Social Media News: Pinterest Users Show Proclivity for Travel Content

I reported on this last week over at Home Business Radio Network. What makes this new report so important is the fact, many networkers are building companies in the top ten niches Pinterest viewers are looking for.


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More than one in six visitors to travel sites are also Pinterest users

Because of its visually oriented interface, Pinterest has been touted as having more promise for travel marketers than other emerging social media sites (and even some of the established ones). Another reason travel marketers have their eye on Pinterest—besides its massive growth rate—stems from an assumption not unique to travel: The site’s users are much more likely to be in shopping mode than other social network users.

It turns out there’s some truth to that belief. comScore’s “State of the US Online Retail Economy in Q2 2012” analyzed the top 20 site categories with a high concentration of Pinterest users. For travel marketers looking to reap decent ROI from their social efforts, the study showed Pinterest users have a high interest in travel content related specifically to transactions. Coming in at eighth on the list, 18.6% of visitors to travel sites with transaction-centered content were also on Pinterest. It appears, at least when it comes to travel, that Pinterest users do have a buyer’s mentality.

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In addition, travel sites for hotels and resorts just made the list, at the 19th spot; about one-sixth of visitors to those sites also belong to Pinterest, and the sites are trailing the leaders by a slim margin.

Something that should catch the eyes of all travel marketers is that Pinterest users come in all varieties. The social network shows promising penetration across demographics of age, household income and education level.



The only demographic split that remains is male/female. While nearly one in five female US internet users are on Pinterest, only one in 20 male internet users visit the site.
Source: eMarketer

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