MLM Wireless War Update The Winners, Wounded and Dead MLM Mobile Companies

MLM Wireless War Update: The winners, wounded and the dead MLM mobile companies. Just think last year at this time few people were even focused on MLM Wireless Companies. Now we are seeing internationally respected magazines picking up the story and sharing the good, bad and ugly.

Well let’s take a look at the biggest to the smallest MLM Telecommunication Companies.

1. ACN – The World’s Largest Direct Seller of Telecommunication Services.

2. 5Linx – Leading the MLM VOIP Telecommunication industry by offering cutting edge technology.

3. Lightyear Wireless – Changing the way the world views wireless services.

4. GI Connect – Any Time, Anywhere, Any Place.

Those are the top four straight MLM Telecommunication companies. The bulk of their services focus on some form of traditional wireless or VOIP technology.

Now let’s take a look at the new legitimate MLM Wireless companies. In order not to upset the apple cart, I will list them in alphabetical order.

1. Financial Destinations – came on to the scene strong, but due to different cultures, they decided it would be in the best interest of their distributors to end their original strategic partnership, and move in a different direction. I am currently starting to beta test their new FDIVoice service and will do a series of articles after the test is complete.

2. TeleVerus – Seeing a change coming in MLM, TraVerus founder David Manning entered into the MLM Wireless war, with a strong balance sheet, and a vision to go all the way. However, due to the fact VOIP wireless is still very unstable, and causing a blemish on an otherwsie solid reputation, TeleVerus is halting the marketing of VOIP wireless until they have a solid product. We will be doing a three party series on TraVerus in January of 2010.

3. WOW Mobile – Liberty International founder Randy Jeffers saw an opportunity to fill a void and launched WOW Mobile. However, like David Manning, he quickly realized the VOIP technology is not ready for retail use just yet. He has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer a solid wireless service, and is halting the sales of VOIP cell phones until the technology is stable. I am beta testing technology with WOW to help create a solid platform.

Now let’s look at a couple of MLM Wireless Companies which we classify MLM Scams or MLM pyramids.

1. Global Mobile 1 – Global Verge launched Buzzirk Mobile telling the world they would be offering the first of its kind super Wireless Phone. Soon, they switched their story, and relaunched Global Mobile 1, and are offering discount cell service through distributors and retail outlets, competing with their distributors. They have continually changed their stories, and blame the field for their problems. This is the third time the owners have played this shell game.

2. ProxyComm – This company closed its doors after we went public with the fact they screwed their distributors, not once but twice. Their claim to fame was their unlimited VOIP service. The company founder stated he closed the company due to fraud. However, he and others on his corporate team claim to have long tenures in telecommunication and technology security. I fine it hard to believe a company who’s founders are experts could experience continued fraud. During the period of the purported fraud the founders launched a new company with no compensation plan.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly