in the last 90-days.

But… The Story Doesn’t End There….

If you haven’t watched the above video do so now to learn the rest!

Now Take Time To Write In The Comments What You Are Thankful For This Year!

Have a great Christmas, and be watching for our new blog posts coming in the next day or so.

And, here is a Christmas present from me to you!

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader