MLM Company Review: Tastefully Simple Consultant Chrystal Hubbard Takes Her Business On The Road

This last weekend I met a consultant from Tastefully Simple who isn’t letting the economy or anything else keep her from building a business and having a wonderful Christmas season. Chrystal Hubbard

Unlike so many network marketers today, who hope their social marketing campaign, or website will do most of the work, or all the work, Chrystal Hubbard and her team are taking their Tastefully Simple business to the people.

While I was out enjoying an Old Fashion Christmas at Watercolor Florida, and came across Chrystal Hubbard and her team sharing the great story of Tastefully Simple.

I’m contacting the company to make arraignments to do a full review on their vision and passion. But take some time and review what I put together below. And contact Chrystal Hubbard to get some great products for your Holiday parties.