Breaking MLM News Update: Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy

Breaking MLM News Update:

Robert Dean Comes Clean About TopGun, The Limu Move And How Much Money He Was Paid To Join Momentis Energy!

On January 25th, 2012 I wrote an article sharing that Robert Dean was not terminated by Limu.

After that article went public, Robert Dean Jr, reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to interview him and take that interview public, and I agreed!

Below you can listen to the edited interview. Robert Dean and his TOP Gun team covered the following.

– Robert Dean’s past.

– Robert Dean’s Family

– Robert Dean’s Education

– Robert Dean On The Deals

– Robert Dean on Money

– Robert Dean on Noni

– Robert Dean on MonaVie

– Robert Dean on Evolv

– Robert Dean – ViSalus

– Robert Dean – Limu

And much more by nine of the Top Gun Board Of Directors

Breaking MLM News: Robert Dean & T.O.P.G.U.N. NOT Terminated By The Limu Company As Of January 25th 2012

There has been a rumor running across the internet stating Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. has been terminated by The Limu Company. Well I reached out to Gary Raser the founder of TLC, and he confirmed Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. had not been terminated, but Robert Dean Jr. and about 30 other T.O.P.G.U.N. members had been suspended as per the Limu P&Ps, as the investigation continues on the rumors that Robert Dean Jr. and T.O.P.G.U.N. has joined Momentis Energy, the marketing arm of Just Energy out of Canada.

Update Jan 25th 2012 7:13 pm – Rober Dean has contacted me and we will be talking next week so he can give me his side of this situation.

I wrote the first reviews on Robert Dean’s questionable business model in 2011:

Feb 22nd: Breaking MLM News: ViSalus Sciences Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola Breaks The Silence Surrounding Robert Dean’s Private Money Deals

Feb 25th: Breaking MLM News: Robert Dean Speaks Out About His Move To Limu

Robert Dean Interview from BNO Productions on Vimeo.

Ted Nuyten broke the story with the headline “Top Earner Robert Dean Terminated by Limu Company?”

Ted, did not take the time to vet the info, but went directly to publishing the information.

Ty Tribble, took a little diffeent approach when we wrote “Robert Dean Terminated From Limu Company?

Ty dug a little deeper to show that Robert Dean has a deep track record of jumping from company to company.

What is interesting is in August 2011, at the official launch of T.O.P.G.U.N. and Robert Dean Jr. at Limu here is what was written.

“Nothing could have prepared us for the wild ride that was the official Top Gun Launch in Atlanta this past weekend. Hosted by 100K powerhouse and industry expert Robert Dean, it was an honest-to-goodness thrill ride, from Friday night’s standing-room-only opportunity meeting (with over 50% as guests!) to a barrage of specially-designed 20K rings being handed out to highly informative training after training and more. LIMU President Gary Raser was on hand, too, as were Vice President of Business Development Ryan Barson and Vice President of Marketing, Kerry Brown, all sharing their collective vision of the company’s future, one that looks very vibrant, indeed. 500K Members Shannon and Rachette Pardue were there as well, sharing positive words of support. Awards were given, stories shared, photos shot, barrel laughs heard and tears of joy shed, as this new chapter and direction was revealed to the many gathered there. To close the weekend out, a live band took the crowd to all-new heights of excitement and nonstop dancing, lasting into the very wee hours of morning … because those who work hard should inevitably get to play hard, too.”

When I did a Google search on “Robert Dean Leaves” here is what I found:

Momentis Energy, the marketing arm of Just Energy is making a very risky move for such a young company, and could see what small amount of momentum they have enjoyed dwindle, especially if they are hit with regulator issues because this new team is too zealous in promoting the business and the opportunity.

What is also very interesting about this issue, is Robert Dean always uses the same excuses for leaving a former company “There is no money”. Well he just jumped into a sector where the residual income is very low, and the majority of the money earned is from building the network.

If he didn’t think $1 million dollars in 10 months at Limu was enough, then it makes me wonder where he will jump next?

The Direct Selling Association is very straightforward in the Code of Ethics what is best business practices, which may be why Momentis Energy is not a member:

DSA Member Company Code Of Ethics

The Limu Company P&Ps

MLM News: Robert Dean Isn’t The Issue – Communication and Trust Is The Issue

This is the last article I’ll post on this issue. After the first two articles a pattern emerged that I feel we should all think about – Communication and Trust!

After reviewing all the emails, videos, and phone messages, it is very clear, that although Robert Dean sees this as just another in a line of “Business Decisions” he has made over the last few years as he strives to find the right company for his team. However…

What has emerged is the fact that some folks don’t see this as a business decision at all, they see it as a broken relationship. As I read and listened to everything that was sent my way, I realized this is no different than a marriage or any relationship where communication and trust as been replaced with silence and suspicions of what is really happening.

Although an argument can be raised as to the right or wrong on both sides of the contractual side of this issue. On the relationship side of things, I do not believe there is a right or wrong. I believe that the perception from both sides is right based on where they are coming from.And…

If each side will take some time to reflect on what is really at the heart of things, everyone will agree this is far more than JUST a business decision, it is a HEART ISSUE!

I remember one time early in my marriage, I broke my wife’s heart. After what seemed like eternity, we made up and have been growing together for over 23 years (half of our lives). After we got back together she made a statement I have never forgotten…

“Honey I had you on a pedestal, yuou were might knight in shining Armour, who would never do anything to hurt me, and would always protect me. I now know you love me, and would not hurt me on purpose, but you are only human!”

John Maxwell taught me a very valuable principle called the 101% Principle. Find the 1% you can agree and give it 100% of your efforts!

Below is some examples of both sides and how strongly they feel about this situation. Review what I wrote then take a few minutes and see if you agree with my deduction that this is truly a HEART ISSUE!


One thing is that Mr. Dean is a great individual. He has been mentoring me since I was 18 years old, when I first started in this industry. I’m 23 now, and I thank God for the impact he has had on my life, He has not only been a mentor, but Mr. Dean is like a father to me. I am very close to his family; his son and I are best friends. He has spent numerous amounts of times showing me what to do, KEY showing, not telling. Last year, I basically lived with him, He allowed me to drive many of his cars, cars way over $100,000.00.

He would also leave his son and I alone in his home, (1.5 million dollar house), when he left to go do in home meetings all over the United States for other teammates. People thought he was crazy to allow a guy my age have so much access. But all cars and house was only material things to him. He was more focused than that.

I would watch Mr. Dean allow hundreds of people come do tours through his home, bring teammates in on bus loads, paid all expense, even taken hundreds of people out to eat at one time, whisper to the waitress, and say bring me the check, then tip him or her with the biggest tip I have ever seen. I seen him give away cars at events that he put together for our team and paid for IT himself.

Mr. Dean is what I call a real mentor, my experience is like those you see in the movies and read about in the history books. He is a coach, teacher, motivator, and Father figure to me and my team.

I have watched him juggle many things, and handle multiple chaotic situations at one time, and remain focused. I even watched how he takes care of his family and handle their issues while dealing with issues from his team as well. Get everything in control. His key word to every issue was “No Problem” and that it was.

The focus and determination he has is out of this world. I have seen at events where there were over 20,000 people, and he would get rampaged. He would stand and talk in one place for over an hour without moving or rushing out. He even drove 6 hours to do an in home meeting for me for a group of just 6 people.

One time he even got in an accident in his $200,000 Mercedes on the way to my in home meeting, and he still came. He is a dynamic person and always thinking about other people. Even small things like when I follow him and we go through a toll booth, when I get up there it was paid for already. One thing he always told me is “You have to have the patience’s of Job” (Job from the bible). He also always told me “Don’t do what I say, Do what I do and catch up”

I am grateful for TOPGUN and Mr. Dean. I’ve been the child that TOPGUN raised, my team is called YOUNGGUNS and all we do is do what Mr. Dean does and follow his example. Because no matter what he always leads by example. That’s why I am the master leader to this day.

This Christmas was the best Christmas ever, he is a man of his word, because months before we came to our prior company he said that we would have a great Christmas. I got a black BMW and I was making a couple thousand a month, WOW. My life had changed because of what he had done and showed us what to do.

This industry is bombarded with too many stories about the big leaders and there BIG CHECKS. This industry has forgotten about the stories like mine and my team. The stories like how I was driving a little blue Honda that I could barley make a $390.00 payment on just 4 months ago, and now I drive a Black BMW, that my COMPANY pays for.

Because of the impact Mr. Dean has had in my life, it has CHANGED! I am so grateful and I thank the Lord for the Experience I have had. No matter what people say, what lies they spread about him and how they can try to destroy his image. I know the truth and I have experienced the truth, Robert Dean is a man of integrity and Honor. To me he is a legend that the YOUNGGUNS TEAM WILL CARRY ON!

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Breaking MLM News: Robert Dean Speaks Out About His Move To Limu

This week Mr. Kerry Brown, Director of Marketing at Limu reached out to my after the first article I wrote on Mr. Robert Dean leaving Visalus and moving to Limu.

During our conversation, Kerry said he would get Robert’s permission to send me his response to Nick Sarnicola’s original letter to the Top Gun Team. We recieved this letter before it went public, but as we did with Nick Sarnicola we waited until Mr. Dean released it to his Top Gun team.

Why LIMU – Why Now from BNO Productions on Vimeo.

Robert Dean Interview from BNO Productions on Vimeo.

Robert Dean Speaks Out About His Move From ViSalus to Limu

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Breaking MLM News Oprah And Dr Oz Entering MLM By Implicating MonaVie In Frivolous Lawsuit

Breaking MLM News: Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Mehmet Oz have decided to enter the MLM arena like other well known celebrities like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins. However, Oprah & Dr. Oz are doing it through a frivolous lawsuit implicating MonaVie as some type of scam company.

Now what makes this lawsuit so funny and frivolous is the fact MonaVie has been a featured product on one of Harpo Productions (Oprah’s production company) the Rachel Ray show! Listen as the guest calls MonaVie “one of Oprah’s Genius Super Foods.” Now the issue the MonaVie & Oprah attorney’s will debate…