Does Lightyear Network Solutions Financials Tell The Whole Story Behind Lightyear Wireless

Since J. Sherman “Sherm” Henderson took Lightyear public in a reverse merger, people from all MLM niches have done their best to use the new public financial information to sway Lightyear Wireless reps to jump ship and move to a new company.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the quarterly Financial Reports of any publicly traded company should be reviewed completely so you and your team know exactly what you are getting yourselves into.

However, the financials only give you part of the story. The rest you will find by getting to know the founder, the corporate officers, the employees who are the backbone of the operation and most of the the field force who are on the ground daily selling the services or product to the general public.

In the case of Lightyear, when you take time to do some research on Sherman Henderson, you quickly realize he is far more than a dreamer, he is a pioneering visionary in the telecommunication industry…

Inc Magazine 1998
Phone Plus Channel Partner of the Year
Phone Plus Executive of the Year

In March of this year Business First of Louisville wrote this story on Sherman and Lightyear.

So, now we need to ask ourselves, the following questions. Does Lightyear Wireless have the best opportunity to lead the MLM Wireless Revolution?

Let’s take a look at two of their marketing videos to see what they have to offer today to the customers they service and the distributors they are attracting.

Also, in reviewing the retail site given to reps, I could the following information which I found very positive.

Lightyear Wireless allows they reps to market the following services:

XStream VoIP
Virtual VoIP
Local & Long Distance
Cable TV & Broadband Services
Dish Network Satellite TV
Protect America Home Security

Lightyear has also just launched their You + Three = FREE Promotion which is driving momentum these days.

Lightyear Wireless You + Three = Free

Here is a snapshot of the front page of the retail rep sites at Lightyear Wireless.

Jim Bartlett Lightyear

Well, there is no doubt the MLM Wireless Niche has plenty of room for several MLM Wireless companies. The question I have is…

Who will step up to the plate to compete with Lightyear Network Solutions and their MLM Division Lightyear Wireless?

There has never been another Excel Communications in Long Distance, ACN, Tupperware, Avon, PrePaid Legal, Primerica, Watkins, Shaklee or Mary Kay. Several have tried, but none have come close or lasted any length of time.

Is the same going to happen in the MLM Wireless Niche?

Tell us what you think!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly