MLM Company Review: Have You Heard Of MAAKOA the Koopuwa Company

MAAKOA is a unique company on several fronts, but the one who stands out to me the most is one of their main website phrases – “At Maakoa, we don’t just work. We LIVE. And we do it Fearlessly!” I think this shows both a drive from the Founders and a mantra to their field force. Add in their product mix and compensation plan, and this company is one to watch!

One of the items I found exciting about MAAKOA is the fact they have brought in some of the best experts when it comes to their product line. Let’s take a look Koopuwa, which real story behind this new, up and coming company. Watch this video, then read the documents which follow. Unlike so many companies, here is one where the expert, Terry Xanthos.


From reading the website and talking with Rob Turner one of the Founding Leaders in MAAKOA, I have come to realize this company is truly focused on creating products which are backed by science the distributors and customers can review personally. This is so refreshing from some companies who create products where there is no science. I pulled the following form the website:

“Koopuwa’s power lies in the nutrient-dense properties of the Cupuaçu Fruit. For generations, indigenous people of the Amazon have benefitted from the life sustaining components of Cupuaçu, The Antioxidant Powerhouse in the war against free radical damage. Koopuwa provides energizing B1, B2 and B3 vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids, enhanced by a refreshing taste.”

After reading the above statement I dug a little deeper on the site and found some pretty interesting facts.

MAAKOA The Koopuwa Company