Jason Elrod On Success: 7 Secrets to Success – Pt 1

Personal confession: I am a book and advice junkie. I love to learn about how other people have achieved their success. Over the years, I have incorporated dozens of good ideas because, to be honest, it’s a lot easier than re-inventing the wheel. Even today (or maybe especially today), as president of WakeUpNow Inc., I always read, watch and listen to learn what makes people successful.

This is the first in a series of blogs about some of the key principles I’ve witnessed and personally experienced on the road to success.

Lesson #1: Listen More Than You Talk

There is a Japanese proverb that translates to “None of us is as smart as all of us.” What does that mean? It means that even the smartest person in the room doesn’t know everything. It means that asking others for their feedback or advice is smart.  If you ask for those things from intelligent, knowledgeable and experienced people, that’s even smarter!

We’ve probably all met people who don’t listen to feedback or new ideas. Why? Is it insecurity? Arrogance? Maybe. Some people just don’t like to admit they need help or constructive criticism. Maybe they see it as a sign of weakness or some kind of admission that they’re “less than”. Whatever the reason, it isn’t smart. Closing the door on everyday learning opportunities is a surefire recipe for limiting your growth as a person and as a professional.

My advice to those people? Be realistic about your limitations and start learning from the experts around you. Want to be a better entrepreneur? Read blogs and watch Ted Talks from successful entrepreneurs. Then LISTEN. Your investment of time will yield huge returns in the form of new ideas, motivation, and a sense of direction.

Want to be a better sales leader? Ask customers questions about their fears, frustrations, hopes and dreams. Then LISTEN. They will basically give you a roadmap to meeting their needs or solving their problem. John Maxwell put it best, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” So listen first.

Want to be a better husband or wife? Ask your spouse honest questions about how you treat them, love them or support them. Then LISTEN. If things are rough, what you hear might sting a little. But would you rather hear it and have a chance to improve on it? Or just be blindsided when things get worse?

The bottom line is this. Smart people listen to the wisdom around them. Smart companies listen to their customers. Smart executives listen to middle managers.  Not because everything they say is valid or because every suggestion should become policy; but because it’s information. The more you have, the better decisions you make. Whether you’re in a board room or in your living room, listening proves that you care about the issue, that you are a thoughtful decision maker, and that you value the efforts of those around you. If you can prove that, more people will be listening the next time YOU talk.

Jason Elrod On Success: 7 Secrets to Success – Pt 2

As we continue our series, it’s important to remember that if you truly want to be successful, there is always work to be done or a price to be paid. This week’s secret requires us to do a psychological gut check and find a way to put our ego in the back seat.

Lesson #2: Be a Servant Leader

None of us works alone. From the smallest home businesses to Fortune 500 companies, people work with other people to get things done. All enterprises (whether you have 2 employees or 20,000) require structure and leadership.  But how do you get the most out of the people you work with?

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

I’m a fan of war movies. And most of those stories portray two stereotypical kinds of leaders. The first type is the one wearing a clean-pressed uniform who barks orders from the safety of a remote command post, unaware or apathetic about the struggles of the men in the trenches. The second type is the one covered in dirt, sweat, and blood who raises their sword and leads the charge into battle.

Without getting into a debate about military strategy, there is a simple lesson to be learned from these scenarios. Leading by example brings out the best in those being led.  You want to earn respect? Be willing to do the things you are asking others to do. Somehow, I don’t think William Wallace’s horseback speech in Braveheart would have had the same effect if he had ended it with “And good luck! I’ll be waiting back here if you need me.”

So roll up your sleeves and work to clear the path that you want your army to take. Leaders like that don’t demand any credit or recognition. It just happens naturally. When the battle is over, the troops know which leader put their butt on the line to get the job done.

Humility vs. Elitism

From higher pay to greater recognition, people pursue leadership positions for a variety of reasons. We all know someone whose leadership style involves nothing more than flexing the muscle of their ego or title. Sometimes it’s as simple as “get me some coffee.” Other times, they make major policy changes with the always helpful explanation “because I’m the boss.” That’s elitism.

When your face needs to be the one on the brochure or in the commercial (even if market research says to go a different way).  When you worry more about getting the credit than about getting results. That’s elitism. And in the long run, it’s not effective. Elitist leaders do not earn respect. They might demand (and get) temporary obedience; but they won’t win the hearts and loyalty of their people.

There’s a better way to help your organization succeed… Help other people succeed.  It takes effort to build people up. It takes humility and courage to put your pride aside and invest in people. Whether that investment takes the form of time, energy, or sweat equity; it always pays dividends.

When you take a chance on people and work side-by-side with them – you give them a chance to grow, to perform, and to surprise you. That’s servant leadership. Can you be burned by putting trust in

Jason Elrod On Success: 7 Secrets to Success – Pt 3

Welcome to 2014! It’s hard to believe that one month of this year is already over.

As you could tell by my silence, things got pretty hectic towards the end of the year, but I’m happy to be sharing with you once again. Let’s get back on track with those Secrets to Success…

Most people spend the majority of their childhood in school reading, learning, and taking notes.  I’ve been out of school for a while; but I still consider myself a student. Not because I wear a backpack or sit in a classroom all day; but because I still read, learn, and take notes. And I always will.

Lesson #3: Be a Student of Your Craft – Never Stop Learning

A graduation ceremony from school never means you’re done learning. Your future of self-education may not involve formal instructors, but it should always include learning something new. The day you believe you’re done learning, is the day you begin to fail.

From entertainment and sports to business and technology, the world is always changing and evolving. There’s always a new or different way to do things. If you don’t keep up, pretty soon you’re going to be left behind.

Starting with the very first days of my career in real estate development, I went out of my way to soak up as much knowledge as I could – from wherever I could. Books, articles, blogs, and people with more experience than me. I was always watching, listening and writing down good ideas. And guess what. I continually got better at my job and have enjoyed a lot of success.


Two heads…

You’ve probably heard the saying “Two heads are better than one.” The main idea is that you don’t know it all. Getting advice, listening to experts, reading the blogs of thought leaders will ALWAYS make you smarter and better equipped than if you just did what you know how to do right now. And if you read or listen to 9 other people, then 10 heads are 1000% better than 1.

More wisdom than any library

We live in an awesome time. We have more information available via our smartphones than exists in entire libraries. And I don’t mean just book knowledge (although books are still a huge part of my self-education.) I’m talking about “people knowledge.” Blogs, articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. There are literally millions of sources of information. I’m a regular visitor to places like Forbes.com, Success.com, and many other news and blog sites. You should find good, credible sources. Search for topics important to you or your business. Then read, listen, watch, and learn.

Knowing is good. Doing is better.

Nike nailed this theme when they created their “Just Do It” campaign. The message was basically, “Stop talking about what you’re going to do, and just do it.” Well the same goes for knowledge and wisdom. All the reading, listening, watching and learning is USELESS if you don’t put it into practice.

Let’s say you’re in sales, and you read an article like “7 Things the Best Salespeople Always Do.” You read it. You understand it. You’ve learned it. But if you don’t turn around and do those things in your own job, you will go NOWHERE.

You want to be successful? Never stop learning. Ask questions. Take notes. Read, listen, watch, and improve yourself a little bit every day.

See you at the top.

Troy Dooly’s Five Principles for Success in Network Marketing

The definition for success is so subjective, that every company and leader has their own definition. Personally, I believe success is adding value to those I come in contact on a daily basis.

I never equate financial gain to success, because when we tie money to success, then we start to judge those who may not have as much as we do. On the other hand, in some cases we judge ourselves as failures because we do not have as much money as others.

1. Raise The Bar of Excellence

What brought you this far will not take you to the next level. You have to stretch and break out of the status quo if you are going to take your career, team, finances, health or personal relationships to the next level.

You have to raise your own bar of excellence, before you can equip others to raise theirs.

2. Admit and Remove your Limited Beliefs

You can have the clearest focus and objective in the world, with a written plan to accomplish it. But…

If you have deep seeded limiting beliefs, which are causing you to fall short, pullback or self-sabotage your outcome, then you will never feel like you have succeeded.

These limited beliefs manifest themselves in the emotions of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and a negative attitude.  An example of a limiting belief, which may hold you back, is as follows: You have a burning passion to become financially independent, never having to worry about money again. Yet, inside you have a belief your parents instilled in you which tells you “Rich people can’t be trusted. They earned their money off the backs of good hard working people.”

Identify and admit you have this limiting belief, which is causing the conflict. Once you have dug deep and located what it is, now you can realign yourself with your true values. What you believe, not what others believe. This will take time and may take outside help.

3. Model Proven Strategies

Don’t reinvent the wheel, find someone in your niche who has accomplished what you desire, and model their every strategies. How many times have we heard “success leaves clues?” Well guess what – so does failure. I have never met a failing person who is modeling the strategies of successful people. Instead, what I hear is “I’m doing it my way!”

When I wanted to grow as a speaker, I did not go to my wife, who is a successful best selling romance writer, and who does not like speaking in front of crowds. Instead, I started getting close to great Catalyst speakers, asking questions, listening to their answers, watching what they did before they spoke and after they were finished. I have models some of the greatest speakers, teachers, and preachers who are influencing the world today.

Find a leader in your niche and study everything you can on how they went from the bottom to the top.

4. Intensify Your Passion

Listen we all have our days when life throws us a curve ball and it hits us right below the belt. It may be our best leader left, the company went bankrupt, the FTC hit us because of overzealous reps. Or as in my case, my son was convicted on numerous felonies, and the time my daughter was diagnosed with a pediatric kidney birth defect. It’s at these critical moments we get to see the type of person we truly are. Do we retreat into our cave of depression, or pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and move forward?

Dondi Scumaci is a great example. A few years ago while she was on a speaking tour, and while walking to her hotel room, was attacked and beaten badly.  She had a choice to make, let the attacker win, and never leave her home again, or become an advocate to others and keep living life; well, today she is one of the greatest female speakers in the world, and has authored several bestselling books.

She intensified her passion to change the world one person at a time starting with herself. It is during these moments in our life, that the true self come out. Intensify your passion to WIN!

5. Give To Those Who Can’t Give Back

This may be the most important of all of my success principles. It is what we are willing to give to others unconditionally, which truly sets Servant Leaders apart of Egotistically Self-Serving Leaders. Servant Leaders influence change in people they serve, while Egotistically Self-Serving Leaders manipulate people to act out of fear of the consequences.

If you are struggling to succeed, and it seems that every time you get close you fail. I would question how much you are giving to others unconditionally.  If each day you get up and focus on helping at least one person who can’t repay you, I’ll bet by the end of a month, you will have experienced some form of personal growth, which will move you closer to your objectives.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

MLM Success Is All About Never Giving Up

MLM Success is all about never giving up. Never giving in to a scarcity mindset, and living your live through an abundance mentality.

I challenge everyone reading this post to watch the video below, all the way to the end, and see how one man changed a country, when others had counted him out.

Then take a few minutes, and write a comment on how you are not going to give up on your dreams.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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How An Unemployed 47 Year Old Woman Saw Her Dreams Come True

This video shows how an unemployed, 47 year old country girl, never gave up dreaming and final saw her dreams come true.

Susan Doyle may very well be the best kept secret in the United Kingdom, and this week has already done what even President Obama could not do.

Since April 11th, 2009 her main online video has been watched 16,444,554 and 88,211 people have already left a comment.

Add in some of her smaller videos and she has now been viewed over 25, million times.

Watch what has caught the world be surprise, and remember, if you never give up on your dreams, you will hit them.

Watch This Video

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly