How Does Google Caffeine Help or Hurt Your MLM Landing Page, blog or Social Networking?

Since June 8th of 2010, Google’s new search indexing system has been indexing web content fastest than ever before. For those of you who watch your Alexa or Compete ranking and have wondered why the fall, more than likely it is because you are not putting fresh content up as fast as your competitors, and you have lost your coveted SERP location (Search Engine result Page).

This is great news for those of us who are constantly putting up fresh content. And it is priceless for those people searching for fresh up to date content. According to Google the organic listings are now at least 50% fresher than in the last. This means fresher videos, images, audios and yes, reviews on products and services.

This will change the marketing landscape for those who use subterfuge marketing, and give legit up front competitors their rightful organic SERP listing back.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Can You Build An MLM Business Through Social Marketing

Our profession was build upon what John C Maxwell calls “The Law of Connection,” yet I keep hearing the same question over and over “can you build an MLM business through social marketing.” Social marketing without a doubt is more than a trend. It has changed the way we all live our lives.

Since 2000 we have seen whole worlds go online with the launch of “Second Life.” We see people getting dating and getting married to their soul mates, after connecting with them on Match or eHarmony. In addition, during the last presidential campaign all of the lead contenders opened campaign offices online, and used YouTube and Facebook to get their propaganda across to the masses. So, I think we can all agree social marketing is impacting our personal and business life. What each of us need to ask is “how are we going to use social marketing to build our business?”

Linkbait Pieces Are The Foundation Of Social Content Success

Each morning I rush out of bed and head towards the coffee pot. Once the coffee is on, I head into my office to check my daily traffic stats. My goal is to see what Linkbait piece is getting the most Linklove.

What some of you may find interesting, is 9 out of 10 times it is not a piece we have done on a specific company (pro or con), but it is on a training post we have created.

Sure we see spikes in the company posts, but over the long haul, the majority of the link love comes from solid training which has added value to someone’s life.

Before we get too far into this article, let me explain a couple of the terms.

This is a blog content, written or video, which is created to attract links form others sites, based on the usefulness of the content by the masses within a specific niche.

Linklove: The amount of inbound websites, social profiles, forums, and blogs which mention and links to a specific article or category inside the blog.

Here are a few principles you can use when creating your own Linkbait pieces.

How To Use Web Based Streaming Video For The First Time

Using Web Based Streaming Video is one of the best ways to attract quality prospects to your replicating website, blog, or online marketing system.

But… Doing it the wrong way, will drive your prospects away, instead of attracting them to your Call To Action!

Most people think (and most guru’s teach), that the best way to get your message out, is using YouTube or one of the hundreds of social video sharing site available today. Yes, you can drive unlimited targeted traffic to your site. But the goal is NOT “unlimited traffic, it’s HIGHLY TARGETED Taffic”

By the way, if you want a solid resource guide for Social Marketing, then you might want to check my current release of The Social Marketing Directory.

A few days ago Enrique Garibay, the founder of, and (the world’s only Macro-marketing Web 2.0 streaming media and communication platform) wrote a great article on Video Marketing.

And in the article he shared the 3 main reasons you DO NOT want to use Google Video, YouTube or any other social video hosting site as your main video delivery source. This is a must read, if you are using videos or are about to start using videos on your blog or websites.

Here is a great example of exactly what I am talking about.

Video Sharing Sites

Notice how some competitor sites show up? And worse yet, this video is showing up with some pretty questionable if not outright porn videos.

Go read Enrique’s article for even more tips.

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The Social Marketing Directory Version 2 will be released Today

I am so excited about the release of the newly updated Social Marketing Directory.

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