Breaking MLM News: Travis and Summer Flaherty Announce They Have Found a New Home At Ocean Avenue

Last week Travis & Summer Flarety reached out to let me know they had resigned from their last company (see editorial) and once they had finished reviewing a few other companies they would call. Last night at 6:00pm Travis and Summer called to tell me they had decided on Ocean Avenue. Below you can learn first hand why they made this decision, and why some of their personal directs decided to go with them.

Travis & Summer Flaherty

Travis has been referred to as a “Rainmaker” by his peers and colleagues. He has an uncanny talent to create energy, excitement and a following where ever he goes. In the past he has served as a master distributor, VP of Sales and Consultant in the direct sales industry.

He is best known for his ability to harvest large organizations by implementing leadership development and systematic training platforms. As a Direct Sales ‘Trainer’, Travis has spoken to thousands around the world, inspiring individuals to begin living a life of abundance. Travis is also largely recognized for his virtual seminars, articles and videos dedicated to leadership development and successful practices of an entrepreneur in the Network Marketing Industry.

Travis Flaherty Leadership

In 2009, Travis and his wife Summer were featured in the popular industry publication, ‘Your Business at Home’, as one of the top Networking Professionals in the United States. They were also featured in ‘Success From Home’ Magazine in January, 2011, highlighting their story on achieving the prestigious ‘Double Platinum’ Status with their company in only 6 days! In 2012 business for home nominated Travis in the TOP 25 Field Leaders in the world in the MLM industry.

Travis has repeatedly built top producing organizations around the world. His saying, ‘Growing leaders as opposed to maintaining followers’ has become a main focal point for recruiting into his organizations. Travis believes the number one way to grow an organization, is to grow the people In that organization.

Source: Travis Flaherty

Breaking MLM News: MLM Power Couple Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt Resign, What is Next?

This has been a crazy week as well respected, world renown MLM leaders have started to resign from their respective companies. Since I was on a plane all day yesterday I am just getting this news out. I will be reaching out to Rob & Tiffanie Moffitt to find out what is up in their lives. But there are a few things I know…

Sometimes when we are walking on the edge, if too many folks are hounding us for information of to make a specific decision before we are ready, then we will gladly take a leap of faith, and jump off the edge in a new direction, because we know running with the pack is not going to be good for us.

Sadly too many times folks are not willing to take the risk, and just become part of the pack, never realizing what we just missed. Rob and Tiffanie Moffett, are not that type of couple, they are willing to follow their hearts and take a leap of faith! NOT blind faith, but a well calculated leap of faith!

Breaking MLM News: New International Family Driven Network Marketing Company Launching…

It is not everyday that I get the privilege of working closely with an international MLM start-up, who has brought folks together from across oceans, from different avenues in business to launch a movement that Celebrates Life in the Network Marketing community.


When I received my first call from Indonesia by one of the company owners and he shared the vision of the leadership team, and how they would like me to be a part of this new company as a consultant, I was truly honored, but taken back at the same time. I had never taken on such a project, and to have a top international network marketing leader ask me to be part of the inter-circle was truly an Epic Adventure, I was looking forward to.

But, my real buy-in to the vision of the owners did not come until I got to see first hand the real “WHY” that was driving the vision of this company. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of what I mean by “The WHY!”


The four driving forces behind this company are two very amazing couples who I have found walk their walk. What I found after investing some quality time with these folks over the last 60 days, is they have not always had it together as individuals or as couples.

It has been trough their own failures, as people and as entrepreneurs that they have realized that what matters most in life is not the money we earn, the tops we buy, or how many zeros we have in our bank accounts. What matters most if the FAMILY! Not just their families, but how they touch other families.

So very quickly I was introduced to not just their families, but the families who shared the same WHY as the founders.


However, behind every WHY must be a product or service that will engage the masses to become Raving Evangelists like those who drive the WHY of APPLE! What was started by Guy Kawasaki (the original Apple Evangelist in the 1980s) has now become a worldwide WHY that has allowed APPLE to touch and change the lives of millions of people and cross demographic and culture groups.

Well, after meeting the Chief Science Officer brought in by the founders, it was easy to see who the Chief Evangelist was going to be. His drive and passion to change the world and make it a better place for all people, not just a select group, was amazing.

Every now and then a small team of people get together, and decide to make an impact in the world. They are willing to risk more than most folks feel is wise, but are willing to follow their heartfelt passions. Their mission in life if you will.

Well soon I will be able to reveal who the folks are behind this new company, the product and most of all allow you to listen to them personally share why they are so passionate on building a company around FAMILY!

These truly are some amazing folks, with extraordinary passion for their mission!

Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly
The Beachside CEO

Top XanGo Leader And Queen Of MLM Goes Home To Heaven

On August 13th Sharon Unkefer (Wife of Sherman Unkefer Top XanGo Leader) went home to be with her Lord in Heaven.


Here is the email Sherman sent:

Dear Friends, Family and Xango Team Members,

I have forwarded herewith the last e-mail which was sent from Sharon to our organization, in which she stated the following; “In the past, writing a newsletter or announcement was easy for me, my fingers flew quickly across the keyboard as thoughts transformed into words… Today, it’s a little more difficult, and I don’t quite know where to begin, and I hope you will be patient and indulge me as I try to deliver this message.”

Today is indeed the most difficult message I have ever written! At 8:40 AM this morning, August 13th, Sharon passed into eternity to be with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. While all of us are deeply saddened by this great loss; nonetheless, we feel a sense of relief as the tremendous pain and suffering she was undergoing has ceased, and she is now in Paradise with her Lord and Savior, with every tear and care wiped away. Now, perhaps, she can finally get busy completing her book, “My Life in Dog Years.”

We are being inundated by flowers sent by her loved ones throughout the world, for which we are grateful; however, what would be of greater interest to Sharon would be for those of you who would like to offer something in her name to make contributions to the two charities that were close to her heart.

The first charity that Sharon and I have been involved with is Arizona Lutheran Academy, a Christian high school positioned to serve students in the Phoenix, Arizona area. As an evangelistic outreach, we have participated in funding ten scholarships to deserving students that would otherwise not have an opportunity to attend a private Christian School. For those who would like to show their sympathy, please remit checks to Arizona Lutheran Academy and send them to our address and 7119 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, Arizona 85254.

Sharon’s 2nd charity is The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, 424 E. 92nd Street, New York, New York 10128, www. As many of you know, Sharon was an enthusiastic dog lover, owning 13 dogs, one of which she rescued during the last two weeks of her life.

There will be a small Funeral Service for Sharon at our church, Paradise Valley Lutheran Church,14845 North 40th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85032-5252 at 3:00 PM, Saturday, August 16th. The attendees at this service will be friends, family and Xango Team members. The capacity of our church is somewhat limited, with seating for 125. Therefore, for those of you around the country and other parts of the world, who would like to show their respects to Sharon, there will be a memorial held during the time when she had planned to address the audience at our “Learn to Earn” event in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Salt Palace on Sunday, November 9th, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the day following the Xango International Convention that will be open to one and all.
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While we are undergoing deep sadness as a result of Sharon’s untimely passing, we, nonetheless are comforted by this passage:

John 11: 25: Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

“Yes, Lord,” she told him, “I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, who was to come into the world.”

I wish to thank each and every friend, family member and Xango distributor who has been supportive of our struggle to save Sharon’s life through their thoughts, words and prayers!

God Bless,
Sherman Unkefer