TVI Express Associates State MLM Help Desk Missed It On The Compensation Plan

TVI Express Update: Troy Dooly, missed it on the TVI Express Compensation Plan.

Well, as our subscribers all know, when I make a mistake we clarify it, and do our best to correct the error.

Now, in the case of the TVI Express compensation plan, for whatever reason not one of the distributors (John Piro excluded) has come forth with a detailed explanation.

However, we did receive phone calls, emails and comments from compensation plan experts who have done their best to help all of us get a handle on things.

One of the most helpful in this area has been one of our community members “ARWR”, and my hat is off to them… Whoever they might be! (Some of our community members use code names, so they don’t have a million folks contacting them, with business opportunities.)

Let’s see if this newest set of numbers make an since. And once again, if we’re off, then I would hope someone one at TVI Express, who states the company is the greatest thing next to sliced bread, would come forth and give us a spreadsheet showing actual numbers from their organization.

If you have already watched the video above, you heard me state, the maximum contribution to the Express Board (where the $15,000 payout is generated) is $1,750.00 per position ($2,000 – $250 cash paid out in the Traveller Board).

So, if our current numbers are correct. it will take 8 positions in the Express Board to cycle out. $1750.00 x 8 = $14,000.00. Yet, TVI Express is paying out $15,000 per cycle. This seems to indicate a $1,000 “loss”.

Yikes, at first glance, that would seem to be a recipe for disaster. However, as I mentioned in the video, just like a bank knows all of it’s customers will not want all their cash back at once, so they run on a float.

The same type of situation happens when a company is using a Matrix. Each Matrix is at a different cycle, and the odds (although it could happen) of all Matrix Boards cycling at once is very slim.

Now the algorithm used to determine the float for each company is going to be different. But, as long as the front-end money continues to flow into the Matrix Compensation.

Now long story short, and if our numbers are getting closer to reality, to cycle off and earn the $15,000 a participant has to have 510 people below them in what is, essentially, a 2×8 with a $250 entry fee.

Which does bring up a question.

If there is a short fall of -$1,000.00 per payline, how long before the compensation plan would need to be tweaked in order to payout all residual and bonus income. Seems in the long run the company would not be profitable, and bonuses might not get paid.

I am sure this will raise some feathers for some. But, I am sure willing to get to the bottom of the real numbers if anyone is willing to share. Everyone should have the right to fully understand the compensation if they are going to join TVI Express.

Living An Epic Adventure,