Breaking MLM News: Behind MLM Accuses Business For Home Of Plagiarism

Most mornings when I am siting by the Harbor, sipping coffee and catching up on what is happening inside the community of Network Marketing, I check my Google Alerts, and the .rss feeds from most of the MLM Blogs, Ponzi and Scam blogs to see what is happening. Today, I made it to one blog…

For those of you who may not have ever visited lets me give you a quick update on the site and it’s owner, OZ.

Oz, and I do not always agree on things. He has always been welcome to come into this community and disagree, and he has allowed me to come to his community and disagree. Throughout the growth of our online friendship, we have always used Critical Thinking to debate issues. I have also found him to be very fair in every situation he has written about.

You can learn a little more about him at!

So to wake up to this blog post… Ted Nuyten (Business For Home) rips off BehindMLM I was shocked… NOT!

But, I was somewhat shocked at the content. I quickly went and reviewed what Ted Nuyten had “written” and the date. Then I reviewed if he gave credit to his source… Well I am not sure when he added his credit, but at the bottom of the post it does as of May 5th 2013 state the following…

Field work done by Behind MLM yes


Over the years I have gotten to know Ted Nuyten, like Oz from our online communications, phone calls. We have grown an online friendship.

Early this year, he did alienate himself and angered some of the Founders and CEOs of the top 100 Network Marketing Companies in the World, when he hit his Business For Home list to promote his position in Empower Network. Overnight he stopped being seen as an Independent Source for information and financial numbers to a Top Income Earner in Empower Network, who violated the trust of those who sent their distributors to Business For Home.

Best Journalistic Blogging Practices…

When writing articles, opinions, editorials or a prospective, it is best practice when quoting a source to give that source credit. One reason that it has taken Bloggers years to be taken seriously as journalists, is because of the amateurish behaviors by some Bloggers who have not taken time to study or learn basic journalism or news reporting.

Not only is this a no, no inside the journalist community, it is a no, no with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines. The fastest way to watch your site get blacklisted is to have one of the Search Engines decide your site is nothing more than a Content Mill and puking out regurgitated content from the original source without providing that source credit.

As experts who cover the MLM worldwide, it is our responsibility to make sure we not only provide info and news, but that we also give credit to the source of information… The fastest way to lose credibility is to disrespect our community!



Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly



Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog Calls Out Banners Broker As Ponzi Backs Up His Claim With Insider Info Updated December 7th 2012

Rod Cook, the MLM Watchdog called out Banners Broker today as… a sophisticated, complicated, and well disguised Zeek Rewards caliber company that feeds entirely off new recruits and new money. Updated December 20th, 2012

Update December 20th, 2012 Banners Broker Scam Update

Udated December 7th, 2012: Banner Brokers on their Facebook page today decided to propagate a bold face lie. They stated I (Troy Dooly) had contacted them asking for $15K to $20 (they did not say how there was a $5K difference) to take this post down. Below is the response I posted on their page.

Updated December 7th, 2012: Finch Sells – Banners Broker Scam – Don;t Let It Affect You

Updated December 5th, 2012: Ted Nuyten, founder of Business For Home has just released a new Banners Broker Review. (Click Here to Read!)

Now those are some very bold words, but some many of us have been stating for months.

You can also review a thread at Real Scam where folks on both sides are debating Banns Broker.

Months ago, I mentioned the fact our team could not locate where Banners Broker, located in Canada had filed any of the necessary paperwork to be seen as a legit direct selling company. In other words a company who can pay independent affiliates through a multi-level compensation structure.

Rod Cook aka MLM Watchdog in part backs up his claims through insider info, part of which comes from a blog called “Do Nothing Money

It appears to be a sophisticated, complicated, and well disguised Zeek Rewards caliber company that feeds entirely off new recruits and new money. It appears as though you are buying banner advertising and sharing in the click revenue, etc . . . but in reality, it is one of the most sophisticated ponzi scams on the Internet. Their website is Editors Note: I have spyders on that site and if you sign up I WILL BREAK YOUR FINGERS! Continued here is a critical website> BEWARE >There are other scams on it with a jillion affiliate grabs! It gives some insights as to how the Banner Brokers scam works to steal participant’s money in this Ponzi that may beat out Zeek Rewards: Banners Brokers scam warning. < Beware of this website too!

I have included the complete article at the bottom of this editorial to show where the MLM Watchdog got some of his info. If as this author of the article states

In this post you will read my personal experience with Banners Brokers and everything written here is completely true.

then as I have stated in the past, Banners Broker is a ponzi and folks investing in it, should realize that they could find themselves in the same place as former Zeek Rewards Affiliates do today. I now it should be noted that the following article seems to have been written back in the Spring and Summer of 2012, so some of the info Rod Cook reviewed may have changed…

One more thing to contemplate… Many of the issues written about in the following article were also issues brought up over the last year by former affiliates of Zeek Rewards.

Banners Broker SCAM Warning It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Banners Broker can be GONE Today as it can take another Year but what you really need to know is that they are operating an Illegal Ponzi Scheme, with no Product instead of a real advertising company as they claim. We all have seem dozens, hundreds of ponzi schemes but the ones like Banners Broker and ZeekRewards that disguise themselves as real companies are the ones that truly end up hurting the biggest amount of people. So if you are a Banners Broker member and your investment is being doubled every few months by doing nothing, keep in mind that, that is the ponzi that is taking place and no real secret, hidden advertising platform on unknown websites.

7/13/2012 – Major Update : The owner of Banners Broker Kul Josun, has been Fired. How can you fire the person that owns the program? Now they claim that he wasn’t the owner and all of a sudden Banners Broker is left with a Faceless owner ( Chris Smith ). Looks like an exit strategy to me, once this goes belly up, no one will know where to point their fingers to.


Things are worst than what I thought and Banners Broker is Doing It Wrong. They have since forever been having Payment issues which is the most important aspect of a program as everyone joins to get paid.

As I reported in the back dozens of times their Advertising doesn’t really exist, it simply doesn’t work and if consider it to be working, what you get for the price would be far less compared to what you get everywhere else.

This post is a warning and contains suggestions on what you should do to be safe with Banners Broker as they are starting to Rip-Off lots of members and that is primarily due to the Money Issue as my upliner confirmed they had.

Click on next page below to read detailed information on each of these issues and what is going on with Banners Brokers, my experience and what is happening to others.

On the next page you can find “What Is Really Happening” and in the last page the “Solution”….

What Is Happening!

Banners Brokers is locking members accounts, they can say the reason for this are various like I will explain below but in the end it doesn’t make sense. Reach your own conclusion.

Banners Brokers started as a Straight Line Cycler / Doubler and even the cheap banners they had in their backoffice made with a Free program suggested that. Some of the top members in the program came up with a “Strategy”, to earn Unlimited Income with Banners Brokers and Double your money without referring others.

Everyone joined Banners Brokers as a Passive Income program and they were more than happy to let people know that. The strategy was based on the same person registering multiple accounts, they always neglected the fact that members were creating multiple accounts but as they moved to BBv2.0 they made an option called something like “Almagate”. The goal of this option was to Merge all of your accounts together.

So there goes the first trick. They claim people can’t have multiple accounts but they made an option so people can merge their tens, hundreds and some even thousands of accounts.

They grew bigger and bigger and decided to get rid of the Doublers Term, the Passive Income, The Cycler and claim they were an advertising company. To do this they had to clean their image and remove all of the advertising on the internet that has anything to do with that.

In their new terms everyone had to remove all of their advertising that contains such words or their account would be locked.

In the meantime they were always having problems with :

Paying Members on time – Payments have always been late, some for over 10, 20 and even 40 days. Whenever you asked support about it, they basically told you to ‘f*** off and wait’.

The Advertising Platform is a fake – Everyone knows this as I never recommended their product. When you buy Advertising Package you don’t get any advertising at all, I received around 60,000 Banners Views in 1 year (12 large months), which I normally get in 1-3 DAYS using other real advertising companies, so here instead of 3 days I am waiting 365 days to reach the same results.

Server Problems, Website Problems, Support Problems, You name it.

Keep reading and learn how and why they LOCKED my account forever.

Account Locked (All Commissions Stolen)

First this is not the same time this happens to me. I am a very hard working member and in the past companies changed their policies and terms and you ended up having lots of ads that were “Outdated“, not that I was promoting in the wrong way, just that the Ads are no longer valid so it collides with their new ‘image‘.

My account at Banners Brokers is Locked and Admin keeps all the commissions because I have some Advertising that is outdated. In order for me to unlock my account I had to remove this content and contact them once that happens.

They locked my account about 4 times in Total and each and every-time I removed the outdated information. The ‘Ads‘ were forum posts and all of them were not meant for advertising instead discussion and once requested all these posts were removed, each time they unlocked my account successfully, without problems or complaints.

Now the question is really simple. Why would they not unlock my account now? Even after the term they don’t endorse are now gone.

They don’t accept certain claims, words or terms used on Advertising and I wasn’t doing that, the forum posts were not something that I was doing now instead years old post. If I were to go out now and promote as passive income using all sort of methods then I understand but that isn’t the case.

When it happened to me alone, I wasn’t that surprised and it was OK, but then I learned of other members getting their accounts locked and all funds stolen, so this made me think the obvious based on past experience and that is that the company is looking to safe money in whatever way possible. All these accounts are from “Active” members that promote to others and grow their business. Another similarity in these account is the fact that they are all in profit, no money goes in only out, bottom line a burden to the program. These accounts are all locked now.

They never reply to the support tickets nor give an explanation why these accounts are locked. They clearly state in my case “Remove / Edit content to reinstate your account“, after that step is done they simply stop replying to you.

I’ve seen this another 4 times in the past and all the companies that resorted to this same measure, all DIED.

I am not saying that Banners Brokers will go broke tomorrow but it might happen soon. My upliner confirmed that they were having money problems and that is the logic reason why payments take from 30 to 50 days (sometimes) to be processed while their official pending time is a maximum of 10 days.

How to be safe and be a winner


The trick is simple. So far Banners Brokers has been good to me and I earned a nice sum of money coming out of very, very small investment (one of the reasons why they locked my account) and the most important My Referrals (Team Members) are doing well.

What you should do is the following in order to be safe and avoid loosing any money with them.

If you are in profit – Then great, you need to do nothing. Just withdraw whatever amount you feel comfortable with and play with the rest. Do Not Re-invest or Invest any large sums of money.
Don’t be greedy. Keep your earnings and just play with the profit.
If you are not in profit – Take your money out FAST. Great your initial investment out, double your panels and hit withdraw, once you break even you can keep on playing with whatever you have left, you will be glad you did this.
If you are not yet a member – Don’t join Banners Brokers, the risk is too high. I admit that the company can last another year or even more but they can also be gone tomorrow or they can aswell choose to Lock your account and keep the money.

Bottom Line

Play it safe and take your initial investment out. WITHDRAW NOW and then play with the profit.

Think of it this way. YOU DON’T LOOSE ANYTHING BY WITHDRAWING, it is actually the other way around, as soon as you WITHDRAW you are winning.

I had a nice ride with Banners Brokers but they ‘scammed’
After a long year working to build and grow their business, give them exposure they reply back with no excuse and nothing more than all commissions, contacts and work Stolen / Gone.

For that reason I don’t recommend Banners Brokers to YOU or Anyone because this is not how you treat your hard working Members / Affiliates.

If you don’t agree with me I respect that but you might as well want to respect my point of view if you don’t’ agree with it.

Comments are welcome from all sides. I have over 260 Direct Referrals there and thousands of members down the line.

Quick Update

Right after making this post public about Banners Brokers and the way they treated me and other members I was finally offered help by one of my top uplines to restore my account.

Only after I made this post, at the beginning he just told me to send an email to support and basically to get lost.

As you can clearly see I rejected that offer because I thought it would be more important to put this information out there. My account was already making several hundreds dollars minimum, every month but giving you this info is more important to me.

Someone mentioned in the forum the Banners Brokers Payout Stats.

Yes they claim they paid over $100,000,000usd but as you might know already these stats are fake, here is my comment on this issue.

By strosdegoz on the MMG forum.

The payout stats calculate all the cycles, earnings and commissions that are automatically reinvested into the program and not the money going into members pocket.

So if you put in $20usd and it doubles to $40, you will have only $20 available for withdrawals minus all the fees but in the Payout stats you would see $40usd.

Now if you choose to reinvest the $20 over and over over the Payout stats would still keep on increasing by $40 each time your panel doubles even if you never withdraw.

So if at some point you decided to withdraw $4,000 the payout stats from your efforts alone can be over $10,000

They know this and this might be one of the reasons why they are removing it now.

Also because the stats are fake.

Another thing is their “Corporate Office”. Their address DOESN’T EXIST AT ALL.

Make your own choice. You can join Banners Brokers and profit from it, but don’t take it as a real business with unlimited income streams.

WITHDRAW everything you can NOW and play with your profit.

Refund Policy

Banners Brokers has a refund policy. You can take advantage of that if you are one of those asking how to get out.

It has been reported over and over that Banners Broker do not honor their refund policy. It is an impossible procedure and most of the time you will end up not getting the money back, something to think about.

Banners Broker International (referred to as Banners Broker hereafter) offers a thirty-day money back guarantee on our products. Upon cancellation of your purchase, you will be entitled to a refund provided the cancellation occurs within thirty days of your purchase. There will be no exceptions for refund under any other circumstance.

Banners Broker Twitter & Blog

After I wrote this post, Banners Broker fans and management claims that I made this all up. They claim that my background story of the company when they started claiming they were a straight cycler / doubler is also fake.

All the old members in BB knows that this is TRUE but they can’t say anything or their accounts will get locked, banned and all commissions forfeited. I didn’t want to draw more attention into this post and that’s why I don’t bump it to the top but to defend my story, here are some facts, proof and screen shots.

Here you will be able to see Banners Broker Official Twitter account and their tweets from a year or so ago.

You can also see Their Own illegal Income Claims on their blog and tweets.

… They literally locked my account for having outdated information such as the info that you will see below coming from their own accounts …

Note : The chances are that by the time you see this they will remove both the blog posts and tweets, so I took screen shots because I don’t’ want to be called a liar just for sharing my story. This is intended to proof my story and not anything else.

1 – Banners Broker Twitter Account ( 30th May, 2012) * All the screen shots were taken on this same date.

Banners Broker Ponzi
2 – Banners Broker Tweets (Income Claims, Cycler & Doubler Claims & More)

Banners Broker
Banners Broker
3 – Banners Brokers Blog Post

Banners Broker
4 – Twitter Feed

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Banners Broker: A NEW way to DOUBLE your money!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
a common question… how many times can I double? the answer is AS MANY AS U WISH

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
The World’s First Straightline Cycler Doubler – Banners Broker Blog

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
BB is proud to announce that the Doubling Process has begun! Everyone starts at 0, and your Panel Bar will advance when it’s your turn!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Happy doubling Ladies and Gentlemen!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Doubling full steam ahead! If you don’t see your Panels doubled as yet, it just means that we are not yet there in the queue. Hold tight!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Many have doubled! Click the BUY button ASAP in your backoffice to get back in line to double again!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Hats off to those that doubled this week! Famous quote: “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Don’t delay, take your shot today!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
The Banners Broker Queue is at 6 Days to start Doubling! Where else can you double your money this quickly? A LOT of Members Doubled Today!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
Many people saw this message today: Your Panel just DOUBLED! Keep up the great work and let’s close out the year strong!

Banners Broker ‏@bannersbroker
The time frame to double will always fluctuate, but currently we are at an amazing fast past with only 3 days to start doubling!

Well this is all.

You can find these yourself on their blog and twitter account.

Banners Broker Blog >
Banners Broker Twitter Account >

I just got a hold of their official landing page, few months back and some of their Old Banners which further proves my point.

You can see them by going through this link > (See Below)

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype)

Banner Brokers

Tom Chenault Interviews MLM Advocates Rod Cook, Ted Nuyten, Garrett McGrath & Troy Dooly Live

Motivation | Personal Development | Home Based Business

Sunday’s Show… Garrett McGrath, Ted Nuyten,
Troy Dooly and Rod Cook!

Sunday’s • 12:00 (PST) • 1:00 (MST) • 2:00 (CST) • 3:00 (EST)
Call in and listen on your phone!

Guest Lineup for Sunday May 27th, 2012

Garrett McGrath


GARRETT MCGRATH has over 20 years
of experience as a top network marketing
professional. Mr. McGrath was elected
President of the Association of Network
Marketing Professionals (ANMP) in 2012
and is a highly sought-after
keynote speaker, leadership trainer
and team-builder.Mr. McGrath has built organizations in
excess of 100,000+ distributors in 20
countries worldwide, together with his
wife and business partner, Sylvia, and
has served as Master Distributor for four
network marketing companies over the
past 20 years.

Troy Dooly


Troy Dooly is recognized internationally
as an expert in the areas of personal
branding, leadership development,
marketing strategies, and organizational
expansion.Dooly is a highly sought after mentor,
speaker, results coach, and radio host.
He is Co-Host with Jim Gillhouse on Aces 
Radio Live. And is host of two the most
successful radio shows inAmerica
focusing on Home-Based Business
and Leader Training, Beachside CEO now
broadcasting on the Home Business

Rod Cook


Rod is the “MLMWatchDog” that wants to stop
MLM Scams, pyramid schemes, bad companies
and distributor terminations!   WHY?  He also
maintains that companies should disclose
shortcomings and inside deals.  Because he
believes that this is the ONLY  industry in the
world that gives a chance for the “little guy” 
to make a living or by choice to make it BIG!  
Not by educationnot by family money
preserve the Good of MLM for all the hard
working, entreprenurial,  striving people
world wide!  His 40 years of experience in
the MLM Industry gives him insights no one else has!

Ted Nuyten


Ted works and lives in the Netherlands,
near Amsterdam, with a proven track
record in the Corporate World working for
IBM, Siemens, DELL, and Verizon as in
Direct Selling and Internet Marketing.In the Corporate World, Ted specializes
in International New Business Development.Ted is a leader and in the Top Earners in the
Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing
industry. The website Business For
attracts 1,5 million+ unique visitors annually
from 150+ countries.

Zeekler COO Dawn Wright-Olivares Speaks With Troy Dooly On Some Of The Red Flags Surounding Zeek Rewards

MLM Executive Interview

Zeekler COO Dawn Wright-Olivares Speaks With Troy Dooly

On Some Of The Red Flags Surounding Zeek Rewards

A couple of weeks ago Dawn Wright-Olivares, COO of Zeek Rewards took time out of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals annual convention to sit down with me and talk about some of the red flags surrounding Zeek Rewards and what she and her compliance team have done to clear up any possible issues.

Zeek Rewards COO

My good friend Ted Nuyten has done a solid review on Dawn Wright-Olivares over at Business For Home, which will give you a little deeper insight into Dawn and her family.

MLM Scam Alert: TVI Express Update Top Leaders Arrested In Several Countries

We have been reviewing the TVI Express situation for several months. In the last few days and weeks we have seen an international crack down on TVI Express field leaders and others.

The two main MLM Watchdogs Rod Cook of the USA and Ted Nuyten of the Netherlands have covered TVI Express situation in detail.

Here is a list of TOP TVI Express Leaders as reported by Ted Nuyten of Business For Home Organization in the Netherlands.

Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog reports on the China crackdown of TVI Express leaders.