Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Wins Judgement Against Zer01 and Ben Piilani

Today, I had the opportunity to catch Brian Hardy of Marquis & Aurbach, the attorney of record for Global Verge, at his office. Mr. hardy has just gotten back from court, where his client Global Verge was awarded $43,981,313.00 in their lawsuit against Zer01.

I also had the privilege of meeting Ted Robbins for the first time over the phone.

Ted and I had a great conversation. He explained how frustrated, no down right angry he was at some of the things we had posted, and he was not sure he could trust me. Which if I were in his shoes I would probably feel the same way.

Long story short, by the end of the call, he agreed to an in-depth interview in the next week or so, and I agreed to do a five part series on Global Verge today.

Over the next few days I will go through all the old posts and find the important issues and see if we can get answers as to how those concerns have been addressed.

What I would like to ask right now is for current Global verge E-Associates to comment on this post and share with us any concerns you have which may need to be address.

I would also like current Global verge associates to share what they like about Global Verge. Tell us why you have stuck it out, and how you feel you have grown personally though all of this craziness.

Now there are two specific points I do want to clear up, which Brain Hardy and ted Robbins addressed on our call.

1. I and others across the net have alluded to the fact, by using an offshore processor, Global Verge and their owners “might” be stashing money in offshore tax havens, in case Global Verge went down. Ted and Brian were very clear, NO MONEY has ever been deposited offshore. All money was deposited in US banks, specifically BOA (Bank of America).

2. Ted Robbins also made it very clear, that through two of their business lawyers, they have addressed all complaints filed with the Attorney General’s office.

I am looking forward to talking with Ted and even Mark on the past, present and future of Global verge.

Stay tuned for the up coming series.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly