MLM News: Covering Youngevity, ViSalus, Skinny Body Care, Text Cash Network Scentsy & Tomboy Tools

This week I am giving an update on Skinny Body Care and Text Cash Network, and will cover some exciting news from ViSalus, Youngevity, Scentsy and Tomboy Tools. Plus, a little update on what some Network Marketing leaders have been up to this week at the DSA conference in Lake Las Vegas.

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Tomboy Tools:

Tomboy Tools, Inc., an Entrepreneur Magazine Top 100 Brilliant Company, is the only provider of hands-on education and high-quality tools for women. Tomboy Tools is an educational organization and direct seller of ergonomically designed hand and power tools.

Skinny Body Care Update!

After talking with Tim Miller and reviewing the current website for Skinny Body Care, I can see where the company is working with the distributors to get their ducks in order. I will be doing a more detailed review in the next few weeks.


Forbes has just named Scentsy #66 in Promising Companies For 2011!

Founded in 2004, the company sells scented, low-watt candles that produce no flame or soot. Employs a direct-sales distribution model, a la Amway and Tupperware. Thompson was the Idaho Business Review’s 2011 Woman of the Year.

ViSalus Sciences Number Speak For Themselves, through the current Blyth Quarterly Report!

Blyth Parent Company of ViSalus Releases 3rd Quarter Report

Text Cash Network Still Waving Huge RED FLAGS!

UPdated: December 23th, 2011 – Just in from Patrick Pretty – The Purported World Headquaters of Text Cash Network DOES NOT contain the name of Text Cash Network on the building according to Boca Police:

The following email thread is between Troy Dooly and Brett Hudson, president of Text Cash Network. I asked a few questions and to day the most important ones are still unanswered!

Brett Hudson President of Text Cash Network Refuses To Answer Questions

I also found some additional information about Mr. Brett Hudson, that causes concerns that he is focused long term on the TCN or the welfare of the distributors.

Seems he is also running his own business in the real estate investment industry called Nouveau Riche. However, the phone number he lists on the website goes to an adult (sex toys & marital aids) party plan company.

Now without a doubt there is a change the 800 number Brett lists on the site is no longer owned by him. In which case, he should take down the website, or at the very least update the information.

The following Press Release was also on the site showing that in August (not sure what year) Brett was still soliciting people for his business.

Press Release For Brett Hudson’s company Nouveau-Riche

MLM News Report: What Is VEMMA Doing Right, Primerica Founder KeyNote Speaker, Red Flags Remain At AutoXTen & Skinny Body Care Find Out Why

What is VEMMA doing right?

I think VEMMA, among others could be seen as a modern icon in network marketing because they combine modern techniques with traditional principles this marketing channel was founded on.

– VEMMA is driven by a mission of changing peoples lives, through formulating products that work, and offering a business opportunity the average distributor can earn $300 to $500 part-time.

– VEMMA has a chief formulator on the team (Dr. Wang) and doesn’t outsource their product formulation to some 3rd party formulator who doesn’t fully understand the mission.

– VEMMA owns its own bottling plant. This ensures they do not have to worry about a 3rd party bottling company doing things under par. BK and his team know what is happening at every step of the process.

– VEMMA doesn’t see their field force as glorified 1099 employees, but as true brand partners. This is evident in their new incentives…

* Trip incentives at all rank levels
* BMW car incentive
* Three (3) and yours is FREE
* And… it makes you wonder what will transpire in 2012 🙂

ART Williams still has the fire for the Primerica Agents

What’s up at AutoXTen?

Sadly, AutoXTen is still running by the seat of their pants. What I find so disheartening is the fact the owners told me personally they built this company to protect the distributors from going through what they have gone through over the years. Yet… they are doing exactly what others have done… They think they launch on a shoestring, and not hire the right legal/consulting representation.

Due to the shortcuts, this company based on the date of the report, seems to fall under the legal definition of pyramid. And based on the legal definition of a direct sales company, they do not come close.

Skinny Body Care Update!

Well I talked to Ben Glinsky, Grimes & Reese, and did a little international research. Based on the date of this report, the red flags stand.

Ben provided an unsigned Letter of Engagement from Grimes & Reese. I contacted the firm and they did verify Ben Glinsky, through his company LLC., which does validate my research in the last review.

However, Grimes & Reese could confirm if Ben Glinksy had come to them to review any of the Skinny Body Care operation, until they received his permission.

Based on Glinsky’s attitude and comments to me, I doubt he will give his permission. He informed me Grimes and Reese had approved his site and the launch of the business without policies and procedures, and were cool with the website.

I find this very perplexing since I have reviewed dozens of Grimes & Reese clients and have never found where the firm has approved the opporation of a direct sales/MLM/Network Marketing business model without Policies and Procedures, and a solid compensation plan document.

As a matter of fact Ben’s statements are completely 180% out of compliance, based on Kevin Grimes trianing at

I also did a quick Google search for the two international offices located on the website, and this is what I found.

By the way, if you are a distributor, you might want to review the short Terms and Conditions which are now located at the bottom of the page. You will find, they favor the company 100%, and leave you holding the bag on everything.

It always amazes me how distributors get mad when a company leaves them holding the bag, but they forget to read the Terms & Conditions and the Policies and Procedures.

Ask yourself this question… How much liability do you the distributor have, if the Skinny Body Care product comes under the same scrutiny as Herbalife’s product in the 1980’s?

Let me introduce you to Terri Armstrong. It is not that Terri is some great once in a lifetime story that caused me to watch her over the last few months. Instead it was the fact she walks her talk.

Watching what she posts, I narrowed down two very important principles she lives by…

1. She believes it is not about “life change” but Life Transformation.” This may seem small until you realize with “life change” there is a chance a person can move back to where they use to be. Change doesn’t always mean positive results. But when a person goes through a “life transformation” there is no going back. Ever see a butterfly, change back to a caterpillar?

2. Her self-confidence is catching. This is not a lady who is timid at sharing her passion and belief in her company, product and results.

Chris Widener writes the following in his best selling book – Angel Inside “If you are to be successful you must find self-confidence in the things you do well, and then pursue them.”

Terri is truly pursuing hers.

MLM Company Review: Skinny Body Care Falls Under High-Risk MLM For Several Red Flags

I am going to show several red-flags on Skinny Body Care. Although only a regulatory agency or court of law decide if a company is a illegitimate MLM scam or network marketing pyramid, there are some red flags we can review, which can tell us if the company has a high-risk potential of falling under some form of regulatory review, or short-term operations.