Art Meakin The Grandfather Of MLM Is A True Servant Leader

Art MeakinArt Meakin, the Grandfather of MLM is a true Servant Leader, and someone I am proud to call a mentor.

Over the last few weeks Art has become part of the community here at MLM Help Desk, and has given our community huge amounts of value and years of wisdom.

Well, today he sent me a personal email and as a mentor offered me some personal insight into some changes I might want to give some thought too.

Since, I am reading “The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership” you can bet I was very open minded to Art’s wisdom.

So as I was sipping my morning coffee watching the Dolphin’s play in the Harbor, I decide to write this short post.

Thank you Art for caring and willingly giving me your valuable insight and wisdom.

And, for those of you who have not been introduced to Art Meakin, please visit his website –

Also Art is writing a book which is scheduled to be released in 2010 titled “The Shocking Truth Of MLM Network Marketing.

The Shocking Truth of MLM Network Marketing

I am looking forward to Art’s new book, and suggest everyone go subscribe to Art’s newsletter so you will know when to order.

Living An Epic Adventure,


Ed And Sandi Cohen Servant Leaders And 500K XanGo Premiers

Ed and Sandi Cohen did not start out looking at MLM or Network Marketing has the best method of becoming financially independent. However, once Sandi saw the real potential of what MLM was all about, she quickly realized that her lifelong passion for making a difference in people’s lives could be even larger than it had been in their previous business venture.

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Sandi’s passion for making a different in people’s lives didn’t start, when she signed up her first team member in network marketing. It started years earlier, when she saw the travesty that young black kids were experiencing because of segregation during the 60s.