Breaking Ocean Avenue News: Travis & Summer Flaherty and Rob and Tiffanie Moffett Resigned Why?

Ocean Avenue

Today, I confirmed that the founders of the Legacy Global Network, Co-Master Distributor and the first Diamond in the history of Ocean Avenue, Travis & Summer  Flaherty along with Ocean Avenue Diamonds, Rob and Tiffanie Moffett Resigned from Ocean Avenue.

Although not all the facts are in, we have confirmed personally with both couples they have sent their resignation letters to the remaining public partners Fred Ninow and Tuffy Baum. Ken Dunn an original founders of Ocean Avenue resigned and left the network marketing industry last month!

Ocean Avenue

We are also following a developing story on Ocean Avenue being bought by JM International aka Joy Life after a video surfaced on YouTube showing the combined JM International logo with the Ocean Avenue name launching in South America.

We have also learned that at least three or four Shareholders have left Ocean Avenue to launch competing companies so the next few months should be very interesting as more of the story breaks.


Fred Ninow & Tuffy Baum nor anyone else from Ocean Avenue have made public statements as of the publishing of this editorial. And we are not sure where this will leave the pending lawsuit Ocean Avenue filed against ViSalus last year, when they claimed detectives acting at the directive of the ValSalus founders broke into Ocean Avenue offices and hacked into Ocean Avenue founders cellphones and computers.



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Deep South Strategic Solutions has in the past been a consultant to the Board of Directors and executive team of Ocean Avenue. 

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Ocean Avenue News” Travis & Summer Flaherty First Diamond Ambassadors

Summer & Travis at ANMP

Travis and Summer Flahery have been friends for years. When they told me back in September they were moving to Ocean Avenue, I was very excited. Travis is known for his passion for start-up companies, and with the financial foundation at OA and the product line being launched, that this would be a good fit. What I did not realize is how fast, Travis and Summer Flahery would build. The company officially launched October 2012. And by February 2013, the Legacy team have grown to over 200K in TQV (Total Qualified Volume) the amount needed to hit Diamond!


More about Travis:


Travis has been given the name as a “Rainmaker” by his peers and colleagues. He has an uncanny talent to create energy, excitement and a following where ever he goes.

Summer & Travis at ANMP

He has repeatedly been a top producer in the MLM industry. Travis has served as a Master Distributor, VP of Sales and a third party consultant, specializing in Start-Up Network Marketing Co’s. He is best known for his ability to harvest large organizations by implementing leadership development and systematic training platforms. Travis is also considered an authority in the area of social media behavior – and is recognized as a social media expert. As an MLM trainer, Travis has spoken to thousands around the world, inspiring individuals to begin living a life of abundance. Travis is also largely recognized for his virtual seminars, articles and videos dedicated to leadership development and successful practices of a Network Marketing Professional.


In 2009, Travis and his wife Summer were featured in the popular industry publication, ‘Your Business at Home’, as one of the top Networking Professionals in the United States. They were also recently featured in ‘Success From Home Magazine’ in January, 2011, highlighting their story on achieving the prestigious ‘Double Platinum’ Status with their company in only 6 days! In 2012 business for home nominated Travis in the TOP 25 Field Leaders in the world in the MLM industry.

Travis and Summer Fish

Travis has repeatedly built top producing organizations around the world. His saying: ‘Growing leaders as opposed to maintaining followers’ has become a main focal point for recruiting into his organizations. Travis believes the number one way to grow an organization, is to grow the people IN that organization.

Travis and Summer are currently the top earners and Diamond Ambassadors for Ocean Avenue! For more info go to

Breaking MLM News: Travis & Summer Flaherty Resign From BodHD And Notify Legacy Nation After Merger to bHip Global

From “It Works” merging with Vitamark, to the merger between BodHB and bHip Global we are seeing some small to mid-size network marketing companies forging strategic partnerships to provide a stronger combined foundation for their network marketing field force. But…

In the case of the Flaherty’s Travis & Summer, they did not feel the merger was the direction they wanted to go. Now this is not the first time, this has happened to Travis and Summer, so this time they were not as surprised as years past, but at the same time it does take the wind out of you!

Travis Flaherty is known as an expert strategist in the area of helping MLM start-up companies build their brand by attracting and growing a solid team.

A few years ago, he followed the move of other great network marketing leaders like Garrett McGrath, Orrin Woodword, Eric Woree and Tom Chenault in creating there own team brands and he formed Team Legacy.

I know Travis & Summer both believe in helping people create freedom in their lives, and wherever they go, this mission will still be their main focus.

And FREEDOM is something their whole family enjoys!

Here is his words on why after Ray Grimm and Terry LaCore announced the merger of their two companies Travis and Summer Flaherty decided it was time to resign and look for a new home.

I personally wish both companies the best in this new combined merger, but all founders and CEOs should remember to consult and explain why they are changing the direction of their respective companies before just doing it.

It is not that founders do not have the right to do as they see fit. But, when field leaders are not consulted, then the new combined company could very well lose their best assets overnight!

I also wish the best for Travis and Summer in searching for a new home, and find it a privilege to be a part of that process as the journalist who will break the story.

Travis & Summer’s Open Letter To The Legacy Nation!


Legacy Nation;

I can truly say over the past 18 months the ‘high definition’ relationships Summer and I have established with each of you have made a tremendous impact on our hearts. A quote that comes to mind is; “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.” ~Uknown

As many of you know, over the past month Bodhd has announced a new direction with a company acquisition to Bhip Global. And while this opportunity presents an exciting opportunity for some, we are confident this merger is not the ‘right direction’ for Summer and I. We have come to the crystal clear realization – what we fell in love with 18 months ago, with Bodhd, is no longer present today.

Regretfully, I submit to you that Monday, August 27, 2012 will be my last day as the top field leader for Bodhd. Moving forward I will no longer be providing consulting services to Bodhd and or Bhip.

I want to assure you that I have no intentions to persuade people that Bhip is the ‘wrong choice’. It’s simply not the right choice for Summer and I. We also want to be respectful to everyone in this group and give you ‘the choice’ to delete yourself BEFORE we announce our new direction for Legacy. (We will be making this announcement on Friday, August 31st within this group.) For those of you who will be continuing on with this merger we wish you vast amounts of happiness and success, and hope we will stay in contact and remain friends.

We pray that in some small way we’ve had as much of an impact on your lives as you have made on ours! We will remain forever grateful for the opportunity we had to work with you and will never forget our brief moment living in ‘high definition’. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

In the spirit of success,

Travis & Summer Flaherty[/quote]