Startling Facts Discovered About Tom & Denice Chenault

Youngevity Leaders, Tom & Denice Chenault Are Driven By Unrelenting Purpose

Let me disclose that Tom and Denice Chenault are very dear and close friends. This commentary is as biased as it comes because I love these two like a brother and sister.

Now before I share about how Tom Chenault became the man he is today, I need to introduce you to the woman who brought him into this world, and to whom he owes his life.

Breaking Youngevity News: Tom & Denice Chenault Earn First Ever Yougenvity Exotic Car Give Away

In Denver this weekend Tom & Denice Chenault were given the title to a brand new Porsche Carrera 4S by Youngevity. This is not a lease, this was title and all. Congrats to the Youngevity family for setting a new standard in their company and throughout the Network Marketing Community. Talk about getting folks motivated!

Tom Chenault Interviews MLM Advocates Rod Cook, Ted Nuyten, Garrett McGrath & Troy Dooly Live

Motivation | Personal Development | Home Based Business

Sunday’s Show… Garrett McGrath, Ted Nuyten,
Troy Dooly and Rod Cook!

Sunday’s • 12:00 (PST) • 1:00 (MST) • 2:00 (CST) • 3:00 (EST)
Call in and listen on your phone!

Guest Lineup for Sunday May 27th, 2012

Garrett McGrath


GARRETT MCGRATH has over 20 years
of experience as a top network marketing
professional. Mr. McGrath was elected
President of the Association of Network
Marketing Professionals (ANMP) in 2012
and is a highly sought-after
keynote speaker, leadership trainer
and team-builder.Mr. McGrath has built organizations in
excess of 100,000+ distributors in 20
countries worldwide, together with his
wife and business partner, Sylvia, and
has served as Master Distributor for four
network marketing companies over the
past 20 years.

Troy Dooly


Troy Dooly is recognized internationally
as an expert in the areas of personal
branding, leadership development,
marketing strategies, and organizational
expansion.Dooly is a highly sought after mentor,
speaker, results coach, and radio host.
He is Co-Host with Jim Gillhouse on Aces 
Radio Live. And is host of two the most
successful radio shows inAmerica
focusing on Home-Based Business
and Leader Training, Beachside CEO now
broadcasting on the Home Business

Rod Cook


Rod is the “MLMWatchDog” that wants to stop
MLM Scams, pyramid schemes, bad companies
and distributor terminations!   WHY?  He also
maintains that companies should disclose
shortcomings and inside deals.  Because he
believes that this is the ONLY  industry in the
world that gives a chance for the “little guy” 
to make a living or by choice to make it BIG!  
Not by educationnot by family money
preserve the Good of MLM for all the hard
working, entreprenurial,  striving people
world wide!  His 40 years of experience in
the MLM Industry gives him insights no one else has!

Ted Nuyten


Ted works and lives in the Netherlands,
near Amsterdam, with a proven track
record in the Corporate World working for
IBM, Siemens, DELL, and Verizon as in
Direct Selling and Internet Marketing.In the Corporate World, Ted specializes
in International New Business Development.Ted is a leader and in the Top Earners in the
Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing
industry. The website Business For
attracts 1,5 million+ unique visitors annually
from 150+ countries.

Suzanne Somers Trusts Youngevity Essential Life Sciences With Her Personal Brand Suzanne Essentials

What does Youngevity have that causes company after company to trust them with their brands?

Could it be their Athletic Advisory Board which includes such well respected leaders as former NBA player Mike Glenn? Or maybe it is because of Richard Renton who has quad majors in Sports medicine, Health, Physical Education, and Chemistry. Or maybe it is because of NBA player Theo Curtis Ratliff, or head coach Ken Cole, or Gene Nelson, Mr. all natural bodybuilder himself? It might even be the fact Dr. Stan Frager is a vital part of the Youngevity Athletic Board.

Whatever the reason, leaders like Suzanne Somers place their trust in Youngevity to protect their brand by formulating, manufacturing, marketing and/or selling products with their name attached.

Suzanne Somers is very protective of her name and the companies attached to it. So when she picks a company to manufacture, and market her exclusive products, you can bet she has done her homework. Here is a little more about Suzanne Somers “Sip of Sunshine.

The question folks will be asking is what is in Sip of Sunshine?

Sip of Sunshine

Youngevity is one of the original MLM companies to join the Distributors Rights Association, proving their loyalty and love to their distributors.

If you have read our first article on Youngevity, you know this is where Tom and Denice Chenault landed after their practice company left the MLM arena. It is easy to see why, they made this choice.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

The Voice Of MLM Tom Chenault Lost His Mother To Cancer

4/7/09- MLM Radio Host, Tom Chenault lost his Mother to a year long battle with cancer.

Virginia Chenault left us on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 10:30pm.

Tom has been at his Mom’s side daily for the past month.

Tom has a big hole in his heart right now as Mother and son were extremely close.

I know all of this as Tom is my best friend and adopted “big brother”.

The service is Monday, April 20th at 10:00am.

It will be held at St. Marys Catholic Church

6853 S Prince St
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 798-8506

Per family request, please make Contributions in LIEU OF FLOWERS to Tom’s Mom’s favorite charities! Virginia LOVED the American Cancer Society Homelessness was a major passion for her. Crohns disease runs rampant in her family.

Tom Chenault
310 Pratt Str
Longmont, CO 80501

Virginia’s facebook page:


Marcie Cook – Mrs. MLM Watchdog